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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Bharat Cannot Afford a Nehruvian Era Again

Pakistan and China are our two permanently hostile neighbours, and downright unscrupulous enemies who desperately want the dark and inglorious chapter of the history of Nehruvian era repeated post 2019 General Elections in Bharat.

Fortunately for them, Rahul Gandhi, who is as vision-less and clueless as his great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru was, is more than willing to oblige them. He is readily available to do a Nehru for them provided, of course, the people of Bharat are, somehow, made to vote him to power.

It goes without saying that to that end, our wily neighbours will use every trick they could think of for the simple reason that with a thoroughly weakened Bharat under a directionless, corrupt, Nehru-like leadership to deal with, it will be a walkover for Pakistan to grab the remaining two-thirds of Jammu & Kashmir, and for China to appropriate the remaining Arunachal Pradesh, besides doing a Tibet in Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan – a part of the duo’s expansionist designs for which they are infamously famous world over.

A thoroughly weakened, hapless Bharat, under, as weak a leadership as that of Nehru’s, would be more than willing to buy peace from its aggressive, greedy neighbours at any cost. Against the two: the Devil (Pakistan) and Dragon (China), our brave soldiers are already engaged in a war-like situation at two and a half fronts and here are a few among us, their ungrateful compatriots, thinking in terms of providing the weakest possible political leadership to demoralize them completely to the huge delight of our sworn enemies.

Out of the above two, Pakistan – de-facto ruled by terrorists & die-hard orthodox Islamic elements – is far more dangerous. Besides the four full-scale wars with it earlier, we have perpetually been confronted with and tormented by the terrorism exported by it, and while under the weak, vision-less, clueless, inept, gutless leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru already lost to it one-third of our Kashmir valley.

Nehru did not allow thousands of families uprooted from Pakistan to settle down in the valley, and the religion-wise demographic imbalance in the valley thus created, has been proving a bane for the people of Bharat ever since then. The thorny Kashmir problem, the problems of burgeoning population – eating away our scarce national resources on which Dr. Manmohan Singh authorizes the minority (read Muslims) to assert their ‘first claim’, chronic unemployment, are all the result of the vision-less policies pursued by Jawaharlal Nehru – the first Prime Minister destiny cursed us with.

There was a Modi-like figure around even then, Sardar Patel. But to our eternal misfortune, Nehru managed to usurp the post of PM by manipulating Gandhiji. Now, history seems to be at the verge of repeating itself, and the great-grandson is hell-bent upon replicating the great-grandfather to bring about worst-ever chaos for us. Will we again choose doom and irreversible disaster?  Modi is the only hope for us. Any lesser man will not be able to face the danger menacingly lurking at the horizon of Bharat’s sky, let alone overcome it. Let us all pledge to strengthen Modi’s hands in all possible ways we can.

-By Sanjog Maheshwari

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