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Thursday, November 30, 2023

How ‘Bhakt’ & ‘Gaumutra’ jibes are used to subtly demean Hindu Dharma

The demonisation of ordinary Hindus for questioning the Nehruvian consensus & pseudo-secularism of establishment elites is increasing by the day. We are derisively called ‘bhakt’ for supporting the efficient Modi government; ‘gaumutra drinkers’ for asserting our love for the cow; our epics (itihasa) and Gods are routinely slandered as prostitutes (Maa Durga), misogynist (Bhagwan Ram), eve-teasers (Sri Krishna).

Each Hindu voice that speaks out against this incessant propaganda barrage is an act of heroic resistance against a massive global network of anti-Hindu bigotry. Here we present one such voice from twitter, where @Ajeeb_n_garib recounts her personal journey from a Modi-supporter to an unapologetic Hindu fighting for her civlization.

A couple of days ago, a friend from Assam posted a story in which she was blaming Modi for a local incident which ultimately turned out to be a fake news. I, being myself, couldn’t resist replying to her story which lead to a long heated argument. She mentioned how she will eat beef and she doesn’t give a thought what religion says about it. I suggested her to make sure that the beef she’s having was slaughtered legally as there are laws against illegal slaughter in most of the Bharatiya states.

I explained how maximum beef trafficked to Bangladesh is trafficked through Bengal and other related facts. Now she was turning a little hysterical and ultimately when I said that she was wrong about Sabrimala and she need to listen why, she dropped the bomb saying, “You are a bhakt, you won’t get it.” I totally lost it here.

Reading thousands of tweets, hundreds of articles and watching innumerable videos; all down the drain. My entire research and line of reasoning discredited with just one word. Not only she took pride in her ignorance but demeaned my intellect just because I mentioned a couple of inconvenient facts. I never felt this frustrated ever before.

After I calmed down, I started thinking about the entire episode and realized how “bhakt” has become a last line of defense for people who are bankrupt when it comes to logical arguments. It has become a medium of hate used by desperate souls when they start losing a debate.

Wherever you see word “bhakt”, you will see a line of reasoning being dispensed by a Modi hater. ‘Woke’ kids are increasingly using this word to justify their stupidity and ignorance. And this made me sad. I’m a Mahadev bhakt and being called bhakt of a mortal is insulting to my entire belief system. I realized how this word “bhakt” have been strategically planted by the ecosystem to subtly demean Hindu Dharma.

Words like ‘Bhakt’ & ‘Gautmutra’ have become tropes for propagandists like AAP-supporter Dhruv Rathee to denigrate Hindus while couching their propaganda as Modi-criticism

They have made this word an abuse for this generation, effectively creating a sense of inferiority in Hindus. And it doesn’t stop here. Words which were used by Pulwama terrorist are openly used by our woke generation. Gaumutra jibes are frequently used to insult BJP supporters. What these people don’t realize is that because of their pure hatred against a politician, they are deprecating a civilization that their ancestors built with blood and sweat. The scariest part is that I don’t know whether this will ever stop or not.

I started supporting BJP because I was impressed by Modinomics, then I was disgusted by the opposition’s leftist propagandas and now I’m an unapologetic Hindu who will support anyone who can save my civilization from perishing.

At this point of time, we can’t afford a government which will lead to a civil war because of their blatant minority appeasement and Hindu hatred.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of twitter user Ananya @Ajeeb_n_garib)

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