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Thursday, July 18, 2024

10 cases of attacks by Muslim patients’ families and mobs on medical staff treating Covid-19

The nation was taken aback by the horrid visuals of a bunch of lungi-clad, skull-cap bearing anti-socials rushing into a Covid care centre and hounding a doctor in Assam recently. Every platform of social media was awash with the video that went viral within minutes and resulted in a massive uproar demanding the immediate arrest and strict punishment of these perpetrators.

This is not one odd unfortunate incident from Assam. Such misdemeanors by Muslim mobs have crossed all limits of civility and the world has witnessed their repeated planned violence on Bharat’s frontline Covid warriors over the last year since the pandemic started, throughout the country.

We list 10 such attacks – 

1. Md. Kamaruddin and 23 others assault doctor at Udali Covid Care Centre, Assam

Following the social media uproar, Assam police arrested 24 men and women for planning and executing the brutal thrashing of the young doctor. In an exemplary act – one that no state head in independent and secular Bharat had dared, Assam Chief Minister shared the names of all the arrested perpetrators. To no one’s surprise, all of them were Muslims including the main perpetrator Md. Kamaruddin, Rehanuddin, Md. Jainaluddin, Rahim Uddin, Saidul Alam, and a woman.  These are kins of a critically ill Covid-19 patient who had succumbed to the virus while receiving treatment at the Udali Covid Care Centre in Hojai district, Assam. The relatives and known people of the deceased immediately formed a mob, headed for the Covid care centre, vandalized it and thrashed the young doctor.

2. Sheikh Sabir Ali and co vandalize Uluberia Super Speciality Hospital, Howrah, WB

Sheikh Sabir Ali lost his relative who was admitted at the Uluberia Super Speciality Hospital, Howrah West Bengal, on May 8th. Although reports suggest that the deceased was yet to undergo Covid test, Ali and others alleged they died due to lack of Oxygen supply. The enraged relatives of the deceased carried out an organized vandalizing by tearing down doors, windows, and furniture of the facility. 

Source: Anandabazarpatrika

3. Ketugram Block Hospital, WB vandalized by Chayan Sheikh’s family

In April this year, a similar incident played out at the Ketugram Block Hospital at Purba Burdwan, West Bengal. Chayan Sheikh, who was facing great difficulties in breathing, was first taken to the local hospital, where he was given preliminary aid and referred to Burdwan Hospital for greater care. But the patient passed away before he could be transferred to Burdwan Hospital which resulted in his relatives and neighbours attacking the local hospital and tearing it down, reported Bengali news daily, Sangbad Pratidin

Image Source: Sangbad Pratidin

4. Barma Corona Hospital, WB ransacked by Muslim mob after Islam Ali’s death

The reputed Barma Corona Hospital in Purba Medinipur district became the target of a Muslim mob after Sheikh Islam Ali lost his battle with the Covid-19 virus. Islam Ali was already on ventilator support at the Tamluk Hospital and his relatives had urged the administration of Barma Corona Hospital to admit the critical patient.

The hospital superintendent said that the patient’s condition was so critical that they didn’t agree to move him to their hospital initially. However, Dibyendu Rai, a local TMC leader repeatedly urged him, and the administration of Barma Hospital was compelled to admit Sheikh Islam Ali who passed away shortly after. In no time, a 100-strong-mob attacked the property, destroyed property, assaulted medical staff including lady nurses with iron rods and chairs, injuring several hospital staff.

5.Prompted by a rumour, Irfan’s family plundered Lotus Hospital, UP

One may debate that the Muslims have it easy in West Bengal because they are protected by the Muslim-pandering Trinamool Congress. But radicalized Muslims are not dependent on a supportive government to bring the medical machinery to its knees. After a rumour broke out that a patient named Irfan had passed away while receiving treatment at the Lotus Hospital, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, irked family members of Irfan descended on the hospital, ransacked the facility and physically assaulted the defenceless medical staff including lady nurses. The attack was caught on camera and went viral on the web.

6. Aamir and Rashid attempt to murder doctor in UP to avenge brother’s death due to Corona

On 27th May, doctor Lucknow-based Dr. Sandeep Jaiswal encountered a deadly attack just minutes away from his residence on his way back home. It was 11:45 PM when his SUV was overtaken by a Fortuner, whose occupants shot him in the head, flung brickbats and fled. The doctor was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Upon investigation, two Muslim brothers, Aamir and Rashid Chowdhury were taken to custody. They confessed that their elder brother, Khalid had contracted Covid and had been admitted to Dr Jaiswal’s hospital. But Khalid’s condition kept deteriorating, observing which Dr. Jaiswal recommended Khalid to be transferred to Apollo Hospital, where he succumbed to the illness. The two brothers wanted to avenge their elder brother’s death by killing Dr. Jaiswal.

7. Brother attacks doctors after Tablighi Jamaati succumbs to Covid-19 in Hyderabad

Back in April 2020, right after the Tablighi Jamaat congregation turned out to be a super-spreader, two brothers in Hyderabad who had allegedly attended the congregation, had tested positive for Covid. Despite doctors’ efforts, the elder brother passed away while receiving treatment at Hyderabad’s Gandhi Hospital. Angered by the news, the other Covid-positive brother went on a rampage in the facility, destroyed hospital property and beat up hospital staff. The authorities had to call the police to intervene.

8. AIMIM MLA and his followers assault doctors at Malegaon hospital

Just when the Wuhan virus was starting to rage across the world and doctors were slogging round the clock to treat patients, AIMIM MLA Maulana Mufti Mohammad Ismail led a mob of his ferocious followers to create a ruckus at the government hospital in Malegaon, Maharashtra and pounced on two doctors there. A suspected corona patient was admitted in the hospital, and one of the doctors occupied with treating patients couldn’t answer the Maulana’s calls which led to the attack. What is shocking is that the incident took place right under the nose of the police, but taking orders from the newly formed MVA government, they acted like mute spectators as the hooligans turned the facility upside down.

9. Tashinara Bibi’s relatives assault hospital workers over ICU beds, WB

45-year-old Tashinara Bibi was brought to Jagannath Gupta Institute of Medical Sciences in Budge Budge, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal in a critical condition after being diagnosed with the Coronavirus. The doctors informed the family that the patients had to be admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), but all their beds were occupied. In reaction, the relatives of Tashinara Bibi forcefully entered the ICU ward and started clicking pictures. They later returned to the facility with lethal weapons, threatened and assaulted staff members, and grievously injured frontline worker Soumyadeep Sen.

10. Mob attack on health officials at Padarayanapura, Bengaluru

Back in April last year, violence broke out in the Padarayanapura locality, a coronavirus hotspot in Bangalore, when a team of BBMP officials and ASHA workers visited the area to quarantine 58 primary contacts of Covid-19 patients who had contracted the virus from Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz attendees. The workers were targeted by a fierce unruly mob in the area that resorted to beat the government officials and created chaos by breaking the barricades. Reportedly, the direction to attack the health officials was passed from a local Mosque. 59 offenders including a local marijuana seller Firoza were arrested for instigating the mobs.

Numerous other incidents of Tablighi Jamaatis nationwide abusing and assaulting the healthcare workers, spitting on medical staff, walking about semi-naked and harassing lady nurses, and defecating in the corridors of the facilities have been reported from across the nation too. 

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