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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Political Opponents, Pregnant Women, Elderly Expats – Communist Fascism in Kerala Targets All

Adding to the spree of political murders that has been going on in Kerala since the past few decades, and which has accelerated ever since CPM came to power in 2016, Youth Congress worker Shoaib (30) was hacked to death in Kannur on 12th February allegedly by CPM workers.

A New Indian Express report says –

The Congress party called for a dawn-to-dusk shut down in protest of the murder in the district but allowed vehicles to ply. According to the party, Shoaib along with a few others was waiting in front of a night eatery near Mattanoor, near here, on Monday, when four persons came in a car and threw bombs to create a scare.

They then slashed him with a sword. The incident occurred around 10.45 p.m. Shoaib was badly injured, while two others sustained minor injuries. Shoaib was first taken to a nearby hospital and he later passed away at the Kozhikode Medical college hospital.

According to the Congress party, Shoaib was engaged in a tiff in January with the CPI-M unit in the town over student politics. “Not long back, a club of the Congress party came under heavy attack, after the CPI-M leadership was upset when the children of the party leaders took part in a meeting.”

“They unleashed an attack and Shoaib, was at the forefront to stop this. Since then the CPI-M had announced publicly that his days are numbered,” said Kannur district Congress party chief Sateeshan Pacheni.

This was the 21st political murder that has taken place in Kannur after Pinarayi Vijayan assumed office in 2016.

Picture of the CPM rally two weeks ago in which provocative slogans were raised (Image Courtesy:

While the Mattanoor CPI-M leaders have flatly denied any role of the party behind the murder, TV channels have now released a video of a march taken out by the CPI-M, who are seen shouting slogans that Shoaib’s days are numbered.

Taking a strong stance Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala said the Communist Party India-Marxist has unleashed terror in brutally finishing off its political rivals.

“The police in Kannur is a mute spectator, as the CPI-M is in control of everything. They are striking at will to eliminate their political rivals in the most inhumane manner. “We have appealed to all our workers in Kannur to see that they remain calm,” said Chennithala, who is reaching Kannur on Thursday.

State BJP general secretary M.T.Ramesh said that it has now become a common practise that when a political murder happens in Kannur, the CPI-M is the common factor and the victim is either the BJP/RSS or the Congress.

A few days later, another episode of CPM barbarity shocked the state, when a pregnant woman was kicked by CPM workers, leading to the woman losing her unborn child.

HaindavaKeralam reports on this gruesome episode –

“According to sources, a gang of seven, led by local Marxist leader Thettalil Thampi, party branch secretary of Kallatharamedu, Kodencherry assaulted and kicked pregnant woman, leading to death of foetus in the womb. Even though a case has been registered against the seven assailants only one arrest was made initially. Local police are alleged to have personally made a request, of not including Thampi in the case and are said to have taken the stand of arresting others, only if Thampi stood absolved.

The incident took place on 28 January when the attack was unleashed on Sibi Chacko, his wife and two tiny kids by a gang headed by Thampi and Prajesh, their neighbour. The assault by the red brigade goons led to severe complications, leading to death of the foetus. The family has also complained that Thampi and his gang have been issuing continuous threats against them over a land dispute.”

Militant trade unionism by Communists is a fact of daily life in states like Kerala and WB. This has led to complete collapse of big industry in these states, and even small entrepreneurs are not spared from extortion in name of ‘party funds’. Close on the heels of the murder of tribal youth Madhu, an expatriate who returned after working in the Gulf for 35 years in the automobile sector committed suicide on Thursday following threats and harassment from members of All-India Youth Front (AIYF), the youth wing of Communist Party of India (CPI) which is an ally of CPM (Communist Party of India – Marxist) as part of ruling Left Front in Kerala.

Indus Scrolls reports –

“The victim, Sugathan, 65, a resident of Punalur in Kollam district, who wanted to start a small workshop with his megre savings hanged himself from the roof of the shed which he has set up to start the workshop. The hapless man had taken a piece of land on lease to start the venture but the Communist goons obstructed the work saying that the land was a paddy field and they won’t allow piling of paddy fields. He pleaded with the goons and their leaders but they didn’t heed.

Rajesh, a neighbour of Sugathan said, “Sugathan moved from pillar to post to start his small business, for which he had taken loans also. He was so desperate as his resources were drying up. The Communists wanted hefty bribe which the poor man could not afford. The Communist goons planted their flags and threatened to attack Sugathan and his family members.”

In another act of extreme political intolerance, just a week back CPM goons unleashed their fury on party offices of a rival Marxist party RMP (Revolutionary Marxist Party). RMP was founded in 2009 by T.P. Chandrasekharan, a rebel CPM leader, who was hacked to death for his apostasy by CPM assailants on 4 May 2012.

This then is the troubling state of affairs in Kerala, a state where many rightly take pride in high literacy levels and better HDI (Human Development Index) but remain oblivious to the culture of political fascism & corruption, ideological intolerance and deindustrialization that has taken root in the state due to the dominance of Communists.

And these symptoms of Communist rule are not unique to Kerala, but can be observed in West Bengal, Tripura, and other countries where Communists have ruled with a bloody iron-fist like Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s China, North Korea, East Europe during the Cold War etc.

One would imagine that the media & intellectual elite in a multi-party democracy like Bharat would be well aware of the dangers posed by Communism and the tendency of Communist ruled states to devolve into fascist, authoritarian regimes. But such is the colonization of the Indian mind that the Communists are portrayed as ‘progressive, liberal’ upholders of democracy, and their top leaders like Sitaram Yechury, D Raja, Karat etc get a free pass from top media commentators.

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