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Friday, June 14, 2024

Md. Shafi and communist couple carry out horrific human sacrifice in ‘rationalist utopia’ Kerala

Muhammad Shafi alias Rasheed who practices witchcraft and human sacrifice, lured Bhagaval Singh and his wife, Laila, through Facebook. While all involved were seemingly after money, Singh fell for Islamic witchcraft and sorcery despite subscribing to the so-called ‘materialist and rational’ Communist ideology. Kerala police has arrested all three and they stand accused of brutally mutilating and murdering at least two women.  

Singh and his wife run a massage center at Elanthoor in the Pathanamthitta district. He is an active CPM worker and a regular at local cultural events. Singh is also a Haiku poet who regularly contributes to Deshabhimani, the CPM party daily newspaper. Most of his FB posts are with or about CPM leaders. 

Bhagaval Singh’s Facebook posts

Health minister Veena George and Pinarayi Vijayan are his great idols. Locals say that Comrade Singh was also at the forefront of the anti-Hindu campaign during the Sabarimala agitation.

Shafi, a native of Ernakulam, created a Facebook account assuming the name Sridevi and lured the couple from Elanthoor near Tiruvalla. After establishing good relations with Singh in cyberspace, ‘Sridevi’ told them about a Siddhan (witchcraft practitioner) in Perumbavoor called ‘Rasheed’. Shafi urged the couple to meet him and promised wealth and prosperity to the family. 

Shafi handed over his mobile number on Facebook and told Singh it was the Siddhan’s number. Singh contacted him; Shafi aka Rasheed visited Singh’s house, got acquainted with his family and established a good friendship. Shafi made the couple believe wealth would come if Laila had sex with him. Singh had to watch them indulge in sex, and the communist agreed. This happened a year and a half ago.

Nothing happened after constantly engaging in a physical relationship. Shafi then recommended the next step of human sacrifice.

Shafi convinced them that human sacrifice would bring considerable prosperity. The Islamic sorcery practitioner told Singh that ‘Sridevi’ was someone who benefitted after offering human sacrifice. Singh sent a message to Sridevi’s account to find out if this was true and became convinced when Sridevi confirmed the same. Singh did not know that Shafi was managing the FB account in the name of Sridevi.

Shafi convinced the couple that he could arrange ladies for human sacrifice, provided they paid money. The couple agreed, withdrew some money from their bank account, and delivered it.

Shafi offered Roslin (50), a poor lottery seller from Kalady, an acting role in a movie and promised her Rs. 10 lakhs. He then took Roslin to Singh’s house in Elanthoor village. They tied the victim’s limbs to a bed, and Shafi sexually abused her while the couple watched.

Shafi asked Laila to slit Roslin’s throat, cut off her breasts, and insert the knife into her genital area. He had already bashed her head using a hammer. They collected the blood in a bowl and sprinkled it across the house for ‘purification.’ Shafi then went home after accepting a ‘reward’ of Rs. 2.5 lakhs for this gory ritual.

After a month, Singh complained to Shafi about not receiving benefits. Shafi replied that there was a curse in the family. They were misled about another human sacrifice to bring prosperity and wealth. Shafi then took Padma (52), another lottery seller from Ernakulam, to Singh’s house.

Roslin was subjected to human sacrifice in June, and Padma, a native of Tamil Nadu, in September. After the cold-blooded murder, their bodies were cut into pieces and buried in several places. Neither woman had families in Kerala. 

Padma was also promised an acting role and Rs. 10 lakhs and was killed in the same macabre fashion. Shafi’s statement to the police revealed this cruelty. Although the police have not fully believed this, it is considered possible. South Region Police IG P Prakash said that they are investigating whether there are more victims.

Selvaraj, son of victim Padma, said his mother used to call him daily, but her phone calls ended abruptly on September 26. He reached Kerala the next day and searched for her all over the place but failed to find her. Selvaraj then filed a complaint with the police. Police checked the call lists and CCTV footage that led investigators to the brutal Islamic black magic practitioner, Shafi.

Padma’s body was found in the communist couple’s compound. Police said that official confirmation would come only after DNA testing. The body was cut into 20 pieces, salt sprinkled, and the remains were buried. Roslin’s body was also buried nearby in another part of the same field. The killers planted turmeric saplings on top of the corpse after it was buried.

Singh’s house is in an isolated spot in the hill village of  Elanthoor and is surrounded by forests. He divorced his wife 15 years ago before marrying Laila. Singh has a son and a daughter from his first marriage, both of whom live abroad.

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday expressed shock and disbelief at the news of human sacrifice that came to light in the state when the dismembered bodies of two women were recovered. “The fact that we hear about human sacrifice in Kerala is beyond shocking. I wonder where Kerala is going,” Justice Devan Ramachandran remarked. Similar brutal murders like the Jisha and Soumya cases have occurred in Kerala, but the system failed in giving justice to the victims.

Without directly blaming Islamist sorcery traditions and the involvement of his own ideological follower, Pinarayi Vijayan called such practices a challenge to civilized society. Earlier, Vijayan taking his wife, daughter, and grandson on a foreign tour to attract ‘investment’ had drawn criticism. As expected, Vijayan has extended his foreign holiday and is now headed for his favorite destination, the UAE. He was scheduled to return on Tuesday, but his communist fans will have to wait. 

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