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Waqf: History of Bharat’s biggest land scam

What is common among: Taj Mahal, Bet Dwaraka, Charminar, Ambani’s house, 77% of Delhi, 42% of Hyderabad, International school of Business, Wipro Hyderabad office, Delhi Airport. These lands are all owned or claimed by WAQF board!

A thread on WAQF: History of Bharat’s biggest land scam.

The word “WAQF” is NOT FOUND in Quran. (NOT found even in Bharatiya constitution). There is a reference only in much later Hadiths. The milords who ban Diwali crackers on premise of their alleged absence in Hindu scriptures must be asked: Will they ban WAQF on the same premise??

Earliest archaeological reference to WAQF is only in the 10th century. No recorded proof of WAQF before that. However, this WAQF was totally different from WAQF boards that exist today. To appreciate the difference, let us understand what WAQF meant then and what it means now.

In premodern days,WAQF was basically an Islamic endowment that was established for religious and charitable purposes. However, there was a huge difference. Theoretically, any WAQF endowment once executed cannot be repealed. It cannot change hands. “Once a WAQF, always a WAQF”.

Practically, this meant WAQF was always under control of State(The Muslim ruler). The Waqif (issuer) & Mutawalli (custodian) had no private rights over it. There was no such thing as “WAQF Board”. Today’s WAQF board (Central WAQF council) was established by Nehru in 1964.

Today, WAQF board has systematically grabbed Hindu lands to become the third largest landowner in Bharat right after Central Government bodies like Defense and Railways. Consider the case of Chaurasi Khamba. This was a Hindu Krishna temple destroyed by Ghorids in 12th century.

However, the invaders did a shoddy job. Their intention was only destroying the Hindu temple and converting it into Mosque. They did not even bother defacing the columns on pillars which depict the Avataras of Vishnu even today. After the destruction, it was virtually abandoned.

Thus, Governments have validated foreign Jihadi invasions by enabling WAQF board to occupy lands solely on the basis of past conquests of Islamic invaders. Recently, WAQF board claimed ownership of at least 6 Hindu majority villages of Tamil Nadu including 1500 year old temple!

On what basis has the WAQF board claimed these villages? These villages were once personal fief of a foreign invader named Jalaluddin Ahsan Khan. Any land that was once occupied by any Islamic invader is now being stolen by WAQF board. Governments have empowered them to do it.

How is WAQF board able to loot lands so blatantly? You will be surprised to know that WAQF board in Bharat wields unquestionable power that is only matched by judiciary. They have the power to stake claim on your property & throw you out of your own house should they decide it.

Take the case of these 5000 families in Boduppal (Hyderabad). A few years ago, they were the registered owners of highly priced lands in Hyderabad. Today, they are desperately protesting on roads because they have been stripped of ownership of their own lands by the WAQF board.

These families were registered owners of their land. They have government pattas indicating they are actually owners of the land? How did they lose it? The answer is that these residents were unaware, uninformed and careless like the most of us. Read on to see how it cost them.

The residents brought their land from a real estate broker who in-turn brought it 50-70 years ago from a Muslim man. In 1989, WAQF board claimed these lands on the premise that it once belonged to a Muslim holy person. What did the residents do then? Absolutely nothing!

The WAQF claim of these 294 acres was approved by the Government. Recently, the WAQF board threw a few residents out of their own properties. This was when they woke up and approached the court. “What were you doing in these 30 years?” asked Court

“Once a WAQF, always a WAQF” is the mantra of the WAQF board. And this is the most dangerous aspect of it. Practically, this means your land can be robbed off you if the WAQF board has reasons to BELIEVE that it belonged to some Mμslim persona/saint anytime in the past.

Notice the word “BELIEVE”. According to WAQF act 1995, Belief is all the WAQF board needs. It just has to BELIEVE your land belonged to a Mμslim. The onus will be upon you to provide proof. And where will you provide proof? You cannot go to court. You have to go to WAQF tribunal.

Such is travesty of this law that you have to plead your case before the very board that set its rapacious eyes on your land in the first place. The most draconian aspect of this law is that the decision of the WAQF board (which comprises ONLY Muslims) will be final and binding.

“The decision of WAQF tribunal shall be final” has been taken to mean even Supreme Court cannot challenge decision of WAQF board. Yet, WAQF decision was recently reversed by Supreme Court in two cases (see below).But these are very powerful opponents. What about the common man?

“Once a WAQF, always a WAQF” reads the motto of the WAQF Board on their website. However, this is only theory. Practically, the WAQF land has often been sold by corrupt WAQF beneficiaries. This means the land you purchased from any Abdool could be WAQF land for all you know.

This is precisely what happened to Bharat’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani. Ambani’s home Antilia is one of the world’s largest and most elaborate private homes, at 27 stories, 173 metres (568 ft) tall, over 37,000 square metres. Today the WAQF board is staking claim on his house.

On what basis is WAQF board claiming Ambani’s house? The WAQF board claims the land Ambani purchased in 2005 belonged to a Mμslim orphanage. It claims this sale is illegal. Who sold this land? WAQF Mμslim beneficiaries! What happened to “once..always”?

Who framed WAQF act 1995? Congress under PV Narasimha Rao. For decades, Secular Govts have passed various laws empowering WAQF board to the extent that even the richest man of Bharat is not secure from their paws. Such laws don’t exist even in the officially Islαmic nations.

Indian School of Business is the most prestigious and highest ranked Business school of Bharat. The WAQF board did not spare even this institution. The WAQF board also petitioned that Microsoft and Wipro campuses in Hyderabad were built on Mμslim WAQF land.

Microsoft/ISB/Wipro campuses were leased on State Government lands. But WAQF board claimed this 1654 acre land including all Manikonda is WAQF. How? WAQF claimed it once belonged to a Mμslim named Husain Shah Wali. To make matters worse, the High Court ruled in favor of WAQF.

A panicked Telangana State Government knocked the doors of Supreme Court for help. Fortunately, the Supreme Court ruled in the favor of state. This was an extremely rare case of Supreme court overturning WAQF decision.

A question to be asked: The State Government had enough power and resources to approach SC and use influence. But what about the common man? The same TS state government is empowering the WAQF board. Infact, KCR promised to give judicial powers to WAQF.

In other words: You will give them judicial powers and set a Bhasmasur upon Hindus. But you will run to Supreme Court to save yourself from the same Bhasmasur. You had the power to escape and contest. But you left common man at their mercy. Such crooks are our politicians.

Originally, WAQF had around 52,000 properties throughout Bharat. By 2009, there were 300,000 registered WAQF properties making up 4 lakh acres. As on 2022, there are 8,65,646 registered WAQF properties spread over 8 lakh acres of land. WAQF land has doubled in just 13 years!

Does land expand? Does land grow? How did the WAQF lands double? The answer is that the WAQF board has been rapaciously staking claim to Private Hindu and Public State properties and various revenue departments and Secular State governments have been approving the WAQF claims.

Today, the value of WAQF properties in Bharat is estimated at Rs. 12 Lakh crores. This makes the WAQF board richest Non Governmental land holding body of Bharat. And this is just the tip of iceberg. They have only started flexing.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @TrueIndology on Feb 12, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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