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Sunday, October 2, 2022

“Rizwan reading namaz on the ground, amidst Hindus, was very special for me:” Pakistani cricket legend Waqar Younis

Ask any fan in Bharat about his cricketing icons and many will talk about the 2 Ws – Wasim and Waqar – who wowed the cricketing world with their thrilling fast bowling through the 90s. But underneath Waqar’s sporting talent lurks a bigoted anti-Hindu mindset, and now he too has been outed like so many other Pakistani cricketers – Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Ahmed Shehzad etc.

On a Pakistani TV show after Pakistan’s victory over Bharat in the T20 WC, Waqar first praised wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammed Rizwan for his innings, and then added, “The best thing that Rizwan did was, mashallah, he offered namaz on the ground, while surrounded by Hindus (Bharat’s cricketers), which was very very special for me.”

The Islamic phrase Mashallah translates to “what Allah has willed has happened” – it is used to show appreciation or awe for something or someone.

The host of the news show is grinning as Waqar says this and Shoaib Akhtar also has a suppressed smile on his face. Akhtar, incidentally, said he believes in the 2-nation theory a few days back during a talk show in Dubai when Harbhajan Singh beseeched him with ‘we are the same people’ in typical Pakophile fashion.

The same Akhtar had spoken fervently of his belief in the Ghazwa-e-Hind prophecy in another TV show. Ghazwa-e-Hind is an Islamic doctrine that is based on a Hadees (saying) of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, which prophesizes a great battle in Bharat between Muslims and Hindus before the end-times (qayamat), resulting in a conquest by the Muslims of the entire Bharatiya sub-continent.

Mohammed Rizwan, who has also captained Pakistan in test cricket, had offered namaz during a drinks break while Bharat was batting. Images circulating on social media show Rizwan offering namaz while batting too – this is probably what Waqar Younish was referring to.

Mohammed Rizwan has a habit of offering namaz during cricket matches. Whether such overt expressions of religious belief have any place on a cricketing field is something ICC needs to decide, lest we see more incidents like Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad warning Sri Lankan Tillakaratne Dilshan that he would ‘burn in hellfire’ if he did not convert to Islam. As it is, the Pakistani cricket team has made it a habit of acting as traveling proselytisers for Islam.

As we at HinduPost have been arguing for many years now, and which has been repeatedly proven via the tremendous work that handles like @pakistan_untold are doing, the virus of Islamic supremacism has taken deep root in Pakistani society. And this is not a new development, but has been a defining feature of their society from Day 1. Even back in 1978, Pak cricket captain Mushtaq Mohammed had announced his side’s series victory over Bharat as `victory of Muslims over Hindus’.

No amount of civilian or sporting contact can change this noxious ideology which has made Pakistan what it is today: a fascist, genocidal, state sponsor of terror. It’s not just the Army which harbors an irrational hate for Bharat, the very fabric of Pakistan is built on this Hindu hate. Only complete disengagement and isolation by Bharat and the rest of the world can force Pakistan to reform itself. Any civic or diplomatic engagement only legitimizes their institutionalized hatred for Hindus and other minorities, and allows them to play their duplicitous game with the global community.

Pakistan may be an economically sick nation facing blowback from the dangerous game of global jihad that it plays, but it’s primary goal is the destruction and domination of Hindu Bharat. In that sense, entire Pakistani society is clear about the perceived superiority of Islam which is why the average Pakistani Muslim doesn’t see the forced conversion of Hindu girls as a crime, and easily believes that everything wrong with his/her country is a Hindu-Yehudi (Jewish) conspiracy.

Whereas the Indian state’s goal is some fluffy secularism that is applied to only Hindus. Unless we wake up and do a course correction, we will lose the war, even if Pakistan ends up destroying itself too in the process.

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  1. Is there any Hindus in India team?
    Mostly seculars and they won’t stand up for another Hindus. Sad truth. Try to ask if any player in the team now.


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