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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Grooming jihadi opens fire upon being questioned, dies in retaliatory thrashing by villagers: Kaushambi, UP

A man died after being allegedly attacked by a group of villagers in UP’s Kaushambi district, while his brother was admitted to hospital with severe injuries when they were intercepted while making an abortive bid to escape after opening fire on villagers in Bhirpur village under the limits of Pipri police station on Monday morning.

As per a Times of India report, the deceased was identified as Zafar Alam, a resident of Asrauli village while his elder brother, Noor Alam, was admitted to a hospital. An FIR was lodged against unidentified persons for ‘murder and attempted murder’ in connection with the incident. Pipri police station in charge, Inspector Adtiya Vikram Singh, told TOI that the incident took place around 10 am on Monday when locals of Bhirpur intercepted Zafar Alam who used to frequent the village to ‘meet a girl’ from the Kori community, a Hindu Scheduled Caste (‘Dalit’) community.

The girl’s parents and villagers had earlier warned Alam against grooming and meeting the girl. On Monday, when they spotted him in the village on a motorcycle, they intercepted him. A scuffle ensued during which Zafar somehow managed to contact his brother Noor who was somewhere near the village itself and rushed to his aid.

Zafar Alam then opened fire from a 0.315 bore countrymade pistol, creating resentment in the village. As Alam ran out of bullets, villagers thrashed him. When his elder brother reached the site and tried to assist Zafar Alam, he too was thrashed.

“When we got the information, we rushed to the spot and asked cops from three adjoining police stations to reach the site as back-up. We rushed the two to the hospital where Zafar Alam (18) was declared dead and Noor Alam (26) is undergoing treatment with severe injuries,” Inspector Aditya Vikram said.

Additional police pickets have been deployed in the village to maintain law and order.

As is their wont, Islamist handles and their global paid propagandists like CJ Werleman declared this as an “Islamophobic act” carried out by “Hindutva group members” under the “under the Nazi inspired Hindu fascist Modi regime”. A video (shared below, warning: distressing images) was shared showing the dead man Zafar Alam surrounded by villagers and police as ‘proof’ of a ‘brutal lynching’ – no mention was made of the fact that Alam had actually opened fire at the villagers.

In the clip, a man says “The day before, he (Alam) only threw a bomb” Someone asks (probably a policeman), “Who? Where did he throw a bomb?”. “At our house…he opened fire, also threw a bomb,” replies the man.

There is probably more to this story than the media is revealing at the moment, and HinduPost is trying to get in touch with the concerned villagers. Zafar Alam – a man who lobbed bombs, used a country-made pistol – will be painted as an ‘innocent youth’ in coming days and months, just like a professional thief like Tabrez Ansari became the darling of the Lutyens’ liberals. Most likely, the villagers who confronted Alam were Koris (SCs), but they will now be painted as ‘blood-thirsty Hindutva agents’, their underprivileged socio-economic status will be forgotten as they are branded ‘Hindu oppressors’.

Grooming jihad, colloquially known as Love Jihad, is a widespread criminal phenomenon driven by supremacist Islamic teachings and attitudes. Large sections of Muslim clergy indoctrinate their flock with the idea that they are the ‘chosen people of Allah’, and inherently superior to ‘idol worshipping’ Hindus. Hindus are thus dehumanized among Muslim masses, and the fundamentalist Muslim correlation of hijab/burqa to female modesty makes Hindu girls and women especially vulnerable.

The grooming jihadi, acting alone or with explicit backing of conversion rings run by likes of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui, may even be indoctrinated to think that by targeting Hindu girls for sexual predation and/or forced conversion & marriage, he is actually performing a religiously virtuous act and saving a ‘kafir’ from eternal hellfire.

Up until recently, even discussing this issue among Hindus was considered taboo and ‘communal’. As more cases started being voiced and discussed, the Nehruvian elites dismissed it as ‘Hindutva scaremongering’. But now Hindus across the sub-continent have realized the varying patterns of this crime and the religious bigotry which drives it.

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