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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

TMC MLA says Mamata Banerjee is reincarnation Of Maa Sarada, manifestation of Devi Durga, among other dubious claims

TMC MLA from Uluberia North (West Bengal), Dr. Nirmal Maji, has stated that he finds Maa Sarada in the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Maa Sarada Devi was the wife and spiritual consort of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the spiritual Guru of Swami Vivekananda. Maa Sarada was also the Guruma of Swami ji. She is a highly revered religious and spiritual figure for the Hindus of Bengal. Hence, MLA Maji’s remarks were absurd, unfounded, and sacrilegious. 

Here, we must highlight that the concerned MLA is one of the most trusted foot soldiers of the Trinamul matriarch. Despite his absolute service to Banerjee, Maji was recently removed from his post of chairman of the Calcutta Medical College’s Patient Welfare Association. The decision to remove Maji was taken owing to a series of complaints. Losing his high office has also not impacted his loyalty to the party and its chief. Some news reports claim MLA Maji is ready to die for ‘Didi’ (Mamata Banerjee) if needed. His comments from time to time reveal his absolute veneration for Banerjee.

Is calling Mamata Banerjee Maa Sarada’s reincarnation right? 

While addressing an audience at a function, Dr. Nirmal Maji stated, “Didi is mother Sarada!” He then claimed, “A few days before Swami Vivekananda’s death, Maa Sarada had told some of Swamiji’s teammates that when she is reborn, she will cross the canal, reach Kalighat via Harish Chatterjee Road – right now where Didi lives. Maa Sarada said, “After so many years of death, I will be born again in Kalighat near the Kali temple area. I will be reborn again as a human. I will be involved in sacrifice, social and political activities.”

He also said that according to numerology and statistics, based on Sarada Maa’s demise and Mamata Banerjee’s birth, it is evident that the CM is Maa Sarada. He then declared that Mamata Banerjee is not only Maa Sarada’s reincarnation but also Sister Nivedita. At last, he asserted that Mamata Banerjee is Maa Durga as “she was born at the juncture of the Ashtami-Navami tithi of Durga Puja.”

As per records, Mamata Banerjee was born on January 5, 1955. The Durga puja of 1955 had fallen in October. The juncture of the Ashtami-Navami tithi of Durga Puja, which Maji refers to, had fallen at around 5 PM on October 24, 1955. Maji’s claims are thus baffling and appear sacrilegious to a Hindu. Was he making outrageously ignorant comments about Devi Durga or making false statements to woo the Chief Minister to win back his chair and post? One wonders.  

Nirmal Maji is not the first politician from the Trinamool Camp to “see” Maa Durga in Mamata Banerjee. Earlier, Kamarhati MLA Madan Mitra too claimed that Banerjee possesses divine powers. Another minister Manas Bhuinyan had also likened the state Chief Minister to Maa Durga. 

And now Maji makes triple claims of Mamata Banerjee being the reincarnation of Maa Sarada, a manifestation of Maa Durga, while being Sister Nivedita as well. As expected, his comments irked several opposition leaders who have condemned the TMC MLA for his unfounded claims.

Belur Math slams TMC MLA Nirmal Maji

Maji has also been slammed by the followers of Shree Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada, and Swami Vivekananda. Swami Suvirananda of Belur Math has reacted to the claims of Maji after receiving numerous communications from the followers of the establishment. He has rejected the MLA statements saying that the claims made by Maji do not appear in any related publication.

“No publication either from Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission or from any other publishing house has reference to such statements from Maa Sarada. I know of many monks or followers of Maa Sarada, who came in touch with her in their lifetime. They have never referred to such statements from Maa Sarada. I do not know where the MLA concerned secured such information. His comments have hurt the greatness and legacy of Maa Sarada. We feel frustrated over her insult,” Swami Suvirananda clarified in his statement.

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