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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Reuters glamorizes shocking video from Pakistan of cow being hoisted on crane before slaughter for Eid

A shocking video of cows being lowered from a height of about 40 feet in Pakistan has been glamorized (archived) by Reuters. The news agency celebrated Syed Ejaz Ahmad using cranes to lower the animals every year during the Eid-al-Adha Islamic festival. The news outlet stated that Ahmad raises cattle in a rooftop barn and lowers it from the highrise using a crane. The bovine is then sold for Qurbani in the Islamic festival.

The Reuters video shows a cow restrained by the crane’s hoist rope before being lowered. The terrified look on the animal’s face is hard to miss even as onlookers enjoy and cheer for the cruel act. Ahmad says that he takes the animals when they are young and raises them in a shed on the roof. He further explains that he brings the animals down using a crane after they grow up.

Such animal abuse being enjoyed by onlookers is nothing but cruelty. However, for the media outlet, this appears to be just another piece of news and one that is about celebrating ‘traditions’ at that. Reuters notes that Ahmad has been carrying out this ‘tradition’ for the last 18 years.

“It is fun to watch the animals being lowered, it’s a different kind of enjoyment. Last year I came to watch with my friends but this time I have come alone. Only two cows were lowered this year as opposed to five or six in previous years”, said one of the onlookers Mohammad Hanzala who was excitedly watching the proceedings.

“When the animal is brought down in such a manner, it not only feels terrified because of the height, but people surrounding it and making noise also tend to stress the animal out. Regardless, for years, ahead of the Islamic festival Eid al-Adha, the Pakistanis have been engaging in this egregious act of animal abuse in the name of ‘traditions’ and rituals”, reported OpIndia.

It must be emphasized that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1890) is in place in Pakistan but animal abuse continues to be rampant in the Islamic nation. A similar video of a cow being lifted using a crane and falling to its death after losing its balance went viral in 2020. The incident reportedly took place in Karachi.

Pakistan has been witnessing such acts of cruelty for years. Every year, before Eid-al-Adha, similar videos have surfaced on various social media platforms where cows are lifted using cranes from the roof/top floors of houses and taken for slaughter. Reports state that cows are reared in place of goats by those who can’t afford the latter. These bovines are raised on the second and third floors of the houses in Karachi and brought down on the day of Qurbani.

A social media user aptly pointed out (archived) the difference between Hindu and Islamic traditions. These animals are bought as calves and reared for a long time. They are fed and taken care of only to be sold for slaughtering on Eid and yet the Western media labels such cruelty as ‘traditions’. Not just the Western media but even ‘animal welfare’ organizations like the PETA that never tire while lecturing during Hindu festivals, fail to see animal abuse during Eid and other Abrahamic ‘traditions’ and ‘rituals’.


In contrast, Hindus raise cows as family members and worship her as Hindu Shastras accord her the status of a mother. The cow is not just an animal for Hindus but a divine being. However, every Hindu celebration is subjected to unjustified criticism. The Western media and animal ‘welfare’ organizations never fail to display their hypocrisy and double standards time and again.

(Featured Image Source: Reuters)

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