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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Brahmin culinary expert targeted to deflect attention from Halal food poisoning deaths in Kerala?

The recently concluded Kerala School Kalolsavam would be remembered for social evils like Wahhabism and the halal controversy more than the programs. Famous cook Pazhayidam Namboothiri was targeted by left-liberals for providing vegetarian food to thousands of artists performing in Kalolsavam. Public suspects that the non-vegetarian food controversy at the Kalolsavam was a crooked trick by the ruling regime to deflect the narrative from the food poisoning deaths plaguing the state.

Suspiciously, all the dead and the hundreds hospitalized due to food poisoning are non-Muslims who consumed Arabic food at various halal hotels. There are allegations that rotten meat is served separately to non-Muslims. The halal mafia is so strong that the authorities have not arrested even one hotel owner.

To cover up the mess, the communists unnecessarily dragged in Pazhayidam Mohanan Namboothiri, who was awarded the contract to supply food to participants at the Kerala School Kalolsavam youth festival. Green communists claimed ‘Brahminical hegemony’ and wanted non-vegetarian food (halal meat) served, which had not happened at the State School Arts Festival since its beginning in 1956. Only vegetarian meals are served every year.

The State School Arts Festival was inaugurated by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan at the Captain Vikram Maidan in Kozhikode on Tuesday and concluded on Saturday. It was presided over by state minister P A Mohammed Riyas, Vijayan’s son-in-law. Riyas was elected from Beypore in Kozhikode, where the infamous Hindu genocide happened at Marad. 

Kerala School Kalotsavam has long remained Asia’s biggest and has been described thus for decades. It began in 1956, and the latest was the 61st edition, where around 14,000 participants competed in 239 events. There are separate competitions in different styles of Bharatiya classical dances like Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattom, Kuchipudi, and Kathakali.

School students from classes eight to 12 get an opportunity to participate. In recent years, the event has become nothing more than a communist propaganda tool used extensively to corrupt young non-Muslim minds using Hindus In Name Only (HINOs). They did not disappoint this time around too. 

More than 22,000 people were provided lunch on certain days during the festival. Many noted that the number of people being fed at the festival could also make some records. Communists have long wanted to serve non-vegetarian food at such events. The art festival is the perfect hunting ground to introduce halal food to young children. If one introduces meat, naturally, halal will follow. Allegedly, Riyas unleashed a vile brainwashing scheme aimed at non-Muslim children. 

Radical Islamist hatred towards girls who perform arts is well-known. Even if some parents wanted, fear meant that Muslim girl participation at such fests was minimal. The situation was ideal for familiarizing Hindu/Christian teens with halal meat and green communism. Cunningly, Riyas used HINO Marxists but fortunately for Hindus, the whole plan backfired. 

To test the waters, the communists introduced Arun Kumar, a rabid anti-Hindu RSS baiter. Known as Motta Arun locally, he is a vile character. Motta is slang for bald, and his appearance got him the pseudonym. He is also a former 24 News Channel (another communist propaganda tool) executive editor and professor of political science at Kerala University. Arun was a perfect example of how urban Naxals are used for party propaganda exploiting taxpayer money.

Arun was forced to give up ‘journalism’ and ultimately resigned after being thoroughly disgraced. He continues to teach young minds his dirty brand of Marxist politics. Refusing to remain out of the limelight, Arun posted offensive comments on his social media pages about the food served and the contractor at the Kerala School Kalolsavam. 

As mentioned earlier, his dirty tricks came when Keralite Hindus fell sick from halal poisoning, and many young ones lost their lives. His posts caught the eye of the general public and diverted attention away from the government’s apathy/collaboration towards the halal mafia. The following is his post. 

“Caste works through pure and impure senses. Sometimes it is disguised and comes in the form of safe vegetarian food. This vegetarian fundamentalism is a reflection of caste beliefs in which the majority of the children are non-veg. It’s time to end this scenario.” 

“Interested children should be sent back by giving good Kozhikode food (halal meat). This is not Prasadamooottu (Temple food); this is the art festival canteen. This is how the renaissance fails. A Savarna kitchen succeeds when various flavors are celebrated, and diverse tastes are refined.”

Pazhayidam Mohanan Namboothiri

Unfortunately for Arun, social media immediately picked up an interview of him. He is heard telling the interviewer that his wife does not allow non-veg food in their home. (It was a love marriage, she is a Brahmin, and her parents still do not approve of Arun’s grooming, nor do they accept him to their home). He added that he and his wife are still undecided about serving chicken to their children!

So, a vegetarian Marxist was incited to serve thousands of teenage children non-veg halal meat. 75% of patients in hospitals are Muslims. Social media had unmasked Arun’s neatly packaged propaganda. He continued to rant and rave rather shamelessly.

So the question was, should non-vegetarian dishes be included in the menu of the state school art festival? Adding spice to the controversy, those with ulterior motives alleged “Brahmanical hegemony” in the kitchen of the children’s program. Though they cited eminent culinary expert Pazhayidam Mohanan Namboothiri leading the catering team, the barbs were aimed at Hindus.

Mohanan Namboothiri responded to the criticism and discussion on social media by saying that he had not chosen to provide vegetarian food but followed government instructions. Even though solely vegetarian food was provided during the festival’s 60 previous editions, nobody ever brought this up. It should be noted that since 1956, the Kerala School Kalolsavam has offered vegetarian food.

Namboothiri added that serving and preparing non-vegetarian food at an occasion like a youth festival was fraught with several technical difficulties. The specific number of persons who needed to be fed could not be determined. In response to a query regarding the critique of Brahmanical hegemony, he stated that the person who provided the lowest quote would be awarded the contract for providing food at the event.

For the first time in a Kalotsavam, the police, staff, and contractor had to guard the food at Kozhikode Oottupura. A place where food is made with the soul is called an Oottupura. The threats were such that police erected barricades around where the food was prepared.

The most famous chef of Kerala had to give special protection to his kitchen and stay awake overnight to save it from sabotage by green communists! The plight of a Hindu businessman in Kerala, whose only fault was to win a competitive bid and prepare food as per the stipulated menu!

Caste! The fault they saw in him was that he was an upper-caste Brahmin.

The master chef said there would be no more Ootupuras for arts festivals. He said that fear gripped him; therefore, it would be difficult to control the kitchen. “I wonder how to deal with it in an age when the poisonous seeds of communalism and casteism have been sown even in the diet of adolescents. This makes me very upset,” he said.

Mohanan Namboothiri said he does not want to see such toxic seeds spread in a canteen where thousands of teens chasing their dreams come to eat happily. “The past few days have seen mudslinging of a person and that person’s social environment. There is no need to contain it anymore. Mine was purely a vegetarian brand.” He said the withdrawal came after realizing that his old Oottupura is not so relevant now, where food styles and eating habits are changing.

“The kitchens of Kalotsavam were treasured for so long. But it is not right to keep that treasure in my mind anymore when new-age traitors come forward with new accusations. I will not be in the Ootupuras of art festivals. I’m leaving,” said the sad old man.

Immediately after Arun’s controversial statements, State General Education Minister Sivankutty, a known Hindu-hating atheist, said, “I wanted to serve them (teens) mouth-watering biryani (halal meat). Not this time, but we can surely expect this next year.”

During the closing ceremonies, Sivankutty reiterated his earlier promise that the administration would take action to allow non-vegetarian cuisine in the upcoming youth festival. “We Keralites enjoy a wide range of cuisine (who doesn’t). This time, I intended to serve the kids Kozhikodan biriyani. However, we will unquestionably consider non-vegetarian food for next year,” Sivankutty remarked.

Riyas, the alleged Mujahid mastermind behind this nefarious agenda, then joined the chorus sounding like he was working as per public opinion. According to him, unfortunately, the administration could not include non-vegetarian cuisine (halal meat) in this year’s school arts festival.

The minister announced that the next art event would consist of non-vegetarian food. He added that the next art festival would be held according to a new manual. Many questioned Riyas whether pork, too, would be served.

Estimates suggest that over two crore meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner included) were served by Mohanan Namboothiri during his 16 years conducting the Kerala School Kalolsavam. He has also contracted the canteen in 25 odd State Sports Festivals. His withdrawal meant that the halal mafia had won this round.

Even though Arun had made comments that could have easily ended in communal tensions, the state never registered a case against him. It was clear that his rants were not his own. Political leaders, including those from Congress, are now openly attacking Mohanan Namboothiri on anti-national TV channels.

This is the new Kerala, where Mujahideen sowed the seeds of social evils like hijab, halal, and jihad in the 1990s and are now openly reaping the benefits.

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