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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Maulana Threatens Violent Overthrow of Central Government at Kolkata Rally For Rohingyas

A huge rally backing Rohingya Muslims and demanding their settlement in Bharat was organized this Monday in Kolkata by 18 Muslim groups, which was also attended by senior Congress and CPM leaders.

A video has now emerged where one Maulana Shabbir Ali Azad Warsi, a Shia cleric, can be seen whipping up the crowd into a frenzy and threatening a march to Delhi to ‘create new history’ in the nation, if anyone ‘dare touch’ Rohingya Muslims living in West Bengal.

Here is an English transcript of what the Maulana Shabbir Ali Azad Warsi said  –

“All Muslims are brothers. This is Bengal..do not dare to expel Rohingya Muslims from here. Don’t think they are orphans that you will expel them from Bengal. This is not Assam, Gujarat, UP, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffarpur…this is Bengal…listen, listen – no mother has given birth to a child who can dare to drive Muslims out of Bengal.

I am ending my talk now…Inshallah, if the time come, we will take a procession from here to Delhi…today, we have come from Park Circus to Dharmatala, tomorrow this Maulana Shabbir Ali Azad Warsi <unintelligible screeching>, we will take a bigger rally and reach Delhi to create new history in Hindustan. <crowd cheers>…not like this, not like this…lions roar differently, let our enemies know that all lions have gathered here today. Raise both hands and shout with all your might ‘Nara-e-Takbir’ (“Nara” means “shout out loud” and “Takbir” is the Arabic name for the phrase “Allah Hu Akbar” i.e. Allah is the Greatest) <crowd yells even more loudly>….Nara-e-Haideri (a Shia slogan, Haider is one of the names of Imam Ali)..Islam Zindabad, Hindustan Zindabad.”

In related news, it has come to light that Dum Dum Municipality in West Bengal is providing birth certificates to Rohingyas. This was revealed after one Rohingya terrorist Mohd. Ismail was arrested in Hyderabad who later exposed the nexus.

On enquiry he confessed that he is a native of Nayaphara Village, Busidang district, Ikyapu state, Myanmar, and in the year 2014 he came to Bangladesh via Dhaka, where he boarded the bus to Kolkata with the help of one broker. He came to Delhi where he stayed in a refugee campus and worked there for one year. At that time in January 2016, he obtained UNHCR card with reference No 305-15C02062 by UNHCR India.

Then with the assistance of another person he came to Belagavi district, Karnataka and worked in a mutton shop at that time. He got well acquainted with one Anwar, at the time of staying there, and Anwar helped him procure Aadhar Card and Electoral Photo Identity (voter) Card.

“In June 2016, Anwar brought Ismail to Pahadishareef and introduced him to one Abdul Rasheed, who made arrangements of his accommodation. Ismail had been making tiles at Chandrayangutta here,” the release said.

The police said around 15 days ago, Ismail got himself enrolled with an online service outlet here to change the address of his Aadhaar and voter ID cards, which he had procured from Karnataka.

“He paid Rs 18,000 to Rasheed and asked him to arrange for an Indian passport for him. He applied for the passport claiming to be an Indian national. He changed his name and procured ID proofs to go abroad (Dubai),” the police said, adding that they had seized the PAN and UNHCR cards of the man.

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  1. Wonderful! The garbage of the world can come and happily live in India, and start tormenting Hindus. That’s how India is. We need to end the communist/trinamool types from Bengal and Kerala asap and bring it under BJP governance.


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