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Monday, March 20, 2023

“Brahmins planning legislation to make non-Brahmin women their mistresses”: EVR ‘Periyar’ in 1926

In a public meeting in Madras in 1926, Mr E.V.Ramaswamy (Periyar) told the crowd, “After Independence is achieved, the Tamizh Brahmins are planning to pass legislation that makes it compulsory for Non-Brahmin women to be mistresses/concubines of Tamizh Brahmin Men.”

I tracked down the Dravidian-Tamil Non-Brahmin Elite canard about Malayalee women to Mr. KV Reddi (‘Rao Bahadur Sir’ Kurma Venkatareddy Naidu), a Justice Party leader and Chief Minister of Madras Presidency. Mr KV Reddi, who was a member of Justice Party government, apparently informed the Madras Assembly the following-

“During discussion of inheritance act .. in Kerala there exists a law that non-brahmin girls upon puberty have to deflowered by a Brahmin.”

This isn’t riff raff. This is CM

It is also how dramatically you say the sexual canard:

“In Kerala if a Brahmin hears that a wife of a Nair is beautiful he will summon the husband.

“Hi Madhavan – your wife is very beautiful I heard is it true?

“Yes sir all your grace

“Then send her to me for one week..

This is how Google Translates it.

The Justice Party leader and Dravidian Mr KV Reddy Naidu seems to have been a bigot from the same stock. Is this how a legislative debate is conducted?

Mr KV Reddinaidu (Justice Party of whom the present ‘nool’ fame Mr PTR Madurai is proud) asks in assembly.

“Mr CP Ramaswamy Iyer — there is a atrocity that in girl from Malayala desam (Kerala) who attains puberty is to be f by a Brahmin. Are you afraid to lose that privilege”

I am sorry for the “to be F– by” word but that is how the Tamil translates from “அவளை புணர வேண்டும் “

This is how (radical non-brahminism) sounds like in native Tamil. You Non-Tamils rely on Drav interpreters to translate. Of course, you are fooled!

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread originally tweeted by Reality Check India @realitycheckind on July 25, 2022.)

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  1. Why this statent made is noe being raked up. Did any such law was ever passed by the then Madras’s government.
    Would these very ppl accept of I reproduce what tso called Mahatma Gandhi said in his Harijan newspaper writeup about Hindus tonsurrwnder to must ms durmg the moola rising to give their neck for bucherimg by Muslims. Is it not the same words spoken by M.K.Gandhi in 1947-48 during partition to allow must ms to rape Hindu ladies and to commit murders of Hindus.


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