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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Scratch a Bollywood ‘intellectual’, get an ignorant fool or Islamist apologist

Those we made rich and worshiped for decades as ‘intellectuals’ and superstars, have exposed their Islamist leanings. They have proved that the difference between these ‘respectable’ personalities and the fanatics on the road, running with stones and petrol bombs in their hands, is only one of degrees.

It is not just a mere ‘intolerance’ remark made by Shah Rukh Khan who received boundless love and stardom from Bharat, or Aamir Khan, who after raising three Muslim kids born from 2 Hindu mothers feels ‘unsafe’ in India. Such uninformed and flippant comments expose the ungrateful side of many Bollywood artists.

Saif Ali Khan recently shared his displeasure with the ongoing socio-political climate of the country. He feels saddened that ‘ideal of secularism’ is dying in Bharat and that history is being ‘politicized’ in Bollywood. Before commenting on secularism becoming endangered, the Jawaani Jaaneman actor should peep into his own home. His Hindu mother had to become Ayesha Begum after marriage. This deplorable misogyny & Islamic supremacism was practiced by Saif himself when Amrita Singh was made to convert for their nikah. Saif has three children from one Hindu and one Sikh mother; all his children have Muslim names including the youngest who has been named ‘Taimur’ after a genocidal Islamic invader who ravaged Delhi in 1398! That’s a lot of secularism in his own home, we say.

Javed Akhtar has all but spurned his communist-atheist mask and embraced his communal reality. His son, Farhan Akhtar, who came out to oppose the CAA without knowing anything about it, is equally ignorant or pretends to be. Javed Akhtar’s second wife, Shabana Azmi is no different, and has taken the curtain off her hidden agenda with tweets like these –

Naseeruddin Shah has been making a lot of noise about ‘intolerance’ and seems to have really lost it after CAA was enacted to provide citizenship to persecuted refugees from our Islamic neighbours – he even tried to provoke the 3 Khan superstars (Shahrukh, Salman, Aamir) to speak up against CAA, by asking them “Haven’t you made enough to last for 7 generations?” Maybe Naseeruddin is upset that the true face of the barbaric Islamic Republic of Pakistan is now exposed through CAA, and what could be more painful for a Pakophile like him?

Earlier, he was crying how he fears for the safety of his children in Bharat. Interestingly, his daughter was caught on camera assaulting a staff-member at a veterinary clinic. This deranged old man needs to know that Bharat is unsafe from the kind of children he has raised.

Writer-lyricist Hussain Haidry, who is also the writer of Karan Johar’s upcoming movie Takht – about the Mughal succession struggle between Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh – has been completely outed as a vile Hindu-hating bigot who fantasises about killing people on social media. On the other hand, comedian-dancer Javed Jaafery, by sharing a fake news from a Pakistani news site projecting Bharat as a dangerous country, proves himself to be no less venomous.

Haven’t you all heard of Leila, the series on Netflix that tarnishes Hindus as ‘murderous fascists’? The lead actress Huma Qureshi was born to Ameena Qureshi who hails from Kashmir. A woman hailing from a land drenched in the blood of thousands of Hindus ethnically cleansed by Islamist radicals, has the gall to hold a placard insulting Hindus and Hindustan.

Now, let’s look at some recent happenings –

  • Even after calling for Bharat’s second partition, Sharjeel Imam, has not been arrested.
  • A Kerala village with Muslim majority has denied poor Hindus drinking water just because they attended a pro-CAA rally
  • A polio vaccination worker was beaten mercilessly by a Muslim family in Kerala after ‘mistaking’ the elderly Hindu lady official for being a CAA-NRC surveyor.
  • Hindu homes were targeted and set ablaze in Jharkhand after a pro-CAA rally.
  • A Dalit youth died in MP after being burnt alive by Muslims neighbours over a petty dispute.
  • Crores of public property were razed down by Islamic radicals after the implementation of CAA.
  • The women ‘protesting’ at Shaheen Bagh have insulted Goddess Kali by wrapping her in a Hijab. They have covered Hindu women in hideous black robes. The Hindus are quiet, bearing all this and still getting labeled as ‘fascists’ for electing Narendra Modi.

What more tolerance do Naseeruddin Shah, Javed Akhtar, his son and second wife, Javed Jaffery, and the Khan-gang of Bollywood desire? That the Hindus allow themselves to be cleansed at the hands of their co-religionists, like in Kashmir? That Islamic terrorists be allowed to bomb our cities and attack our temples, like was a routine feature of life during UPA rule? That we should open our borders and allow Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims to come pouring into the country they partitioned 72 years ago?

Do these “intellectual” Islamist wish their co-religionists be given a freehand to take a machete to any Hindu neck and never be questioned?

It’s poignant that while a Naseeruddin Shah can’t stop exhibiting his religious & communal pride, an Amitabh Bachchan prefers to negate his identity by saying  “I have no religion, I’m an Indian”. How much more ‘secular’ should we Hindus become to get accepted by closet Islamists?

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