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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

ISKP terrorist from Kerala, an MTech student, dies in suicide attack in Afghanistan

Another Islamic terrorist from Kerala has died in Afghanistan. He had joined the Islamic State – Khorasan Province (ISKP), recently married a Pakistani lady, and immediately afterwards died in a suicide attack, the terror outfit has claimed. ISKP is the Afghanistan branch of the global terror outfit IS (Islamic State) aka ISIS.

Voice of Khurasan, the ISKP’s publication, identified the terrorist only by his nom de guerre, Najeeb Al Hindi, and described him as 23-year-old “engineering (M.Tech) student from Kerala” in an article about his death.

He is believed to be none other than Najeeb Ahmed who left Bharat on August 15, 2017. Not surprisingly, Ahmed was originally from Malappuram district of Kerala, a hub of radical Islam. He was doing his MTech from VIT Vellore when his parents confirmed that he had joined a terrorist organization in Afghanistan. He was 23 back then and the matter came to light when he texted his parents about ‘Hijra’ and jihad. 

Najeeb Ahmed informed his parents after reaching Afghanistan in 2017

Hijra (Hijrah) means immigration for the cause of Islam, and includes people migrating to fight wars against non-believers of Islam. Ahmed told his mother not to inform the police about his whereabouts. When his parents threatened to commit suicide, he chillingly invited his parents to join the terrorists and reminded her that they were living amongst Kafir (disbelievers of Islam). 

Sources revealed that Ahmed had lived in Dubai for a long time before coming back to Bharat and it was suspected that he was indoctrinated into the terrorist organization during his time there. He traveled from Hyderabad to Dubai and then joined other jihadis who entered Iran on tourist visas and crossed into Afghanistan via the Iranian border. 

Hindustan Times (HT) reported on the March 11 that an ISKP ‘fighter’ from Bharat had died ‘fighting’ in Afghanistan, apparently in a suicide attack. The HT reporter Rezaul H Laskar took pains to reproduce the ISKP mouthpiece’s glowing obituary to the young ‘fighter’ which compared him with a companion of Islamic Prophet Mohammed, who too was killed in battle immediately after his wedding night.

Ahmed was a ‘quiet and smiling’ person who lived ‘uncomplainingly’ and met others who ‘came from his own place’ (hinting at presence of other ISKP terrorists from Kerala), the IKSP article stated. Ahmed was focused on ‘shahadat’ (dying for Allah) and ‘Inghimasi’ (suicide attack), and reluctant to marry, the article adds. However, some friends convinced him to marry a Pakistani woman, but soon after he volunteered for a suicide mission and died.

HT reporter Laskar doesn’t use the word ‘terrorist’ or ‘terror’ even once, and follows the Barkha Dutt “headmaster’s son” school of reporting on Islamic terror.

The whole world now knows the chaotic withdrawal that the Joe Biden administration and the American military experienced in Afghanistan. Taliban took over the country and the vast military assets that the fleeing Americans left behind. The very first thing that the Taliban did was to release most prisoners, including ISKP terrorists.

The ISKP article stated that Ahmed left for battle when “Kafir” (non-believers) “began to advance in our area and bombardment started”. There are no foreign combat forces left in that country and these terrorists are now branding each other as kafir.   

Fighting in Afghanistan never stopped and several clashes are being reported between the Islamic State factions and Taliban. Major terrorist attacks like the one on Kabul Airport that took the lives of 180 were claimed by the ISKP. They have tried their mischief against Bharat and had threatened ex-cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir twice in 2 days, in November last year. 

Keralite Islamist Love For IS

Dozens of ‘educated’ youngsters, including women, have joined these terrorist organizations and most inductees from Bharat are Keralites.

In 2020, three ISKP terrorists from Kerala, including a physician Dr. Ijas Kallukettiya Purayil, were killed when their group tried to storm a prison in Afghanistan to free their fellow terrorists. That same year, another Kerala jihadi Mohammed Sajid Kuthurimmal was involved in an ISKP attack on a Gurudwara in Kabul that killed nearly 30 people.

Some are converts from Christianity and Hindu Dharma to Islam, and many are reported to have died fighting for IS. Last year, one such Christian convert engineer, whom the IS called Abu Bakr Al-Hindi, blew himself up while on a suicide mission in Libya. 

In 2019, it was reported that some survivors, mostly women and children were captured by the Americans and jailed. Terrorist sympathizers in Bharat tried their best to bring them back but failed. Incidentally, it is believed that there are 32,000 IS sleeper cell members, in Kerala alone.  

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