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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hello Liberals, 19 Children were Molested by a Pastor in an Illegal Shelter Home in Kathua, J&K

Kathua. This name should be very well known to every person in Bharat. The infamous Kathua rape case, where whole nation came in support of justice for the alleged brutal rape and murder of an 8-year old girl, has not been forgotten. Indeed it was a good example of standing united against such crimes, but the ugly communal game that was started and played by elite liberal class and Bollywood brigade cannot be forgotten. The plight of the little girl was overlapped by how ‘HINDUstan’ is ashamed because a ‘Devisthan’ was used for raping a little girl.

Now same Kathua is again in news. The Jammu and Kashmir police on Friday, 7th September, 2018, rescued 19 minor children who were allegedly being molested by a pastor at a local church, who was operating an unauthorised hostel in the Kathua district. The children, who are in the age group of 7 to 15, were being allegedly molested and tortured by the priest, as reported in Republic.

19 minor children included 8 girls and 11 boys. The case came into light when the locals complained about the pastor running an illegal shelter home. Local administration then conducted a raid there and rescued the minors. Children informed the locals that they were forced to watch “adult content” on TV and were given sedatives before being molested.

The pastor has now been taken into custody. The rescued boys have been shifted to Bal Ashram and the girls to Nari Niketan.

Children being subjected to such torture is indeed horrifying and criminals must be punished as soon as they are proven guilty, irrespective of their religion. But the selective outrage by our liberal class is appalling and disgusting. Their placards and outrage material come out based on the religion of the victim and that of the accused. The difference can be seen in both the cases that are reported from the same area of Kathua at a difference of few months.

While there were flaws in the chargesheet of Kathua rape and murder case (Read here and here), there were also such reports that covered that there was no rape evidence as per postmortem reports. But the Islamists, Church, liberals from bollywood and other elite classes ran a well planned propaganda involving placards highlighting their Hinduphobia and maligning whole of Hindu Dharma and community for this incident, while shifting the focus from actual reality.

Coming to the church that loudly demanded justice for the former Kathua rape and murder case, has not reacted even once to support 19 children who were sexually harassed by a pastor at a church. It is difficult to find a tweet from the bollywood liberal gang consisting of the likes of Swara Bhaskar, who otherwise ran a well planned Hindu hatred and Hindu shaming propaganda during the former case.

Lately, such crimes of Church are coming into light from all over the world. Talking about Bharat, it is not new that the Christian priests were caught running illegal shelter homes and molesting minors therein. Not much time has passed when Latin Catholic Bishop Franco Mulakkal of the Jalandhar Diocese was accused of raping a senior Catholic nun. Also Church keeping quiet in such cases, protecting the accused priests and even forgiving them is also not new to read.

Thus, this case again proves that in Bharat, the outrage has nothing to do with the crime. It is the religion of the victim and the accused that decides whether a crime is worth outraging or not. Based on that, the elite liberal gang plans to outrage.

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