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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Hollow Western media’s incessant anti-Bharat rant while ignoring human rights abuse in Pak, China

Abhimanyu Sharma, who was introduced by the BBC anchor as a Professor at University of Cambridge, was asked about the killing of the Hizbul commander Riyaz Naikoo on a programme dated May 6, 2020.

The BBC anchor while talking about Kashmir referred to it as the “Indian administered Kashmir” and asked Sharma about the killing of the terrorists. The professor who was catapulted as an expert on Kashmir by the BBC did not once refer to Naikoo as a terrorist but warned the BJP government specifically about further alienation of Kashmiri youth and the fallout with Pakistan vis-a-vis the deterioration in relations.

There was not a word about the martyrdom of our jawans and officers and only a passing mention was made about the killing of our soldiers. Both the anchor and his self-anointed expert on Kashmir indulged in Bharat bashing and criticizing our government for its Kashmir policy.

The so called expert made it a point to blame the current government more for the killing of the Hizbul commander and the grimace, the frustration, and the helplessness of this pseudo secular was given vent by the BBC whose home country is responsible for the mess which has now been partly set right by the abrogation of Article 370.

The whole world knows how Radcliffe drew the borders over his drawing board moving his pencil in a whimsical and arbitrary manner to partition the 2 countries and not to forget ‘Lord’ Mountbatten who ensured that it was the bloodiest partition in the history of mankind.

The BBC’s anti-Bharat and more importantly anti-Hindu image has been evident previously where it has time and again distorted and obscured facts. Coming back to the Professor of Cambridge and his sermons, it has come to light that the so called professor at the University of Cambridge is currently Assistant Professor in German (specialisation in linguistics) at JNU. His profile mentions his experience of teaching and supervision in Department of Theoretics & applied Linguistics, University of Cambridge. Both, the anchor and his host, had one thing in common and that was their hatred for the current dispensation at the centre under Modi.

The conversation then inevitably moved onto the Shaheen Bagh protests and the riots that followed and both the subjects had no qualms in blaming everything on the BJP government.

How a professor in linguistics was made to speak on the current Kashmir scenario and made to don the role of an expert on domestic and foreign affairs is anybody’s guess. Both men maintained absolute silence on the Pakistani-backed terror in Kashmir and also the illegal occupation of part of Kashmir by Pakistan which is well documented and remains the only unfinished agenda as far as Bharat is concerned.

Mr. Abhimanyu

By engaging in such a bizarre and lopsided discussion with a preconceived mindset, and to top it all with a person whose only specialisation to talk about the subject was his hatred for the BJP government, the BBC has further eroded its credibility. The very introduction of Mr. Abhimanyu as professor in University of Cambridge was totally false as his current designation is Assistant Professor in German (specialisation in linguistics), JNU (which ironically has been the hotbed of all anti-Bharat protests) which the anchor did not mention.

Thus, the whole discussion started with BBC lying about the designation of its ‘expert’ commentator, and continued with airing a false narrative as the so called Professor at Cambridge eulogised the Hizbul terrorist and belittled our bravehearts who sacrificed their lives for the cause of the nation.

The BBC, if it is worth its salt, should carry out a story on the nearly extinct Hindu population in Pakistan where almost all Hindus have either been killed or forcibly converted to Islam, with the result that barely 1-2% of the Hindus out of the 26% at the time of partition are still alive there. Contrast this with the Muslims in Bharat who have prospered and progressed to over 200 million from a mere 30 million.

But the BBC or its esteemed guest will not make that a part of their discussion, but these hypocrites, pseudo seculars and hollow broadcasters will bring down the heavens if an act of parliament is enacted in the largest democracy of the world to bring persecuted minorities from Islamic countries back to Bharat.

The Western media’s bias and anti-Hindu rants have been propelled by a caucus which consists of some American senators and British MPs, who are ably assisted by the likes of Michelle Bachelet, Commissioner UNHRC, who indulge in Bharat bashing on a routine basis along with a pro-Pakistan lobby. The pseudo seculars, left-wingers and so called liberals in our country provide the perfect breeding ground for these anti-Bharat rants to reach a crescendo. For these self designated custodians of human rights, all violations take place in Bharat and Kashmir in particular.

But these international watchdogs of human rights violations have different yardsticks for different nations and regions. Thus, when the biggest genocide of Hindus took place in 1990 in their own country, the UN took no action against the Pakistan backed JKLF, but when Article 370 was abrogated by an act of parliament fully integrating the State of J&K, the UN, UNHRC, and the anti-Bharat lobby suddenly got activated raising the human rights violation bogey. Even the biggest genocide seen by the world after the 2nd World War, the 1971 genocide of 3 millions Bengalis, mostly Hindu, by the Pakistani Army did not elicit any condemnation from the international community, and to date no war crimes tribunal has been set up to punish the Pakistanis.

Even the protests by the Sindhis, Baluchis and Pakhtoons at the UNHRC headquarters in Geneva against the atrocities meted out to them by Pakistan drew no response from the human rights watchdog.

The hypocrisy and double standards of the UNHRC were exposed when its Commissioner Michelle Bachelet decided to move our Supreme court against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). This act makes a provision to provide expedited citizenship to persecuted minority refugees of 6 religions in countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan) which have declared Islam as their State religion.

Instead of appreciating the move of the government to provide relief to such minorities who are on the verge of extinction in these Islamic nations countries because of forced conversions & killings, the UNHRC has blamed Bharat for human rights violation by bringing CAA which is ludicrous and preposterous and only exposes the defunct nature of this international watchdog.

The UNHRC and its peers would have salvaged their reputation and sinking credibility had they instituted an enquiry into the alarming fall in the population of Hindus in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh but they won’t do that; however, they will raise their voice against CAA which seeks to give citizenship and is not taking away any right of any Bharatiya citizen.

The UN and its subsidiaries, including the UNHRC, will not raise their voice against the massive human rights violations in the Xinjiang province of China where the minority Uighur Muslims have been slaughtered for demanding independence from the communist regime’s atrocities, but they will reward China for such inhuman acts by appointing it to the UN Human Rights Council Panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body’s human right investigators – including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearance & arbitrary detention. Can anything be more bizarre and preposterous?

While the American broadcaster CNN has been critical of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, it has been relatively mild in blaming China for the nearly 3 lakhs death in the world though its own President has pulled out all stops in rightly holding China and the WHO responsible for being non transparent.

The western media and broadcasters including the BBC and CNN have been soft peddling on human rights abuses in Communist China and terrorist states like Pakistan but have targeted the largest democracy like Bharat on what are its internal affairs, be it the abrogation of article 370 or the CAA.

However, they will soon realise to their own peril that the biggest threat to them and to the international watchdogs like the UN, UNHRC and the WHO does not emanate from Bharat but from China and its allies like Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia. The US has already learnt it the hard way as have its European allies.

Thus, while China continues to kill and maim its ethnic minorities (Uighur Muslims and Tibetans), its Muslim allies like Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey continue to look the other way and the UN, UNHRC and WHO are silenced by the money bags from China. The Western broadcasters are fully aware of the Chinese human rights abuse record and that of Pakistan but have conveniently deflected the attention onto Bharat through their meaningless broadcasts. The above interview is just one such example.

(Featured image source: medialens.org)

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Aman Gupta
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