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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Kerala Tourism Minister Md. Riyas plans ‘tourism circuit’ in Malappuram dedicated to the perpetrators of 1921 Hindu genocide

Kerala State Tourism Minister Muhammed Riyas said that his government plans to develop a ‘tourism circuit’ dedicated to the 1921 Moplah genocide of Hindus in Malappuram. He added that it is intended to attract history students and tourists. 

This announcement came as a slap in the face to lakhs of Hindu communists who consider the incident shameful but still voted for the CPM, even recently. Hindu Aikya Vedi promised resistance in case the government tries to develop such programs that glorify the genocide of innocent Hindus.

Riyas, who is the son-in-law of CM Pinarayi Vijayan, plans to whitewash Islamist atrocities and glorify the ‘bravery’ of armed Moplah jihadis who slaughtered thousands of Hindus exactly 100 years ago, and briefly established an Islamic sharia state in Malabar region. The announcement came just prior to World Tourism day, but a day after the 100th anniversary of an atrocity called the ‘Thuvoor massacre’ where 38 Hindus were beheaded and their bodies dumped into a well. 

Incidentally, a state government approved hartal, which Kerala HC obliquely endorsed, in support of so-called farmer protests brought life to a standstill in ‘God’s Own Country’ on world tourism day! The state government promised adequate protection and security for those not willing to participate in the hartal and the court took the government submission at face value despite past history of how CPM goons enforce such hartals. 

Helped by heavy rains, power outages began by 9 am and lasted till dusk since the government-owned electricity company ‘inactively’ participated in the hartal. News of media offices being targetted by the CPM goons too trickled in making a mockery of the assurances given to the High Court.

It became clear that the Bharat Bandh had flopped across Bharat and that the local regime wanted to contain citizens to their homes. It also reminded people that the communist/ jihadi dictionary also includes the word, ‘Bharat’!

Kerala state does not guarantee procurement of local farm produce neither does it offer price assurances and has no Mandis. This hartal made it clear that the opposition parties at the center had just one thing on their mind, ie, blindly oppose central laws and justify anarchy. 

Recently the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) removed Malabar genocide leaders including their kingpin Variyamkunnath Kunjahmed Haji from the ‘Dictionary of Martyrs of India Freedom Struggle.’ Haji was captured and executed by the British in 1921. The communists tried to compare the criminal with Bhagat Singh and more than anything else, created unnecessary controversies. It is in this context that the insult to martyrs jibe from Rahul Gandhi & Sitaram Yechury has to be remembered. 

Many Islamists who had participated in the genocide were caught and sentenced to death. Some died of suffocation while being transported from Tirur to a jail near Coimbatore. Marxist historians termed it the ‘Wagon Tragedy’ but Riyas went a step further and termed it a massacre. 

“Tragedy means a disaster. But it was a deliberate massacre by herding hapless people in a closed windowless wagon that led to many being choked to death. The British called it a tragedy and still, we are using this term,” and repeated that the Moplah genocide was a ‘peasant uprising.’ The fact of the matter remains that those ‘hapless people’ being herded like cattle were jihadis caught for the cold-blooded extermination of thousands of Malabari Hindus.

Riyas failed to explain why 10,000 Hindus were killed but no Muslims. The minister conveniently forgot that the genocide created over 1 lakh refugees and converted more than 5,000 to Islam, besides resulting in rapes of hundreds of Hindu women. 

It is obvious as to who he is trying to appease. The latest crop of those Islamists who took part in the genocide and occupied those lands, still live in Malabar. Under guise of anti-CAA agitation last year, a march was taken out with Muslim men dressed up as Moplah/Mapilla Muslims and the tyrant Tipu Sultan’s soldiers to send a warning message to Hindus. In Feb this year, another march was taken out to recreate the Moplah violence, with an RSS worker lookalike in chains accompanied to slogans like “Haven’t thrown swords of 1921 into the Arabian Sea.” 

For the green communists, the genocide of over 10,000 Hindus by Islamists fighting for Khilafat is a ‘peasant revolt against the landlords’ but the suffocation of those who perpetrated that genocide is called a ‘massacre.’ It is evident that such evil propaganda to disguise Islamic fanaticism is nothing but appeasement politics of the worst kind.

Recently, UP CM Yogi Adityanath said that the “Malabar riots were a planned genocide of Hindus by jihad elements.” He made it clear that attempts by Communists and liberals to brand the genocide as a ‘peasant uprising’ will no longer work in Bharat. Attempts to pass off ethno-religious cleansing as part of our freedom movement will be fiercely opposed.

Ram Madhav a Member of the RSS National Executive called the Moplah genocide one of the first exhibitions of a Taliban mindset in Bharat. He added that communists and jihadis were trying to disguise forced conversions and mass slaughter as a labor uprising. He was speaking at a conference organized in Kozhikode to remember the 10,000 odd victims of the Hindu genocide.

Something that began to support the Ottoman caliph of Islam in Turkey was fanned by leaders like Mohandas Gandhi and ended in the religious cleansing of Malabar Hindus. Entire families were wiped out and their possession usurped by jihadis.

The current regime maintaining such Islamist theories will not end well for Hindus. The stories that trickled out of Malabar were from ones who hid, ran or escaped in the nick of time and lived to tell their horror stories to the world. Such sickening notes coming from green communists to promote dark tourism circuits to appease jihadis should be collectively opposed.

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