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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Asianet News reports a Muslim lady’s rape on Ramzan using the Hindu festival Navratri as the headline

Marxist Islamist alliance at Asianet News, owned by BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar, hit a new low when they reported an Islamist rape under the heading of the Hindu festival, Navratri. Netizens criticized and questioned their intent, and though they later changed the title, the news had done the intended damage. 

On April 2nd (the day of Ramzan), an Asianet report began with the title ‘A shameful incident reported during Navratri from Madhya Pradesh.’ The Asianet report was in Hindi, and the first word used was incidentally Navratri. Social media reminded Asianet that Navratri had nothing to do with Muslims and that it was Ramzan that did.

A Muslim lady was raped by her father-in-law, and the victim’s husband had threatened her that if she complained, she would be sleeping with his father forever. The incident was reported on the day Ramzan began and was indeed shameful for Muslims. The Islamists/ Marxists cabal entrenched in Asianet used it as an opportunity to shame Hindus instead. 

The headline remained the same till April 4th, the final day of the Hindu festival, following which they slyly deleted the Navratri part. Asianet News based out of Kerala is crammed with Hindus In Name Only (HINOs) staffers and is now taking its anti-Hindu stance to the national level. They did attempt the same during the anti-CAA riots in Delhi and were punished for the same back then.  

Reports suggested that Rajeev interfered and apologized after his reporters said that Hindus were destroying and burning mosques in Delhi. That his apology paved the way for another openly anti-Hindu media outlet called the MediaOne escape is well known. At that time, taking the lead from Asianet, MediaOne too had indulged in false propaganda and was also penalized. 

This time around, Asianet, without mentioning names, reported the rape incident from Damoh in Madhya Pradesh in a cunning manner. The accused in this case was a man named Rashid Khan (65), who had allegedly raped his daughter-in-law. His son had married the victim in 2020, and Asianet buried the fact that it was actually a ‘Nikah’ deep inside their report. It is well-known that only Muslims call their marriages Nikah. 

Khan made the victim uncomfortable from the very beginning. He began by using sexually colored language and molesting her. The victim told the police that she tried to keep her distance, but her father-in-law was relentless. She also alleged that her father-in-law raped her when they were alone at home and threatened her with dire consequences if she ever told anyone about it.

Oddly, her husband sided with the accused and blamed her for having an extramarital affair with someone from Jabalpur. However, the victim denied the allegation and insisted that she didn’t know any such person from Jabalpur. After silently enduring the constant rape for over two years, she could bear the torture no more and filed a complaint with the local Women’s police station.       

Police Station in charge Sushma Shrivastav later confirmed that when the victim’s husband came to know about the complaint, he scolded her and threatened to force her to share the bed with his father. Asianet also reported that based on her complaint, police arrested Khan and that her husband was absconding. Khan is a mechanic and his son works at the local mosque and collects donations from the public. 

The victim later appeared before the media and narrated her tragic story. She added that her parents accompanied her to the police station. This is not the first time Asianet has indulged in anti-Hindu tirades and by the looks of it won’t be the last either. Incidentally, their PM Modi and HM Amit Shah baiting are legendary. 

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