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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Retd. General castigates UPA govt. led by Sonia and MMS for trying to destroy the nation

The period from 2004-14 under the UPA regime is known as Bharat’s “decade of decay” for more reasons than one. Below is a piece penned by Lt. Gen. (retd.) P G Kamath which shows how the Congress-led UPA coalition tried to destroy the national security of the nation –

I finished reading a book entitled ‘The Myth of Hindu Terror’ by RVS Mani. I am sure that the author is a household name for anyone who loves our country, but in case someone has missed him out; he was a middle rung bureaucrat in the MHA during the crucial period of UPA rule between 2006 to 2010. Let alone having a ringside view of the day to day happenings; he himself was a performer in the ring. If one recounts the trail of unsavoury events which were manipulated during the period; you will wonder; if the persons involved had sworn allegiance to the Pakistani Constitution or the Bharatiya?

The reading makes a fairy tale and makes one wonder whether it is even possible to take an oath for the nation and then use all the official powers conferred on you, to destroy the very same nation? It really needs very wile cabinet ministers under a nincompoop Prime Minister who had sold his soul and body to an Indian national of Italian descent.

Now, there is a question about the authenticity of the events narrated in the book. Mr. Mani has brazenly named all the traitors who perpetrated such heinous crimes against the nation: If, they were not a party to it; they should have gone to the court and accused him of defamation. Not one of the named ministers or government officials has had guts to confront him or take him to court. Mr. Mani has also given several talks and interviews; if he was concocting; why again that he has not been confronted? Not one of those loose mouthed spokespersons from the GOP, who are ready to shame their own country at every possible instance and cause violence on its people with a false narrative on CAA have even once contested the contents of the book. So, the strategy of the traitors has been to feign ignorance of the book and pretend that it does not exist.

Origin of Hindu Terror was a myth concocted in the office of the then Home Minister Shivraj Patil. The persons in his office, in addition to the minister, were Digvijay Singh and Hemant Karkare, a police officer. It was here, Mr. RVS Mani was summoned on 1 Jun 2006, and was asked to give some information of recent terrorist acts and also to ensure that the ministry and the plotters were on the same page. Karkare later became the Chief of ATS in Maharashtra and conceived a false narrative of Hindu Terror. The aim was to ban RSS and BJP and apportion blame on them for a number of blasts that were occurring in the country. A string of innocent people was arrested to lend credibility to the false narrative.

A Hindutva angle was projected in every terrorist incident like the blasts in, Nanded, Malegaon, German Bakery, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express. The Malegaon blast occurred on 8 Sep 2006 and the primary suspect was Ahl-e- Hadith, an Islamic Terrorist Organisation. However, on 12 Sep 2006, PM Manmohan Singh said it was inappropriate to “rule out or rule in” the involvement of Hindu Groups. Just see as to how the false narrative is being slowly launched from the highest offices in the country.

Two years later, the second Malegaon Blast occurred, the case was taken over by the Mumbai ATS headed by Karkare. In a matter of days, Lt Col Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya, and a host of members of Abhinav Bharath were arrested. Lt Col Purohit was tortured for five days by the ATS. He was being coerced to become an approver in Malegaon Blast, which he did not. There was not a shred of evidence against any of them and the court gave them bail many years later. The NIA also cleared a few of them of any involvement.

Purohit came out of jail after 9 years of imprisonment.  Karkare met his end on 26/11 when three senior police officers and four constables travelling in a single jeep during the encounter came under a hail of bullets fired by Ajmal Kasab and Ismail Khan killing all but one of them. Later, the two terrorists threw their bodies on the roadside and commandeered the vehicle.

Now, let us look at our reaction at the onset of terrorist action on 26/11. For those of you who do not know, all officials from the MHA including Home Secretary had gone to Pakistan for ‘Home Secretary Level Talks’. It was scheduled to end on 25 Nov and the delegation was to return on 26 Nov 2008. However, the talks were extended by one day at the behest of Pakistan, and the delegation was sent on a pleasure trip to Murree, a Hill Station. The uniqueness of Murree is that it is out of communication for all mobile networks. Hence, when there was a mayhem in Mumbai the officials of MHA were gallivanting at Murree. I have earlier written on this incident as well. Hence, on the occurrence of the terrorist strike in Mumbai, there was no one in the MHA to take any decision.

The Home Minister conveniently was not reachable giving adequate time to the terrorists to kill as many victims as possible. At last, when NSG in Delhi was ordered to react and were fully loaded for the plane to take off, the Home Minister Shivraj Patil wished to take the same flight. He reached late and delayed the NSG, thereby providing ample time to the terrorists to wreak carnage. Such are the shenanigans of politicians and bureaucrats who are meant to take decisions to protect the lives of our countrymen.

The false narrative of Hindu Terror was joyfully soaked by Pakistan. Even after 26/11, Pakistan tried to pass off the terrorist attack as originated from Bharat by the so-called ‘Hindutva Brigade’. Incidentally, all the ten terrorists had Identity Cards with Hindu names. It has been further corroborated by Rakesh Marie, then-Police Commissioner Mumbai in 2008, in his recently released book “Let me say it Now”. In the book, Ajmal Kasab was to die as Sameer Chaudhary with a red chord on his right hand, an ensemble worn by a Hindu after a visit to a holy temple. The whole incident was a ploy to give credence to the concept of ‘Hindu Terror’.

The Home Minister was Shivraj Patil, the Home secretary who was enjoying his stay at picturesque Murree was Madhukar Gupta, the PM was Dr. Manmohan Singh and the prima donna of the whole ensemble was SG. The ISI and the Bharatiya Government were on the same page as both wanted to show it as Hindu Terror. The facts have been placed in front of you; please draw your conclusions.

Next came the interrogation of Headley who was indicted for terrorism in the USA and given 35 years of imprisonment. Headley had also reconnoitered the possible targets in Bharat for the 26/11 strike on behalf of ISI. Headley in his interrogation had given details of Ishrat Jahan and her accomplices as an ISI module, who were specifically sent to assassinate Modi; then, CM of Gujarat. The module was compromised and the terrorists were eliminated before they could reach their target on 15 Jun 2004. It was a brilliant counterintelligence operation.

The Ishrat Jahan encounter case was in the court and the interrogation report of Headley was crucial for the defence of Gujarat Counter Intelligence force that eliminated the Ishrat Jahan terrorist module. Now it was the turn of PC to stab ‘Mother India’ in her back. While giving the statements of Headley to the court; PC cleverly excised and manipulated the statements which referred to Ishrat Jahan, so that the police personnel get indicted for killing the innocents (terrorists) and the terrorists become martyrs.

Can any Bharatiya believe it? Yes, unbelievable but true! Home Minister of our country is indicting his own police personnel in order to ensure the terrorists sent by ISI Pakistan become martyrs. The affidavit and ‘the second affidavit’ were both approved by PC on file and both have been missing from MHA office to ensure that the black act of the traitor remains in dark. A FIR for the missing documents has been registered.

In 2002, the Godhra Train Burning Incident, 59 karsavaks were burnt to death and 48 were injured. The criminals were identified and 134 were charged. Father of one of the victims; Sardarji Meghanji Vaghela Suresh had petitioned the Gujarat HC in Feb 2009 that the accused should be tried under POTA as terrorists. The terrorists were represented by one of those bleeding-heart liberals who fight for the rights of every terrorist and gets their case muddled in the imbroglio of the Bharatiya Judicial System- Nithya Ramakrishnan.

Pleaders like her do not care for the right to lives of 59 humans but are so incensed to ensure the rights of terrorists to terrorise their own nation. Anyway; I do not expect anything better from the likes of her: However, what would make you aghast is there was another pleader who was in the forefront to defend the terrorists? It was the Additional Solicitor General of India, Gopal Subramaniam, deputed by UPA Government to defend the terrorists so that they are not charged under POTA.

Obviously, the help for 134 accused came from the most unlikely source; the then Home Minister who ensured that the terrorists who burnt 58 Bharatiyas alive in the Godhra Train Burning Incident are not charged under POTA. Can any right-thinking Bharatiya believe it? Look, how the UPA government was in league with the terrorists to ensure that the rights of terrorists are ensured at all costs as the loss of lives of Bharatiyas do not count?

The review petition went to the SC, where both Sardarji Vaghela and also Gujrat State Government appealed against the verdict of Gujarat High Court. Even here the criminals were resolutely defended by the Union of India and ensured that they are not charged under POTA. The Home Minister of the country was PC, the PM was Dr. Manmohan Singh and the conductor of the entire orchestra was SG.

Now, we know why Bharatiyas remained as slaves for so many centuries because we have a uniqueness in our character to destroy ourselves collectively if we can personally gain by selling our nation. Please remember the future is in our hands. We all need to first win over the raging Pandemic. This may help us to unite ourselves as Bharatiyas. This crisis should provide us with a great opportunity to forge our nationalism and unite to improve the lives of our countrymen. The Ball is in our court!

-Lt. Gen. P G Kamath (Veteran General of Indian Army and Defense Analyst)

(This article was first published with the title ‘Believe it or not: The ball is in our court’ by the author on his Linkedin account on March 20, 2020. It is reproduced here with minor edits to conform to HinduPost style-guide)

(Featured image : Huffingtonpost)

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