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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

China and President Xi Jinping’s Real Face Exposed in 400 Page Document Leak on Uighur Muslims

“Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones,” This is not a threat emanating from some warlord in a local gang war or by the Taliban in the Afghan mountains, but from the President of the people Republic of China which boasts of the largest standing army in the world and this threat was in response to peaceful demonstrations by the people of Hong Kong.

This threat emerging from the Head of State epitomizes China’s intolerance and unacceptability towards any form of protests and is a manifestation of its long standing policy of crushing any dissent by the use of brutal force. This display of “crushed bones and shattered bodies,” as Xi JinPing aptly put, was on full display 30 years back in Tiananmen square where hundreds of peaceful protesters mostly students were pulverized under military tanks in 1989 under Deng xiao Ping.

Xi Ping has continued with that tradition of suppression , repression, oppression and muzzling of any voices which are not in sync with the hardline Marxist ideology. This ideology has ensured the elimination of Uighur muslims in the Xingiang province and the leaked Chinese documents have further authenticated those facts in spite of continued Chinese denial.

“A trove of leaked Chinese government documents details China’s clampdown on Uighur’s and other muslims in the country’s western Xinjiang region under President Xi”, the New york Times reported. The Times called the 400 page document leak as “one of the most significant leaks of government papers from inside China’s ruling Communist party in decades and a strong indication that turmoil within the ruling party is rising over the repression of Uighur Muslims.”

The World Uighur Congress called China a country of “concentration camps.” “Leaks to @NYTimes illustrate the cold calculated nature of China’s policy of cultural genocide towards Uighur’s”, it said. The Washington Post reported on Sunday that few Uighur’s are able to escape the widespread surveillance and even fewer are able to make it to the US.

An Uighur family now living in Northern Virginia has caught the attention of Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, the Post reported. The documents which the newspaper (New york Times) said were leaked by “a member of the Chinese political establishment” reportedly show how Xi gave a series of internal speeches to officials during and after a 2014 visit to Xingiang following a stabbing attack by Uighur’s which left 31 people dead.

The report said Xi called for an ” all out struggle against terrorism, infiltration and separatism using the organs of “DICTATORSHIP & SHOWING NO MERCY.” The Chinese state run Global Times said in an editorial that the NYT report “lacks morality”, and accused some in the West of being “eager to see Xingiang engulfed in extreme violence & chaos.”

Earlier human rights lawyer Hamid Sabi a representative of China Tribunal – an independent organization headed by British attorney Geoffrey Nice – had accused the Chinese government of MASS SLAUGHTERING of UIGHUR MUSLIMS and Falcon Gong – a minority religious group – for procuring their organs. The organ transplant industry in China is estimated to be worth 10 billion dollars annually.

Under Xi Jinping, China has become a world bully apart from indulging in ethnic cleansing of minorities including Uighurs, khazaks and Tibetans amongst many others. The smiling Chinese president’s real face has been unmasked in these leaked documents and his dictatorial and merciless style towards minorities has been revealed.

“Any external forces backing such attempts at dividing China will be deemed by the Chinese people as pipe dreaming.” These were the words of the Chinese president on his recent Nepal visit where he issued a veiled threat to other countries not to meddle in China’s internal affairs. But China reserves the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries especially Bharat where it is very concerned about the so called clampdown on the muslim population in kashmir and raised the Kashmir issue at the UNHRC and the UN while it continues to massacre and inflict atrocities on it’s own muslim population.

China’s economic and military clout in the region has ensured that even the muslim dominated countries like Malaysia, Pakistan and even Turkey – from where the Uighurs originated- choose to remain silent on the genocide of their brethrens in China. Over the years Xi JinPing has adopted a policy of buying out nations by lending them huge amounts of money and investing in their infrastructure. Then when they are unable to repay make them a part of its hegemonic design by trespassing on their territory, like it has done in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Nepal and Bhutan are next in the fray and Xi’s recent visit to Nepal just after he visited Bharat was a step in this direction China under Xi jinping poses a big threat to Bharat both militarily and economically. Its recent warning on Arunachal, when our defence minister was touring the eastern state, is a pointer to China’s real face under its President whose friendly grinning face hides deadly dragon armoury .

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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