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Thursday, April 25, 2024

With intelligence chiefs like AS Dulat, is it any wonder that India was such a dysfunctional state?

Former Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) chief AS Dulat was seen speaking the language of the Congress-Liberal combine in denying the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus by labelling The Kashmir Files a propaganda film.

Detailing his opinion, OpIndia notes:

Speaking on Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files, Dulat said the movie had evoked polarising recollections of those times. He stated that he has not watched the movie and had no plans to do so. “I don’t see propaganda. And it is a propaganda movie,” he said.

When asked about Jagmohan, the governor of Jammu and Kashmir, he stated that while he was governor till August 1989, the environment had altered beyond recognition by the time he returned the following January. “The Kashmir that he came back to after four or five months, it was totally different from the Kashmir he had left. He was quite shaken himself,” he stated.

“When these killings started, he didn’t want the pandits to bear the brunt of it. So once they started leaving, he was quite happy,” Dulat stated implying that when the Kashmiri pandit migration from Kashmir began, Jagmohan was relieved.

“It was a natural reaction. If they are leaving, ‘Good.’ There was no way that we could provide any protection to them because things were so bad,” he further added.

According to Dulat, the pandit migration began immediately after the killings in 1990. The more affluent members of the community proceeded to Delhi, while those who had nowhere else to go resorted to camps established up in Jammu. To soften the blow, Dulat mentioned that Kashmiri Muslims who could afford it also departed for places like Delhi. They returned when the situation appeared to be improving.

In a classic liberal argument, he opined that Kashmiri Hindus would be protected by their ‘neighbours and friends’ if they chose to return. This is, however, not the first time Dulat has made such controversial remarks. Several of his earlier utterances, be it praising the ISI or promoting Congress propaganda on Kandahar hijacking, he has a long history of making such statements.

Dulat has often been accused of furthering Congress propaganda which has been aptly evident from his remarks. In 2015 toeing the Congress line, he alleged ‘goof up’ on Bharat’s part during the Kandahar hijacking to not have immobilised the plane when it was grounded in Amritsar.

Similarly, he extolled Pakistan’s ISI as the world’s ‘most powerful’ intelligence agency that he would have wanted to head. “It’s Pakistan’s ISI that’s the most powerful intelligence in the world, says Dulat. He would have loved to be ISI chief!! The autonomy it enjoys is unparalleled”, ToI had quoted him as saying.

As HinduPost had highlighted his book written along with ex-ISI chief Asad Durrani was nothing but a classic Pakistani Deep State ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ propaganda. Journalist Aarti Tikoo had opined in her debate on the book “either the entire book is a subterfuge under some kind of spy simulation which most of us cannot comprehend or he really believes what is said in the book”.

She termed the book an apologia for the policies of Pakistan in the last 30 years from the R&AW point of view. She also asserted that this position taken by Dulat meant there was a fundamental lack of historical understanding, lack of understanding about the complexities of the Kashmir problem and that if bureaucracy was formulating policies on this basis then Bharat doesn’t have much hope against a state that believes in terrorism and disintegration of Bharat.

She also believes Dulat has triviliazed Pakistani policies and has provided justification for Pakistan’s acts. She also added that his opinions carried a political undertone rather than an executive one. Tikoo believes that Dulat has been speaking on behalf of Kashmiri terrorists and not ordinary Kashmiri Indians.

Former journalist and Senior Advisor to the GoI, also alleged that Dulat had promised to solve the Kashmir issue but began deceitfully pushing Farooq Abdullah’s “autonomy report” that called for restoring the pre-1953 status.

“My ES stated that Farooq Abdullah’s “Autonomy Report” was an elaborate fig leaf to hide its basic demand: return to pre-1953 status for J&K when the Centre had jurisdiction only over defence, external affairs and communications. “Autonomy Report” was rejected. Rest is history”, Kanchan said detailing how he had been asked to prepare the executive summary by Brajesh Mishra and how Dulat, fortunately, failed in his attempt.

The entire Dulat episode, however, raises serious concerns about the kind of persons being appointed in organizations as important as intelligence agencies. The rise of AS Dulat to become RAW chief during the Vajpayee rule clearly shows how much the cabal of Hinduphobic liberal-seculars control the establishment and how they have compromised national interest in pursuit of their personal ideologies and relationships.

The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri was spot on when he recently said in his interview “hamesha yeh yaad rakhiye, government kisi ki bhi ho, establishment inka hai“. The ”establishment” – that he describes as the rule-makers (in other words, the setters) of the pattern – still controls the ”soft power” ecosystem, and we are still a ”weak State”. 

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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  1. He gave a joint interview w/ Asad Durrani (ISI chief) and the camaraderie between them, or rather should I say his attempt to propitiate Durrani, was very shameful. I cringed when I watched it. Felt great shame that this fellow was head of our premiere intelligence agency. May God save us!


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