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Friday, June 9, 2023

“Aurangzeb demolished Kashi temple because Hindu kings and Brahmins asked him to” Moulana concocts a new story

Unable to bear the thought of PM Modi inaugurating the renovated Kashi Vishwanath temple corridor and the temple receiving the due attention it deserves, a moulana has peddled the worst of lies about the temple. One Moulana Shamsuddin Qasimi from Tamil Nadu has claimed in one of the videos posted in his Youtube channel that a Hindu queen was raped inside the temple by the head pujari. He also claimed that Aurangzeb demolished the temple only because Hindu kings and seers requested him to, following the “rape incident”.

PM Modi had ruffled a few feathers by talking about Aurangzeb while inaugurating the Kashi Vishwanath corridor. One of them seems to be Moulana Shamsuddin Qasimi who has woven a new tale around the demolition of Kashi Vishwanath temple. Unable to bear the truth of Muslim rulers coming out, lest they wake up the sleeping Hindus, he has come up with a tale to deceive his brethren.

The translation of his speech follows, “Indian Muslims have a rich history. But RSS and sanghis have taken “distortion of history” as a weapon to belittle and destroy Islam and Muslims. They have concocted a conspiracy to distort, hide or altogether destroy the history of Muslim sacrifice and contribution to the country. PM Modi, doing a disservice to his post, is proudly declaring that he is a RSS member first and is doing everything RSS dictates to prove that as well”.

“As a part of that, Modi and that bald man(Yogi Adityanath) went to worship in Kashi Vishwanath temple. Ok worship by all means. But there is politics behind that. Elections are impending in UP. They(BJP) have a policy of hatred that sa0ys only by creating divide between Hindus and Muslims and promoting hate policy they will win..and the PM forgetting the integrity and respectability of his position, repeated a lie told by RSS.”

“What did he say? Similar to how they won by repeating a lie that Babur demolished the temple in Ayodhya to build Babri masjid, now their evil eye has fallen on the masjid in Kashi and the Idgah masjid in Madura. It is in that Kashi Vishwanath temple Modi had lied through his teeth. Actually it is not a lie. It is indeed the truth but he has distorted the truth.”

“He said that Aurangzeb demolished Kashi Vishwanath temple and that Whenever an Aurangzeb has arisen in India, a Shivaji has also emerged. He has told a white lie that Aurangzeb was a horrible man and projected Hindus as great warriors. Let me tell you the truth. Aurangzeb did demolish the temple. He razed it to the ground. That is the truth.”

“But Modi has repeated the lies of RSS in this matter. Even though he said that Aurangzeb demolished the temple, did he say why he demolished it? If he told them that their stinking history would come out. When Aurangzeb was the emperor of India, the Hindu kings of small nation’s under his regime came to Varanasi with their families to take holy dip in Ganga. One of them was the king of Kutch and his beautiful young queen.”

“The madathipathi of Kashi Vishwanath temple had his eye on that queen. He watched that queen bath with lustful eyes. It’s in their culture. After all they raped and murdered an 8 year old Asifa inside a temple. It would not have been a big thing for them. Mesmerised by the queen’s beauty, he abducted her. When her absence was noticed everyone went berserk searching for her everywhere.”

“When Aurangzeb came to know about it he sent his troops, officials and ministers to hunt for the queen. But she couldn’t be found anywhere. At last they go inside Kashi Vishwanath temple to search for her. They move the sculptures there looking for hideaways. A Ganapati sculpture moved and they discovered a secret passageway. When they climbed down and looked inside they saw the queen of Kutch in a disheveled manner, raped and disgraced in the garbha griha of the temple.”

“Aurangzeb investigated and found that it was the madathipathi who raped the queen. It is usual for them. So Aurangzeb sentenced him to death. At that time all the Hindu kings and Brahmins told him that as the queen was raped in the garbha griha the holiness of the temple has been ruined and so the temple should be demolished and rebuilt. Respecting their wishes and religious sentiments, he demolished the temple and “rebuilt it”.”

“This is the historical truth. The reason behind this video is to expose their lives and reveal this truth. I have proof for all of this. I implore my Muslim brothers who watch this video to please forward it to your Hindu friends, particularly sanghis. Let them file a complaint against me. Annamalai, Maridhas or any other sanghi can file a complaint against me. I have thousands of pieces of evidence for what I’m saying. Let them file the cases and the muck come out. The Muslim brothers who watch this should explain the truth to their non-Muslim friends. Allah will make Islam flourish in this holy land of India.”

Rangarajan Narasimhan, a social activist has filed a complaint with the Chennai Cyber Crime Cell. The status of the complaint is unknown. Look how the mulla concocts a story similar to that of the already refuted Asifa incident to make even non-Hindus believe it. It is unfortunate that gullible Hindus might even fall for this thanks to the “Modi hate” spread by the opposition and media. We cannot fault them though for the government has failed to correct the distorted history published in school curriculum.

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