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Sunday, June 23, 2024

How English-language media is emboldening Islamists and pushing Bharat towards civil war

One needs to understand the psychological and religious motivation behind Islamist attacks on Hindu festival processions because these are not new nor did they start after 2014 as English media wants you to believe (check 2013 news).


When a Hindu festival procession happens it appears to the mind of Islamists as an insult to their domination in the streets. “How can Kuffar celebrate his religion” strikes their mind. This comes from theological hatred filled in their minds since childhood.

This sense of losing control in streets and hate for “idol worshipper” Hindus for Hindus being able to freely celebrate festivals inspires Islamists to attack these festival processions. There is also a religious motivation behind stone pelting being a go-to weapon of Islamist mob from Kashmir to these attacks.

If you notice, in less than 1 week 6 states witnessed attacks on Hindu festival processions- Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka- from North to South. If you have ever played gully cricket you know how difficult it is to bring 10-12 people together.

But here in these attacks hundreds of people attacked unarmed devotees in public places. Ask Right questions if you want to solve communalism. How did such large mobilization of Islamists happen? What role did Mosques play in mobilization if any?

Also Islamists are getting good assistance from Bharat’s English media in a very creative manner. English Media is making sure that headlines don’t show the nature of attacks. Who attacked whom, no one can find from headlines. Eg: NDTV calls these attacks “clashes.”


Clash makes both sides equal perpetrators clash means both sides are culprits. No mention of Hindu procession attacked by Islamic mobs because that would bust the eternal deep state narrative of Muslim being victim till infinity.

Such headlines are ofcourse by design not by coincidence as 90% media houses are doing this:

The problem with such coverage is that it exempts perpetrators, ie, Islamists from any accountability. It provides them confidence that they can do hate crimes against Hindus and they still won’t face bad image in media as media will do both-sideism. This emboldens them for next time.

Bharat’s English media effectively works an ally of Islamists in hate crimes and mass mobilization. This results to emboldened Islamist mobs causing property/life loss to unaware Hindus. Basically Bharat’s English media is at genocidal war against Hindus by unleashing Jihadists in streets.


The extent of misinformation caused by Bharat’s English media regarding communal issues is unprecedented in the history of Bharat, specifically people working for these media houses. They have communalised every social media against Hindus by using Islamist monopoly in English media. Even in crimes where the victims are Hindus these media houses are either avoiding coverage (best case scenario) or making Hindus look perpetrators (worse case scenario).

This also helps in mass mobilization of Islamists by fear-mongering of “Muslim is in danger.” A Jinnah redux, it appears that Bharat’s English media is pushing Bharat into a Civil War. For one section of media it works for click bait. For other section it’s a tool of “revolution.”

For both sections of media Hindu civilians are merely collateral damage. For Hindus if you want to save your life, liberty, dignity and rights then it is a must that Bharat’s English media faces its Nuremberg trials.

A good article explaining how English media assisted Islamists in pogroms against Bangladeshi Hindus in 2021.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of @srjkkbr)

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