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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Love jihad tragedies targeting Hindu girls unfold in Maharashtra; from abduction to religious coercion

Two recent cases of love jihad ending in marriages between Hindu girls and Muslim boys in Maharashtra have thrust into the spotlight the concerning trend of Hindu girls being ensnared into relationships under coercive circumstances by individuals belonging to the Islamist community. These cases, one in Ratnagiri and the other in Sambhaji Nagar, illuminate the pervasive issue of Islamic religious coercion and the harrowing experiences faced by the victims of the Hindu community.

The dark reality of such coerced relationships: Islamic jihadist exploitation

In Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, a disturbing case has emerged involving the disappearance of a Hindu girl, Shweta Mandal (name changed), allegedly trapped into a relationship with Mohammad Basit, a member of the Islamic community. Shweta’s brother had cautioned her against the relationship, citing potential dangers, but she persisted. Shweta, a student at a nursing college, recently vanished from the hostel, prompting concerns about her well-being.

When Shweta’s brother confronted Basit about her disappearance, he callously remarked that they “play with the lives of Hindu girls and then leave them.” Matters escalated when Islamist Basit reportedly assaulted Shweta’s brother with his associates. Shockingly, Basit’s father further exacerbated the situation by asserting that “Hindu girls are only for their fun and that they can do anything with them.” As the investigation unfolds, authorities are scrutinizing the circumstances surrounding Shweta’s disappearance and the alleged involvement of Basit and his family.

This chilling revelation unveils the ruthless behavior and predatory nature of Islamist jihadists, who prey upon innocent Hindu girls under the guise of interfaith relationships. In recent days, a string of alarming cases has emerged, each shedding light on the dark underbelly of interfaith relationships and the predatory tactics employed by Islamist extremists.

From religious coercion to family torture

Based on the reports from Sudarshan News, in Sambhaji Nagar, Maharashtra, another distressing narrative unfolded as a Hindu girl fell victim to religious coercion and familial abuse in an interfaith relationship with Islamist Taiyab Pathan, masquerading as Samir Patel.

In a disturbing turn of events, following the alleged forced conversion, Taher reportedly coerced the Hindu girl into adopting Islamic practices such as wearing a burqa and consuming beef. Additionally, he purportedly pressured her into marriage, further exacerbating her plight. Tragically, the victim became pregnant during this ordeal, only to face further brutality as Taher assaulted her and ultimately caused the demise of her unborn child. Despite the victim’s repeated attempts to seek justice by approaching the police station over the course of a year, she encountered apathy and inaction from law enforcement authorities.

Throughout the ordeal, the Hindu girl persevered in her pursuit of justice, continuously visiting the police station for assistance. Based on the reports, following Sudarshan News’s involvement, the police finally took action, registering a case under serious charges, including Section 370. Despite the late response, the Hindu victim received the support she desperately sought, with the police providing her with a copy of the FIR late into the night, prompting gratitude towards Sudarshan News for their assistance in advocating for her rights.

The increasing prevalence of Islamic religious coercion has become a growing concern, prompting Hindu organizations like the Bajrang Dal to advocate for awareness and support for Hindus facing challenges. In parallel, media outlets have shown responsibility by actively assisting Hindu individuals in seeking justice, particularly in cases where they have been victimized.

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