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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Foreign ‘liberal’ media LITERALLY couldn’t bother with “Sandeshkhali”. (Yes, the same foreigners who screech about ‘Hu/(Wo?)man Rights and MeToo!’ on us and call Delhi a ‘Rape-Capital.’) – [BBC Special Edition PART 2]

The numbers game

I know people always ask for numbers and data (and woke extremists of Abrahmo-Leftists won’t believe it, even if we do supply it, but anyway), here are some numbers:

The word-processing software I use, has a built-in word counter – like many of its counterparts. Of course the actual counting algorithm differs between them, but the difference is minor and mostly, its irrelevant to our task at hand anyway. I use open source software and I’m going to stick to it.

Here are some numbers:

  • According to it, BBC’s rant of an article, literally fear-mongering about ‘Muslim fear in entire India under Modi’, is total 1719 words long.
  • Out of which, a full 406 words chunk was reserved for a one, single, Kathua incident alone!
  • That’s 23.61% total.
  • In BBC’s terms, 23.61% alleged Muslim fear in Bharat is due to Kathua incident in Kashmir alone.

That’s not all.

If you look at BBCs article, it’s mostly divided in 6 sections.

  1. A mob beating some Muslim vendor selling beef in Assam.
  2. A pseudo-data’s brutal torture by laughable HRW and even more laughable UN; about then-prevalent ‘lynchistan’ narrative.
  3. The above mentioned Kathua incident.
  4. A minor stuff about cattle ‘trader’ getting what it deserved, but the Hindu men possibly framed for it and a BJP leader helping with their legal fees.
  5. The much trumpeted-about anti-Hindu narrative called “Akhlaq!”, is another minor addition.
  6. CAA-NRC and its attendant propaganda.

With the rest of the filler material being filled with generalized anti-Hindu tropes you see everyday, recycled with “expert” opinion and the usual wild proclamations about ‘diversity’, ‘secularism’ and ‘democracy’ being in danger!

So let’s do some more numbers.

 For 1 (Beef-seller guy in Assem), the number of words reserved by BBC= 375 = 21.81%

 For 2 (HRW ‘reports’ about lynchistan), the number of words reserved by BBC= 88 = 5.11%

 For 3 (Kathua), the number of words reserved by BBC= 406 = 23.61%

 For 4 (Muslim Cattle-‘trader’), the number of words reserved by BBC= 69 = 4.01%

 For 5 (“Akhlaq!”), the number of words reserved by BBC= 38 = 2.21%

For 6 (CAA/NRC), the number of words reserved by BBC= 345 = 20.06%

1st, let’s get the obvious out of the way:

The actual portion containing any semblance of data on which BBC relies on – a section which only makes up 5.11% of the whole article by the way – to push their so-called “Muslim fear in entire Bharat under Modi’s rule” propaganda – are laughable in and of itself: 36 Muslims killed, out of some 44 total and some 280 injured (muslim representations unknown in ‘injured’ category) in 100 total incidents involving religious violence. From May 2015 to Dec 2018. According to the bigoted anti-Hindu joke that’s HRW.

Out of what?

220 million total Muslims in Bharat?

I’m pretty certain more than that, died with heart-problems, traffic accidents, or perhaps even food-poisoning!

So pretty sure “Muslims” should have, at least logically, much more “fear in Bharat,” about these other issues, than anything else posed by “Hindus” or “Modi.”

Even apart from that…

This is a list of riots in Bharat according to truth-has-a-left-bias wikipedia. (So you can’t accuse me of pushing ‘right wing Hindutva conspiracy theories.’)

Look at the total number of people killed/injured in Hindu-Muslim conflicts and riots under the ‘Secular congress’ rule. On issues that were much bigger and severe in its intensity, of both people’s political passions and the massive violence it would unleash.

And then you should total those figures.

It’ll be an order of magnitude bigger than what you’ve got under Modi’s rule – and not just his 1st term as PM either. Taking even both 1st and 2nd term together, the numbers of Muslims dead/injured (forget about Hindus, because Abrahmo-Leftists are rather good at forgetting us and our pain anyway) in sectarian conflicts, they are MUCH higher under ‘secular’ and ‘anti-Hindutva’ forces, than under BJP and Bharat led by Modi.

So going by data, Bharat under hindu majoritarian Modi rule has massively prevented Muslim casualties and protected them like NO other administration had under ‘secular rule.’

Going by data, Hindutva politics is extremely good for Muslim lives.

Still, colonial British propaganda outlet regurgitated bad-faith arguments and here’s-the-appeasement-half-of-the-picture statistics prepared by bigoted HRW and laughing stock of a pro-terror UN, to blame Modi and indeed, Bharat and Hindus, for the alleged “Muslim fear.”

And this needs to be mentioned specifically, because of 2 reasons:

1.)  Because of what BBC itself chose to admit, saying: ‘Religious violence claiming victims of all faiths has been an unwelcome mainstay of this country’s history since its inception’

Excuse me…!

But are you kidding me?

This… ‘inception’ the colonial BBC is talking about, there was no ‘religious violence claiming victims of all faiths’ in the time of Ramayan or Mahabharat. Because at that time, there was no other religion or faith in Jambu-Dwip except Sanatan Dharma and every one, on every side of any war fought in the name of protecting Dharma, was a Hindu.

Unless they were talking about this other ‘inception.’

I’d hate to inform them but it was called ‘Partition’ and here, the so-called ‘religious-violence’ was instigated by an alien, foreign religion’s hateful separatist followers who not only massacred us Hindus since last 1,200 years but also claimed the cradle of our civilization in the name of their alien faith that has no right whatsoever to those lands but they still occupied our sacred lands – whose remaining adherents in Bharat, still occupy the holiest of Hindu places of worship.

And 2.) In fact, its the most infuriating part: How conveniently our former colonial overlords’ anti-Hindu, state-funded propaganda outlet BBC skirts their own contribution – including that of their own State religion’s over-zealous followers’ – in this harrowing tale of partition and its continued horrors Hindus have to suffer, still, in their own homeland.

And then they top it off by sheer unthinkable non-sense like:

But there’s real concern that those who wield power in today’s India are embracing a culture of impunity.’


Because I don’t know about other bigoted anti-Hindu western Deep-State propaganda outlets but BBC has been around here long enough, to know, exactly, what used to be the regular, cynical joke, repeated endlessly – and whose capacity to bemuse the cynical Bharatiya citizens buried under socialism was endless too – at their dinner time conversations, which was true across all sorts of Bharatiya families:

‘Name one politician/politically connected person, who has gone to jail.’

So what ‘culture of impunity’ BBC is talking about that is specific to those ‘who today wield power?’ In fact, under BJP’s rule – who stormed to power in 2014 under an anti-corruption mandate, is that ‘it’s too hard on criminals and corrupt politicians!’

And even in the alleged ‘impunity’ in religious violence cases…

Has BBC forgotten what happened to Jagdish Tytler? And even Kamalnath? Their victims were not even Hindu (from western definition). They were Sikhs.

What could be the bigger culture of impunity than blatantly saying, ‘When a big tree falls, there’s obviously going to be noise and earth will shake.’

It’s infuriating… the sheer amount of foreign, colonial, anti-Hindu gas-lighting that BBC is doing.


Even apart from that…

If stick to HRW and UN’s own myopic view of the history and historical period under question that is presented as ‘data’ by colonial propaganda outlet BBC…

Pulwama suicide bomber, Adil Ahmad Dar, had killed more people – who’re committed to Bharat way more than any other possible variety, in just one day, in just one incident:

40 brave heroes of CRPF.

And the Muslim Jihadi terrorist did it with his self-admitted genocidal anti-Hindu hatred, as was evident with the use of his “gau-mutra jibes” against us in the video that he recorded before blowing himself up.

And he did it mere 3 months before BBC came up with such outlandish claims against Hindus and Bharat. And it happened in the same Kashmir region. So you can’t turn a blind eye or blame ghazni short-term memory-loss for it either.

So… the anti-Hindu Jihadi terrorist, killed 10% more in one day, in just one incident, than what Hindus managed to do in the entirety of Modi’s 1st term.

And that is apart from Pathankot Air-Base attack and Uri.

(It’s monstrously heinous and downright anti-Hindu genocidal hatred of HRW and UN to NOT count islamist jihadist terrorist violence in Bharat as religious violence, because the whole Jihadi shtick, is deeply connected in their foreign religious Islamist beliefs. Against kaffirs, idol-worshipers, and “gau-mutra drinkers.”)

Shouldn’t then, Hindus have much, MUCH more to fear from Muslims in Bharat – statistically of course – even under the rule of Modi?

(And if you didn’t believe me about HRW and the west’s ‘lens’ of viewing Jihadi terrorism against Hindus, look at how BBC chose to view (and present) the anti-Hindu Jiahdi(s) like Dar (and others) from Kashmir in the aftermath of Pulwama. Not mentioning a single time his rabid anti-Hindu hatred and indeed, ‘humanizing’ a monster.)

But even if we take these ‘incidents’ – those 36 “reported” by bigoted monstrously anti-Hindu pro-Jihadi HRW – at face value, of being substantively representative of so-called “Muslim fear in entire Hindu-Bharat ruled by Modi”, notice, specifically, our former colonial overlords’ state funded propaganda media BBC’s approach and its choices.

Out of total 36, it focused on:

1 guy from Assam

1 little girl from J&K’s Kashmir.

1 guy from Jharkhand.

1 guy from Mumbai, Maharashtra

So just 4 out of 36.

Just 1/9th of total.

And even here,

Jharkhand and Mumbai incidents together make up only 6.22% of total words spent on “total Muslim fear in all Bharat.”.


A whopping “majority” is spent on directing reader’s attention towards 1.) Kathua 2.) Assam guy. And 3.) CAA/NRC.

Whose percentage contribution in the “narrative” of ‘Muslim fear for their future in all of Bharat’, is as follows:

23.61% + 21.81% + 20.06% = total 65.48%

All 3 places that are originally the result of partition (overseen by the British) and have been its unfinished business ever since.

Kashmir. Assam. Bengal.

They have all borne a massive brunt of Jihadist separatism and its consequences.

The consequence being a violent partition of Akhand Bharat based on Hindu-Muslim religious identity that was pushed by Jihadi Muslims; felicitated by colonial British; and accepted by secular congress. Ostensibly to “secure Muslim future under fear of Hindu majority” at the cost of Hindu’s future and indeed, that of Bharat’s.

Gifting our ancient Hindu cultural heritage to Jihadis for continues butchering and defilement was just an anti-Hindu cherry on the top.

It was the ultimate lesson in Divide-n-Conquer propagated and fanned by the British.

And still, 75 plus years later, this is the approach of our former colonial overlords’ state funded propaganda media BBC:

Those 3 incidents, just 3, that happened in the states most affected by partition, constitute 65.48% of a divisive propaganda article titled “Muslims fear for their future under Modi.”

And even among those 3, the biggest word-count is reserved for a rape incident in an area forever infested by Jihadist, separatist terrorism.


Focusing on an incident in and around Kashmir.

And – let me remind everyone once more – how did BBC choose to frame it when a Bharatiya court set in judgement?

And the original, 16-May-2019 hit-job of “Muslim fear for their future under Modi”, it was prepared by whom?

An obedient, sellout brown saheb, under British state funded propaganda media BBC’s employ. To give BBC’s own hateful agenda an air of ‘Indian legitimacy.’ Just like it was, at the time of Independence – handed over to anti-hindu seculars, which kangana ranaut once called ‘Bheek me mili azadi.’

So, what they were doing in 16-may-2019 hit-job? Yeah, that is not just monumental election interference in Bharat, by an official British state funded propaganda media.

But a downright partition 2.0 level interference in Bharatiya internal affairs.

It has all the hall-marks of Partition rhetoric in favour of Muslims and against HIndus – once again.

And so, in light of all this… when we take a re-look at BBC’s alleged ‘reporting’ on “Sandeshkhali”, and find, that its only 1, single report in the entire episode strething across 55 days, and find also, with our super-weapon called Ctrl+F… exactly 0 search results for either “Hindu” or “Muslim”, in either the headline, sub-heading or indeed the entire alleged ‘report’, that too, despite the allegations that TMC strongman Sheikh Shah-Jahan, the key-villain  of Sandeshkhali sexual assault, land-grabbing and extortion saga, might’ve been an illegal bangladeshi, and, the fact, that Didi had herself officially declared ‘Jihad’ against so-called ‘pro-Hindu’ BJP and called her party workers unlike kaffirs,’ who know how to fight and who will finish them, while swearing on the name of Allah that her party workers and she herself, won’t be ‘forgiving’ those who support BJP – while we all know exactly whatis mandated in the book that mentions the words “Kaffirs” and “Jihad”, and about what to do with “kaffir” women in a “Jihad”…. All of it means only one thing, that can be interpreted for BBC’s devious machinations:

Pro-Partition 2.0 agenda, drenched in the blood of Hindu genocide at the hands of Islamists once more.

And so here’s the final thing that needs to be said about foreign ‘liberal’ media and their alleged ‘reporting.’

Do I want them to report on “Sandeshkhali?”

Here’s a surprise for you, too: I absolute do not!

This is our internal affair and we should deal with it inside our house. There’s no need to air our dirty laundry in front of the real ‘outsiders’ – if you can excuse a Didi pun for me.

And that is just a general wisdom since ancient times.

In modern times… get this mantra under your knot, will you?: Every foreign, Abrahmo-Leftist major mainstream media outlet, academic institutions, NGOs and Big Tech, everything under the sun that has some amount of influence over mass-information dissemination, must, by default, be considered as an extended arm of foreign Abrahmo-Leftist Deep State.

Every. Siingle. One.Of. Them.

Their job is not information.

Its INFO-WAR… leading to actual wars.

So while doing their ‘reporting’ on it, they could sell more of their propaganda,

And more weapons in a conflict, if, thankfully (for them and them only), their propaganda does manage to incite a mass conflict and violence in the target region.

While expanding the foot-print of their parent country’s unwanted influence in the target country, in the name of ‘humanitarian aid.’

Heck, one of the American “State Department funded NGOs,” ironically called “National Endowment for Democracy” – which is incidentally banned in Bharat since 2015 under FCRA violations, had, in 1991, one of its founders Allen Weinstein, stating, that much of NED’s work involves doing what the CIA used to do. Some, in fact, refer to NED as the “second CIA.”

So any alleged ‘reporting’ by these extended arms of foreign abrahmo-leftist Deep-State is, in and of itself, a ‘bad news.’ (pun definitely intended).

But what is infinitely worse, is the sheer one-sided version of this ‘reporting.’

Because it’s that one-sidedness, that fuels major resentment, polarization and eventually, violence and instability in a nation.

This one sided-ness can take any number of forms.

In BBC’s case of “Sandeshkhali reporting,” it was the discrepancy in 1.) number of reports, the timing about it Vs. any other anti-Hindu causes (like Kathua for example, for which it ran tremendous amount of anti-Hindu propaganda article across years), the causes which the foreign ‘liberals’ espouse with a missionary zeal against Hindus and 2.) the chief narrative of BBC’s is surprisingly devoid of any Hindu-Muslim angle that’s been their mainstay in anything that happens in Bharat and especially our sensitive border regions whose constantly simmering conflicts are the results of British-scheming over hundreds of years – because here, in Sandeshkhali, a Muslim strong man and the ‘liberal’s favorite goons in TMC were the perps, and lower-caste hindu women were the victims. BBC would go hammer and tongs after Amit Shah, for calling illegal bangladeshi and rohingyas as “termites” and link it to the larger narrative of “Muslim fear for their future in Bharat” – despite the fact that Illegal alien Muslims have no right to be here anyway, they’re not “Bharatiya Muslims”, but the same BBC would forget, deliberately, to mention Didi’s much more violent and direct call for “Jihad” and her referring of her own party workers as “unlike kaffirs, who know how to fight and who won’t forgive those who’ll support BJP.” And hence, BBC should’ve viewed the Sandeshkhali as “Hindus fear in Mamta’s Muslim-appeasement infested bengal.”

But they didn’t do it.

They forgot all about it.

Just like it had ‘forgotten’ the Pulwama suicide bomber’s rabid, genocidal anti-Hindu hatred which resulted in the death of 40 Bharatiya brave-hearts, a hatred which was manifest in his own words, when he used “gau-Mutra jibes” in the video made before his Jihadi terrorist act. But, like I said before, BBC chose to forget it when they were ‘Tracing the path that led to Pulwama.’


Ideally, I’d want these extended arms of foreign Abrahmo-Leftist Deep-State to be out of Bharat’s internal affairs, irregardless of religion that’s been wronged or not.

But if they do decide to butt in – especially about the cases involving religion and our sensitive border regions that have borne the brunt of Islamist-demanded partition – I’d like them to be resolutely equal in their, ahem, “editorial line”.

But they don’t – that is, in fact, their editorial line, it seems.

That’s why BBC’s single report about “Sandeshkhali” is so, so problematic. It’s cynically unequal treatment of one little girl from Jammu & Kashmir’s Kathua and hundreds and thousands of Hindu lower caste women from Sandeshkhali.

While others in the Abrahmo-Leftist Deep-State, simply refused to publish anything at all about “Sandeshkhali.”

Finishing it off, here’s a reminder of how it looked like:

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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