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Friday, March 1, 2024

Galwan treachery shows that time for incremental change and tolerating traitors is over

The existential threat facing Bharat and Hindus has become amply clear with 2 attacks by our enemies – the recent Galwan valley treachery by the Chinese and last year’s Pulwama suicide attack by Pakistani state-backed terrorists. If one thought that electing a nationalist, corruption-free govt. with decent development credentials was enough to set Bharat on the path to greatness, think again.

There are certain fundamental challenges facing the country, and unless we defeat those head-on, we will never achieve our true potential. Instead, we could easily slide back into anarchy and possible disintegration.

Fifth columnists aka Traitors

Treason is a serious crime in every serious nation. Bharat has more traitors on a per capita basis, than any other large country. And they infect every arm of the state and civil society. These traitors are so influential and voluble that they have managed to confuse us on the most fundamental question that every society and civilization faces – who are our enemies and who are our friends? Galwan and Pulwama have provided us windows to see clearly who the external & internal enemy is. It is up to us to now prosecute the key players who have made treason mainstream under the garb of fancy labels. Tackle the ring leaders and the groupies will fall in line.

Set up fast-track trials and hand out exemplary punishment to top traitors from each field. Let the message sink in – treason is not ‘cool’ and will not be tolerated.  Ideologies like Communism and Islamism should have zero voice in the public sphere. Other religious fanatics with allegiance to foreign powers must not be allowed to operate on Bharat’s soil. The ‘civil society’ activist lobby working in tandem with their plants in the legal system and media to serve foreign interests must be dismantled ruthlessly. This tweet puts it succinctly –

The more we delay this purge, the more entrenched the treasonous lobby becomes. The more influence they wield on future generations. The world order will change rapidly in the post Covid world – now is the time to set our house in order, before we turn our attention to reclaiming our rightful place in the world.

Incremental reform – two steps forward, one step back

Only a strong economy and prosperous citizenry can aspire to a strong and respected country.

For too long, we have taken a piecemeal approach to fixing what is wrong with India. I call this the ‘democracy handicap’. Things have to reach a crisis point before we do what needs to be done. In 1991, it was the foreign exchange crisis that finally forced us to liberalize the economy. But even this ‘liberalisation’ has been piecemeal and uneven. We are still nowhere close to being a manufacturing powerhouse. Lack of infrastructure, capital, human resource, stable policy environment and efficient contract enforcement still plague our industries.

Governments have to introduce reform by stealth because….’we are a democracy.’ Intransigent vested interests can hold any reform or project to ransom. Traitors within have managed to paralyze the polity to such an extent that even the simplest black and white decisions are endlessly debated and litigated. Which clean investor, domestic or foreign, would invest in such a country?

It took the NPA mess to finally bring Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). It took a Covid-19 generated unemployment nightmare to finally embolden us to introduce labor reforms and offer much-needed incentives to manufacturers. It took the Chinese treachery at Galwan for the Government to finally cancel deals inked by state entities like BSNL with Chinese telecom equipment providers.

A critical area like education remains untouched with only superficial tinkering, because any reform here, it is feared, will invite a severe backlash from entrenched lobbies and political opposition. Bureaucrats, judiciary, law enforcement still harbour failed outlooks which have held us back all these years.

Democracy or any governance model is supposed to serve the people, not the other way around. Western democracies, the model we follow, are showing incredible signs of strain and dysfunction. Multi-party democracy with its endless election cycles, coalition cobbling, horse trading, and incessant fracturing of society into ever smaller interest groups, is holding Bharat back. We need a new model of governance, a new contract between the citizen and the State.

Civilizational state vs Nation state

All our issues are somehow interlinked to this one foundational question which we cannot put off any longer. Is Bharat a civilizational state or just another nation-state which was artificially cobbled together in the post-colonial world?

The answer is staring us in the face. Unless we embrace the identity of who we are, what we have always been, we can never aspire to greatness. Countries far smaller in size and with lesser history will continue leaving us behind.

A country with a civilizational legacy like ours cannot limit ourselves to the vision of just one or two men. It is good that we have finally learnt to see Nehru and his progeny for what they really are, but it is now time to move beyond Gandhi too. Just like China has moved beyond Mao, and Russia beyond Lenin and Stalin.

We are all products of our times, to some degree. Leaders of the past too made choices which to them may have made sense at the time, but history has proved otherwise. We must learn to view our leaders – Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Bose, Ambedkar etc. – as they really were, not as we wish they were. Similarly, our society is not perfect and we must be clear-sighted about that too. But it has some unique strengths and a perspective which the world desperately needs.

The path ahead is not easy or short and it certainly won’t be bloodless. But unless we overcome these challenges, we will never be able to live with peace, prosperity and dignity.

(Featured image source: ANI)

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