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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

How Holi was attacked and defamed using fake or out-of-context videos by secular-Islamist ecosystem

This Holi we witnessed an attack on cultural festival from corporates like Bharat Matrimony connecting it with women harassment ,and anti national eco system did same with foreigners and women molestation cases. In this articles, we will explore how they used out of context old videos to target Holi and Hindu culture.

Matchmaking services company Bharat Matrimony tweeted a video targeted the festival of colors with women molestation unnecessarily. Although they generally just post greetings for other festivals, this time they choose this controversial way.

Picture Source – Bharat Matrimony

For past few years it became a trend for amateur Youtubers and Vloggers to visit India and stay in slum areas, go out alone in middle of a night and have local hoodlum as her guide. One common thing is noticeable in such cases, all of them are amateur tourist wants to become popular just using 1 case and they never visit any other country before or after.

Picture Source – Twitter

Doesn’t this kind of harassment sound scripted? Few days back a similar incident occurred in Delhi during this Holi with a Japanese girl, where she was groped by gang men, after getting viral she deleted that tweet. Instead of filing a complaint or contacting embassy, she fled to Bangladesh.

Later she explained how she enjoyed Holi with her friends and visited unsafe places knowing those are not safe. Now she has large fan following in India due to that video.

Picture Source – Twitter

Instead of filing a complaint or contacting embassy, she deleted that tweet and fled to Bangladesh. Later she explained how she enjoyed Holi with her friends and visited unsafe places knowing those are not safe. Now she has large fan following in India due to that video. Isn’t this strange?

A tourist from UK visited Varanasi in 2020 to experience Holi celebration, she was told not to go out on Holi, but she went where she faced inebriated men on the street who misbehaved. However, she enjoyed Holi with her friends. Now her old video circulated by anti-nationals.

Picture Source – Twitter

In another incident, an alleged actor (as per twitter bio) shared old video from Mathura to set propaganda against Indian culture. Old video from 2018 shared again as if it is recent incident.

Picture Source – Twitter

A propaganda spreader account running by Pakistanis, and other users shared 7 year old video of foreigners to set their propaganda over Holi.

Picture Source – Twitter

Similarly, an old video of a man celebrating Holi with a girl being shared with wrong context. The video was filmed by famous Holi content maker “Amit Mishra” & family which was uploaded on YouTube in 2021. Now Anti-India gangs are using this scripted video to target Indian culture.

Picture Source – Twitter

Hate and misinformation spreader Hate Detector posted old videos and removed several parts from videos to set the propaganda over Holi. The video posted on Facebook in 2022 using Jija by the girl seen in the video is a dancer, known for making vulgar adult scripted content.

Picture Source – Twitter

A news is being circulated on social media by some so called journalists that Delhi police got over 35K complaints, 250 murdered, rape etc. Upon research we found that this is an old news and nothing to do with this Holi season. Delhi police also debunked these fake claims.

Picture Source – Twitter

Holi is a celebration of color-Love is one of the most popular-significant festival in India. It is Of Course punishable for those who is harassing any human being on those occasions. But foreigners or content makers using Holi, Eid, Christmas for going viral should stop now.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @dintentdata on March 12, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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