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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Crime against women sees a steep rise in Congress-led Rajasthan; mainstream media couldn’t care less

The Congress assumed power in three states last December amidst myriad promises. By now it is evident that none of those promises were meant to be kept.

Just as its ministers secured their derrières into the Chief Minister’s seat, the Congress flushed its long list of pledges down the toilet of those government offices. The mainstream media, relieved that the party that showers them with favors in lieu of some good words printed, was running the show now, have gotten too comfortable to report on this deceit. 

Rajasthan has seen a shocking rise in the rate of crimes against women, but the liberal media that don’t tire reminding us that it is the foremost guardian of women’s welfare, knew better than to question their Congress masters.

The data procured from the police department for the period of January to July 2019, has 25,420 registered cases, while the first half of 2018 had only 15,242. This marks an appalling 66% increase in the number of atrocities on women as compared to what it was, this time last year, when Vasundhara Raje of the BJP was running the state. 

The month of July alone saw 4,898 cases of women atrocities, where as the number stood at 2614 for July 2018. Incidents of rapes have shot up by 1000 cases. Compared against the 2,587 cases of molestation lodged in the first half of last year, the 5,329 recorded cases in the same time period this year reveals that the state of women in Rajasthan is in shambles. 

Women in Rajasthan are neither safe on the street, nor within the limits of her four trusted walls. Cases of domestic violence stand at 11,459, which is almost twice as much as it was back in 2018, by this time. This includes a deplorable leap in the number of dowry death too. Crime against women has taken a leap of 105.74% at Jaipur Commissionerate, while Jodhpur registered a 79% increase, and Ajmer saw a 70.8% rise. 

Clearly, Rajasthan is a miserable train-wreck, and the police compel us to question their morality when they dispose of about 47% cases as “false” in their final reports. Rajasthan’s head of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Kavita Srivastava, slams the state police for hiding their incompetence. Dismissing the police claim that half of the victims were lying, Srivastava remarks, “The problem is in the police investigation and their presumption that women are lying.” 

Again, we haven’t set our hope too high from a police department that itself is accused of assaulting and gangraping a woman from the Nayak community. In July, Nayak community in Churu protested the reprehensible act and representatives of the Nayak community met CM Gehlot demanding that murder charges be levelled on police officials involved in a man’s death in police custody, followed by his female relative’s sexual assault. 

No matter how profusely the state machinery attempts at suppressing the despondent condition of Rajasthani women, a rape victim committing suicide by setting herself ablaze right in front of the Vaishali Nagar police station this July, demonstrates the impuissance of its administration. 

July was witness to another suicide, when a partner of a pregnant woman, failing to rescue her, hung himself from a tree. The woman from Rajasthan’s Banswara district was gang-raped several times, after her partner was attacked with a sword by the miscreants, and suffered a miscarriage thereafter. 

Cases of love jihad are becoming commonplace across India and Ashok Ghelot’s government hasn’t proved itself adept enough to combat it. A B.Com student from Sikar, Rajasthan has lodged a complaint with Udyog Nagar police alleging a man named Asif befriended her by introducing himself as Suresh. On a casual meeting, he, along with a gang of friends forced her into a Bolero, took her to a hotel, intoxicated her and gang-raped her. The spine-chilling incident was followed by the victim being blackmailed by Asif against 66 videos of the rape. The accused had, hence, extracted 25000 from the college student. 

Security of women under the present Congress government doesn’t appear very promising. What’s worse is, mainstream media peddling the left-liberal ideology, has completely lost its moral compass, and creates no notice about the perils infesting the state. This selective silence is deafening and debauched to say the least. 

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