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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Did you hear about TRS leader Sheik Shajid Khan who raped a minor girl after luring her through a woman accomplice?

Who and where – the answers to these questions determine the intensity with which our mainstream media, especially the English-language media, covers any crime. A very horrible crime, which reflects the very worst of the modern Indian polity, occurred two months ago. But before we get into more details, here’s an idea for a little social experiment.

Ask those around you if the name of Sheik Shajid Khan, TRS leader and vice chairman of Nirmal municipality in Telangana, rings a bell. Chances are, you will be met with blank stares. Now, ask if the Hathras tragedy rings a bell. Chances are, you will get a nod in return.

This is the power of media, of narratives, of the establishment elites who pull strings behind the scenes.

This is what Sheik Shajid Khan did: This pedophile spotted the 15-year-old child, a class 8 student, at a function in Nirmal and started lusting after her. When a woman named Yellati Annapurna, a neighbor of the girl, approached him to solve a land dispute, he agreed to help her but only if she facilitated a ‘meeting’ with the girl in a Hyderabad hotel. There are reports that Annapurna was also promised a flat or plot by Khan for luring the girl.

Annapurna convinced the girl’s parents that she wanted to take their daughter for a function in Nizamabad. On February 9, she boarded a bus to Nizamabad with the girl, but later got down at Sofinagar and took the girl to a hotel located in Hyderabad old city in Shajid Khan’s vehicle driven by his driver Jaffar Khan. At the hotel, Shajid Khan raped the minor and threatened her with dire consequences if she disclosed it to her parents. Later the girl was reportedly taken to other hotels, where she was repeatedly raped.

Finally, the child mustered the courage to confide in her parents. They took her to police on February 26 and also lodged a complaint with Childline NGO. As expected, police were initially reluctant to register a case against Shajid Khan, but finally (possibly after intervention of social orgs) booked him under POCSO and Section 376 of IPC.

Learning about the victim approaching police, Shajid Khan went into hiding. He was finally arrested on March 2 by Nirmal Police, and expelled from his party the day after. Yellati Annapurna and Jaffar Khan too have been arrested. The police also seized a car and three cell phones from the arrested persons. The court later remanded them to judicial custody. The girl was sent to a Sakhi Centre for counselling. As per one report, she is a Hindu.

Nirmal is the same place where AIMIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi made a virulent hate speech against Hindus – abusing Hindu deities at will and threatening to finish off Hindus if police are removed for 15 minutes. Any normal country would have ensured that bigot was thrown into jail for life, at the least. Instead our secular State’s judiciary recently acquitted him after 10 years due to ‘lack of evidence’.

Hyderabad old city is the fortress of the Owaisis, and a hub for child trafficking and ‘contract marriages’ or nikah mut’ah– which is nothing but child prostitution to Middle Eastern pedophiles who come on tourist visas. This is what the elite Ashrafi Indian Muslim leadership like Owaisis have reduced ordinary Indian Muslims to – slaves of Arabs.

Right now, our HINO elites are busy amplifying ‘impending Muslim genocide’ narrative and spreading the propaganda of ‘sickening violence against Indian Muslims’ spewed by celebrities like Padma Lakshmi, Mesut Ozil. So who has time for a minor girl raped repeatedly by a powerful Muslim politician of the ruling ‘secular’ party? Likewise, no one had time to visit the hundreds of victims of post-poll sexual violence that ravaged West Bengal last year. No one has time to visit the family of the SC woman in Gwalior, MP who endured horrific sexual assaults by a maulvi and the family of the Muslim ‘husband’ she married thinking he was a Hindu.

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