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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Left-Liberals & Media Twist Mohan Bhagwat’s Words to Claim ‘RSS Chief Abused Army’

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat while speaking at a gathering in Muzaffarpur Bihar made a statement in Hindi which translates as “Ours is not a military organization, but we have a military-like discipline. If the country requires, and the nation’s Constitutions and laws allow, then it will take 6-7 months to prepare an Army, but if you take RSS volunteers they can be readied in 3 days. This is our capacity, but we are not a military or para-military organization. We are a family-based organization.

It is clear to anyone with basic comprehension skills and grasp of Hindi language that the RSS chief was referring to greater readiness of Sangh volunteers to be trained as part of a Citizen’s Army compared to other citizens, if such a need arose and if the country’s laws permitted raising of such an Army. Evidently, as our formal Army already exists as a Constitutional entity with the mandate to protect the country’s borders, Shri Mohan Bhagwat was clearly not talking about Sangh volunteers being better or more efficient than our professional Army.

But this is exactly the twist that Lutyens’ media and the entire left-liberal-secular cabal chose to give to his words, going to town claiming that “Mohan Bhagwat insulted the Indian Army”. This OpIndia.com article covers all the details of what the major players of this cabal had to say.

Here is the video of what Shri Mohan Bhagwat actually said –

Such is the depravity and hollowness of our nation’s liberal-secular class, that they immediately jumped at the chance to attack a political opponent using the Army as their shield, while at other times they are seen abusing the Army chief for his tough comments against Kashmiri separatists, looking the other way when their party MLAs shout pro-Pakistan slogans, hobnobbing in secret with Chinese diplomats as the country is involved in a stand-off over Doklam, or plumbing such depths as senior CPM leader MV Vijayan (a close associate of Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan) who shockingly claimed that Indian Army soldiers were involved in attacking their own military camp in the Uri terror attack.

One of the best responses to the usual RSS-baiters came from an ordinary citizen, whose twitter bio says that he is a soldier –

Other, more sophisticated, members of the libsec cabal tried to take a different approach, and expressed worry over the RSS chief trying to mobilise a fighting force, for whatever reason –

The following points show how intellectually dishonest the above tweet is –

1.) In the first part of the tweet, Pai plugs the falsehood (by now spread as a confirmed fact by several left-liberal media outlets) that Bhagwat said “RSS can mobilize faster than the Indian Army.” We have already analysed how this is an outright distortion of his words –  Bhagwat was simply saying that RSS volunteers are more disciplined than other citizens (non-military) and hence can be trained faster if need arises for an additional citizen’s army.

2.) In the second part of the tweet, Pai worries why RSS would try to mobilize a fighting force. He conveniently forgets that Bhagwat clearly says that RSS volunteers can back-up our professional Army if the Constitution and law of the land permits. So the RSS Chief was not talking about raising an Army based on his personal whim or fancy or challenging the state’s monopoly over violence, as Pai alludes.

Additionally, people like Pai are surely aware of reserve forces such as Bharat’s own Territorial Army or US National Guard where civilians holding full-time jobs are encouraged to sign up, get basic training and act as a Reserve force to augment the country’s defences.

Bharat has one of the most challenging and volatile neighbourhoods in the world – it can be strongly argued that we should move towards a  universal draft (compulsory enlistment of all citizens to serve for few years in the security forces) to combat the existential challenge we face from fanatic enemies like Pakistan and China. Hence, raising a national security consciousness in the minds of the ordinary citizen is a good thing, unlike what the left-liberal mob would have you believe.

Given the plethora of security challenges we face, playing politics by distorting the RSS chief’s statement clearly shows the priorities of our liberal-secular fringe.

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