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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Decoding Zakir Naik speech: he wants another Muslim League for Bharat, bats for anti-Hindu front

Zakir Naik is one of the most popular Islamic preachers produced by Bharat. The controversial preacher, who is wanted by Bharatiya authorities in multiple terror-related cases, is absconding and living in Malaysia for quite some time. He has also been accused by authorities in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh of radicalizing young Muslims through his videos. The fugitive Islamist continues to foment trouble in Bharat, where his name has figured in the conspiracy to engineer Delhi riots of 2020.

Zakir Naik speech
Screenshot from a Zakir Naik speech as hosted on his facebook page

Zakir Naik frequently communicates with his followers through online means and answers their questions in his videos, which are uploaded on his social media platforms. In a recent Zakir Naik speech, he made some serious claims and also gave some controversial advice to Muslims.

Starting with the victim card

The question, presumably asked by an Indian Muslim working in an Arab country, was related to the imaginary persecution of Muslims in Bharat and asked for Naik’s advice to Indian Muslims. Zakir Naik started by rehashing the same old claims of persecution.

Later in the video, he also claims that this has started only in last 4-6 years when the current government came into power. He referred to himself as one of the persecuted  Muslims of Bharat. However he forgot to tell that inspired by him, many Muslims actually joined ISIS and committed acts of terrorism in multiple countries.

The population of Muslims in Bharat

He then makes a call for uniting the Muslims of Bharat. He claimed that Bharat is the country with largest number of Muslims in the world. He claimed the figure to be between 25 to 30 crores. He claimed that Bharatiya government is suppressing the real population figures of Muslims in Bharat. He said that many were not even counted specially in Assam etc.

In this case, he actually might be right. There were about 2 crore Bangladeshi illegally present in Bharat as per a govt estimate in 2016. In 2008, the number was estimated to be 1.5 crore in only Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata according to conservative estimates. Clearly, the 2 crore estimate of 2016 is on the lower side and in the whole country there are likely to be more than 3 crore Bangladeshis, a majority of them Muslims. These are probably not even counted in census due to them not living permanently in settled colonies. It must be remembered that the Assam NRC exercise completed last year had identified 19 lakh illegal immigrants in the state, with around half of them being Muslim – however, there has been no official confirmation of the religious break-up and several groups have alleged that the NRC was flawed as several illegal Bangladeshi Muslims had managed to procure fake documents with help of parties like AIUDF to prove their ‘citizenship’.

If Naik’s estimates are the believed, it would mean that the Bhartiya subcontinent has about 70 crore Muslims, i.e. 40 crore total for Pakistan and Bangladesh combined, and 30 crore in Bharat. Taken with rapid Christian conversion in parts of Bharat (again, under-reported in the Census as Scheduled Castes hide their conversion to avail SC quota benefits), it means that Hindus are now quite near to being a minority in the Bhartiya subcontinent. It would not be a surprise if Hindus become a minority in the subcontinent within the next generation or two. What it means for geopolitics and internal security is anybody’s guess.

Naik makes a call for Muslims to unite under one banner. This time the rhetoric is just like that of pre-partition Muslim league. Politically he wishes that only one party, exclusively for Muslims be made. Not only is this against the constitution, it is also a repeat of pre-partition games of Muslim politicians.

Political suggestions

Having established the party, Dr. Naik has further suggestions for the Muslims. It is instructive to see those suggestions as they might reveal further about the Islamist strategy:-

  • Naik says that Muslims should join hands with Dalits and other non-Hindus against Hindus! If this is not communal politics, I am not sure what is.
  • He then claims that Dalits are not Hindus. One must remember this line of thinking has been promoted by missionaries for a long time and is today promoted by Marxists and other “Breaking India” forces. Fortunately, an overwhelmingly large part of Dalits does not agree with this as they have disproportionately been targeted by Islamists for being Hindus.
  • Another patently false statement at this point is made by Naik. He says that Ambedkar first wanted to adopt Islam, but was not welcomed by Muslim leaders. It is patently untrue and readers may be aware that Muslims came to him to offer Islam and Ambedkar rejected it as he considered it an exclusivist religion which cannot peacefully coexist with others.
  • Naik says that Ambedkar then chose Buddhism as the second best option. This is an affront to Buddhists everywhere but I will not be surprised if the so-called Ambedkarite Buddhists like Udit Raj and Dilip Mandal keep their mouths shut even now. They have been in cahoots with Islamists since long.
  • Finally, Naik says that Hindu candidates win in Muslim majority areas as Muslim votes are divided among many parties. This is however a white lie. There is hardly any Muslim majority area in the country with a Hindu legislator. The reverse, however, is quite true. The dangerous suggestion that Hindu should not win elections in Muslim majority areas should not be overlooked here.

Glorification of Islam

Every speech and video of Zakir Naik has this important ingredient. In this video too, he glorifies Islam and says that it is the best religion which gives most rights to minorities. He says that under Islam, minorities are best protected. Of course, this lie is amply exposed by the continued atrocities on minorities, specially Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

He says that in Muslim countries, non-Musims are not forced to say ‘Allah o Akbar’ but conveniently forgets the forced conversions in Pakistan, the continuous displacement of Hindus from Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The glorification on fake grounds is an essential part of Islamist narrative.

Mass Muslim migration to Kerala

In the video, Naik also advises Muslims to migrate en-masse to Muslim majority areas if they feel ‘unsafe’. For people like himself, he advocates Muslim-majority countries. For lesser mortals, he advocates migration to other states within Bharat, specially Kerala.  He says that Kerala has 33% Muslims. The Census 2011 says that Muslims are about 27%, so this information by Zakir Naik points to a dangerous demographic trend, which we have also discussed previously.

By advising Muslims from what he says are ‘communal places’ like UP and Bihar to migrate to Kerala, is he also trying to create another Muslim majority state in Bharat? We have already seen what happens in a Muslim majority state in case of Kashmir.

Combined with the recent statements of Islamists and Marxists from Kerala, this points to a dangerous conspiracy to make Kerala a Muslim majority state and then demand a separate country.

For other Muslims, he advises them to move to ‘safe’ localities which are overwhelmingly Muslim. He gives the example of places in Mumbai like Dongri and Byculla which are Muslim majority. In effect, he advocates ghettoization of Muslims. The law and order issues in such lawless zones, created even in European countries, are also known. The ties of Molenbeek ghetto of Brussels to terrorists in Islamic State were extensively discussed in past years and it was observed how police was afraid to go into these no-go zones. This is a similar to many Muslim ghettos or no-go zones in India, where police fear to go and criminals are accorded full protection from law by residents.


Zakir Naik and his views are dangerous for communal harmony and integrity of the nation. However, the fugitive Islamic preacher continues to have influence in Bharat. Indeed, Abu Yusuf alias Mustaqeem Khan, the ISIS terrorist recently arrested has confessed that he was radicalised by videos of Zakir Naik. The videos of Naik push the dangerous Muslim communal agenda, with elements similar to that of pre-partition Muslim League.

The exclusivist and dangerous views have radicalized many Muslims in Bharat and all over the world. Indeed, as far back as 2010, Canada and UK had banned his entry into their countries and also restricted him from doing video conferencing there. However, he continued to have celebrity status in Bharat under UPA government and many Congress leaders were seen friendly to him.

It would be prudent for the government to block access to all his videos on social media in Bharat. His YouTube channel is unavailable, but his Facebook page continues to spread hate . His Peace TV is now banned in Bharat, but is freely available as an app on Google Play and App Store. The efforts to extradite him should be renewed with vigor and his supporters in Bharat should be monitored for anti-national activities. Failing this, we will continue to produce more Abu Yusufs in our country.

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Pawan Pandey
Pawan Pandey
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