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Monday, May 29, 2023

Crimson is the soil of Kannur

Crimson is an apt color to symbolize and identify Kannur, Kerala. Crimson is its fertile and verdant soil which springs a multitude of fauna and flora with its richness. Crimson costumes are the trade mark of its unique and vibrant ‘Theyyam’ dancers and festivals. Crimson is the blessed tilak / ‘Kumkum’ adorned by the main deities and especially the Goddesses proudly inhabiting the hundreds of Temples and Kavus sprinkled every hundred meters through the length and breadth of Kannur, and given as an auspicious blessing to Hindu devotees who proudly adorn the burning blood Red ‘kumkum’ on their foreheads.  Crimson is the banner symbolizing the twisted Commie indoctrination of the so called literate psyche which prides itself as being liberal and inclusive even as it pushes its indigenous culture and Hindu population towards mass conversions, under-breeding and extinction.

Exhibitionism at its brazen worst, is the only way to describe the merciless, needless, mindless slaughter of a helpless 18 month old calf in Kannur, Kerala on 28th May, 2017. The recent announcement of much awaited and reasonable restrictions on the ‘sale and purchase of cattle’ by current BJP government under the strong leadership of PM Narendra Modi took on a turn befitting a third grade horror movie (if only it were a movie and not real, a dear young calf would be still alive). Wanting to prove yet once again their political bravado against the announcement of implementing the long pending regulation of Cow Slaughter, a bunch of goons who are also office-bearers of the opposition Congress party took upon themselves to corner an unsuspecting Calf with intent to sacrifice it for their illogical protest. These imbeciles decided to take out their satanic voyeurism for blood and gore, which till now was borne by workers and supporters of political parties, on a mute and docile creature by penning it down at a public place and brutally slitting its throat and letting it bleed while still conscious slowly and painfully into death.

The already crimson earth of Kannur went a deeper shade of crimson in shame, disbelief, horror and tragedy at this public display of the macabre and grotesque capacity of human evil as the bunch of hooligans took the severed head of the calf about town holding it high as a trophy of their yet another evil achievement, trailing the calf’s blood on the blessed ‘Crown’ of ‘God’s Own Country’ (Kannur is also  known as the ‘crown’ of God’s Own Country).


The land where even today the ‘Theyyams’, ‘Kolams’, ‘Dieties’ holy feet fall while being taken in annual festivals, processions, dance festivals, house to house through fields and hills meeting and interacting with the local citizens and devotees, will now tread on the bloody trail of a calf which must have mutely wept her curse on the inhabitants of this once pious land. This land which once had kings and rulers proclaiming the ‘protection of cows’ as the only expectation from its citizens.

I wonder how will this land ever redeem the evil karma they have invoked not only upon themselves but also upon each and every inhabitant of this ‘splendorous’ land. Child of the much revered symbolic ‘Kamadhenu’ venerated in Hindu philosophy as sustainer of life and thought to house all the 33 crore Gods of Hindu Pantheon was dealt the lowest of treacherous deaths. They say its a fine line that separates humanity from bestiality, today we saw the very same human hands which tend and care for Cows and build cowsheds slitting the calf’s jugular watching it die in cold-blood. I sincerely believe each individual has a right to decide & choose their cuisine but when an animal is killed in the most cruel way and the killing video-recorded only to prove man’s right to eat beef in the middle of a public road, it speaks volumes of the demon laughing with glee inside the man.  Which brings us to the next point, if Man can stoop to such bestiality to prove a political point then would cannibalism be the next step on public roads ?

Is this yet one more portend of the ‘Pralaya’ to befall humanity as we struggle to overcome evil in the middle of ‘Kali Yug’? What is the cosmic meaning and indication of this outrageous incident? While on the earthly plane, legal and appropriate action follows starting with the arrest of the unrepentant bunch, I quake at the invisible tides which must have been set in motion in the cosmic psyche by this painful and needless act.

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Shipra Prasadini
Shipra Prasadini
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