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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Mamata Banerjee utters even crasser profanities in rallies, hits an all-time low for Bengal’s culture

Though several states in Bharat are going through elections, all eyes are on West Bengal and the state has found itself amidst multiple controversies. One was the 24-hours-ban on state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for inciting violence on the CRPF through her directions in public rallies.

In response, some BJP leaders also made remarks which attracted the Election Commission’s vigilance. BJP leader Dilip Ghosh and candidate Rahul Sinha were subsequently banned from campaigning as well. However, one can’t deny that the TMC supremo was the pioneer of provocative and shocking speeches in the Bengal elections.

Back in 2019, during a rally for the General Elections, Mamata Banerjee called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘thief’ and said that she would put ropes around his waist and drag him to prison. Modi, in his civilized and signature style, responded that he would happily be imprisoned in Bengali and learn its sweet language, and praised the sweets of Bengal.

On learning that Modi has expressed an affinity for the sweets of Bengal, Mamata Banerjee said in a rally that she would send him sweets ‘filled with mud and rubbles that will harm him’. In response, the Prime Minister gracefully said he will happily eat the sweet soil of Bengal’s land.

The silent people of Bengal have always appreciated Modi’s kind and cultured gestures and spoken at the voting booth in 2019. But didi learned nothing from the silent resistance of her people. Her speeches turned coarser and more uncivilized, filled with unspeakable profanities, replete with words you have to beep out on news channels, lest we set a wrong example in front of children in the drawing room.

The TMC matriarch has no development or achievements to flaunt in her election rallies for the Legislative Assembly Elections 2021. She hence started with immature name-calling and body shaming of her political opponents, things that even primary-class students are taught not to indulge in these days.

She distorted the surname of BJP National President Jagat Prakash Nadda during a rally and referred to him as “chadda nadda fadda bhadda”. Her sloppy speech received cheers from party sycophants but failed to amuse Bengalis at large. Mamata Banerjee then addressed the elected Prime Minister of Bharat and the sitting Union Home Minister as ‘Ravan and Danav’ in one of her rallies in February.

She followed up the epithets with shameful fat-shaming and body-shaming BJP’s top duo with words like ‘Hodol kut-kut’ (overweight, potbellied) and ‘kimbhut-kimakar’ (grotesque). Continuing with her degenerated personal attacks, Banerjee used the adjective Keleghai for Modi’s flowing beard he is currently sporting. Though most Bengalis don’t know the meaning of the word Keleghai, it was unanimously agreed upon that this is not the culture Bengal identifies itself with.

Seeing a receding crowd in her rallies, an enraged Mamata tried to create a stir by using profanities openly. Bengal is used to sharp political exchanges but expletives were never a part of political discourse. However, the CM used words like ‘Sala’ repeatedly on the elected Prime Minister. The recent addition in her repertoire of profanities is “baal”. The word that translates to pubic hair is not what one expects to hear from an elected Chief Minister’s mouth.

The degeneracy is not limited to the choice of words in the Bengal Chief Minister’s speech but has transcended to the content of her speeches itself. Her hatred for the “outsiders” is now public knowledge. Being an elected leader of the country, she and others in her party have routinely tagged the people of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra as goons, molesters, and bargis. If this is not disrespectful, xenophobia and bigotry, then what is?

Being banned for 24 hours after she was found guilty of inciting people against the CRPF, in her latest speech Mamata Banerjee has asserted that the “outsiders” are coming to Bengal to erect Modi’s rally’s tents. She claimed that these people are carrying corona and spreading it across in West Bengal. She further goes on to demand that only people of Bengal should get to work in Bengal and those who do not belong in Bengal, “why should they come in”?

It appears that the Bengal chief has forgotten that West Bengal is still an integral part of Bharat, her appreciating this fact or the lack thereof notwithstanding. Due to mammoth unemployment created by her and her predecessor communists in the past 4 decades, the labourers of Bengal are going to Kerala, engineers are headed to Telangana and Karnataka, and MBAs are venturing to Delhi-NCR to find employment. She may curse Gujarat all she wants, but there are numerous Bengalis in Gujrat running their businesses.

If all these states reciprocate Mamata Banerjee’s attitude, Bengal will be flooded with a massive incoming unemployed Bengali population. The state, with its present infrastructure, will not be able to provide these youths employment. But blind in the love of power, and agitated at the thought of power slipping out of her hands, Mamata Banerjee keeps crossing all bounds of courtesy, decency and culture. She has shamed Bengalis, known for the richness of culture and sweetness in language, nationwide.

An average Bengali can only say, Laujja!!!

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