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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Rahul Gandhi’s latest speech in Lok Sabha shows Congress is now openly part of the ‘Tukde, Tukde’ gang

Congress’ covert support to the ‘tukde-tukde’ gang is out in the open as evident from Rahul Gandhi’s address in the Loksabha. His speech, where he said Bharat is a ‘union of states’, is ample proof of the partisan politics of Congress which is continuing the divide and rule policy of the British.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

Gandhi was speaking the language of leftists-separatists where he promoted regionalism rather than a unified concept of the country. He echoed CPI ideologue Gangadhar Adhikari who sought to justify Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s demand for partition in his 1943 document Pakistan and National Unity. The document justified Jinnah’s demand for carving out partition by using the treacherous argument that Bharat had always been a collection of kingdoms and not a single united nation.

Similar divisiveness is seen in the demand for “United States of South India,” which pits Delhi against the South. It is in this context that we must see Gandhi’s particular reference to Tamil Nadu and the subsequent support to his view from Dravidianist Stalin. Not surprisingly, the DMK supports Congress’ divisive views. Separatism has been the foundation of the Dravidian movement which saw it instigate members of the state against Hindi.

Even though the Wayanad MP constantly swears by the constitution, it was his grandmother who not just misused it but also distorted it to extract political mileage. He alleged that the BJP government brought China and Pakistan together while conveniently forgetting the ill-conceived policies of his grandmother and great-grandfather who ceded strategic portions of Bharat’s land to China and also mollycoddled Pakistan.

PM Modi takes Nehru-Gandhi scion to task

PM Modi while replying to the accusation that the government wasn’t helping the poor pointed out how Nehru had refused to take responsibility for the rising inflation citing Korea and America while the current Central government has brought in schemes to aid the poorest of the poor as also encourage enterprising youngsters to set up their own business despite the pandemic that has affected the entire world.

He also pointed out how Gandhi had erred in assuming that the concept of a nation never existed in Bharat. The PM quoted the Vishnu Puran which says the nation that lies to the north of the sea and south of the Himalayas is known as Bharat and its inhabitants are called Bharatiyas. He even used a similar quote of Nehru to bring home the point.

The PM said, “Congress has become the leader of the tukde-tukde gang and appears to have taken upon itself to continue the divide and rule policy of the British”. Exposing the Congress gameplan, PM Modi pointed out that the party has attempted to use the regionalism card and questioned the nation’s unity and integrity.

In this context, he also highlighted how Rahul Gandhi had attempted to stir ‘Tamil sentiments’ while adding that Tamils put nationalism above regionalism as they lined up to pay their last respects to CDS Rawat. Earlier, Tamil Nadu BJP State President schooled Gandhi regarding Tamil history.

Congress has always played dirty tricks to hold on to power but by sowing seeds of divisiveness, the party is plumbing newer depths. Comical as Gandhi’s guffaws sound, the sinister motive is hard to miss. That Congress and its first family put themselves before the nation has become crystal clear once again.

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