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Monday, July 22, 2024

Senior journalist Bhupendra Chaubey admits Modi doesn’t grant favours or indulge in quid pro quo

Narendra Modi’s reign as PM has seen Lutyens’ Delhi’s worst fears come true. Cut off from access to corridors of power and its associated fruits, Lutyens’ frustration is clear for all to see.

Now, senior journalist and Lutyens’ insider Bhupendra Chaubey has admitted that Modi doesn’t believe in the traditional Congress-style quid pro quo (favour or advantage granted in return for something) system which defines political life across the world, especially in Delhi.

Bhupendra Chaubey is Executive Editor of CNN-News18 and a protege of the notorious Modi-baiter Rajdeep Sardesai, which makes this insight especially credible.

What Chaubey is saying is that opportunist ‘intellectuals’ who switched loyalties to the Modi camp or adorned the mask of neutrality in order to curry favour from the Modi Government, have been left high and dry. Hence many of them are now reverting to their Modi-bashing, liberal roots.

His tweet was made in response to a discussion going on in liberal circles about how certain ‘experts’ who were somewhat favourably aligned to Modi at the start of his PM term have now become staunch critics.

The liberal Caravan magazine even carried an article recently ‘The liberals who loved Modi’ which claims

“Sadanand Dhume, Ashutosh Varshney, Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Gurcharan Das shielded Narendra Modi from detractors and doomsayers on his way to the prime minister’s office. Today they have joined the ranks of those they once pilloried.”

It is stretching credulity to claim that the 4 gentlemen named in the Caravan article shielded Narendra Modi or supported his PM candidacy. But this whole debate again shows how liberals manufacture narratives out of thin air, and also reveals liberal intolerance and group-think, a world-wide phenomenon by the way.

Barkha Dutt also held a news debate recently in which she glibly introduced Sadanand Dhume as a “Modi supporter/admirer in 2014”, allowing Dhume to capitalise on the build-up to explain how Modi had ‘disappointed’ him.

So was Sadanand Dhume really a Modi supporter in 2014? As always, where mainstream journalism proposes, social media disposes –

It seems that bereft of concrete ideas to oppose Modi’s re-election bid, the liberals have contrived a new strategy. They have divided themselves into two camps – A (so-called neutrals) & B (open Modi-bashers). And now group A is claiming that group B was right all along, thus hoping to influence some floating voters who still blindly believe in the ‘expertise’ of these liberals.

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