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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Exclusive : Bengaluru Church converted 1000s of children in orphanage, got crores from USA!

According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, recently five children were rescued by the Childline from Shalom Biblical Baptist Church ministries situated in Chikkabellandur area of Bengaluru. These children were being kept in their custody illegally. The Childline team found this on the basis of directions from the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Board. The children, 14 in number, were living on the premises. Aged between seven and 16 years, 4 girls and 1 boy, were living there without a woman caretaker, which is mandated by law.

The orphanage is not registered and had no permissions to operate. However, the story is much murkier. This organisation, a Christian church, runs a Theological Seminary(college to train Christian priests) and also does “outreach” i.e. converts people from the society, apart from the conversion of children in their orphanage. This has been going on at least since 2002 with funding from WORLDWIDE NEW TESTAMENT BAPTIST MISSIONS,  based in North Carolina, USA.

A family business

Missionary work is family business for Ramesh and Christina Kumar, who run Shalom Biblical Baptist Church ministries. Ramesh Kumar was converted by an American missionary when he was 16. Conversion was quite beneficial for Ramesh, whose son Enoch completed his studies from USA in Theology.

Enoch got married in 2001 in another Baptist missionary family, the ones who run Shakinah Biblical Baptist Church Ministries, which is again a conversion shop funded from USA. Now they have kids – “third generation missionaries”, who would no doubt enter this lucrative business.

The Foreign Connection

We shall focus only on the Shalom Biblical Baptist Church ministries, run by Kumars and not talk of the Gurupatra family run Shakinah Biblical Baptist Church Ministries. The purpose is to show that how much a single such missionary organisation is able to achieve and how much support they get. The receipt of Foreign donations by Bharat based organisations have to be filed with the government and the data has been made publicly available by the government. One can go here and not only verify this data, but also check activities in own district and state.

Shalom Biblical Baptist Church ministries is funded by Worldwide New Testament Baptist Missions of USA. The data of years, from 2007 to 2021, for this organisation has been given below:-

  • Year 2006-07 : received Rs. 2951606(approx 30 lakhs)
  • Year 2007-08 : received Rs. 2419224( approx 24 lakhs)
  • Year 2008-09 : received Rs. 2092012( approx 21 lakhs)
  • Year 2009-10 : received Rs. 2610147( approx 26 lakhs)
  • Year 2010-11 : received Rs. 1682417( approx 17 lakhs)
  • Year 2011-12 : received Rs. 1481519( approx 15 lakhs)
  • Year 2012-13 : received Rs. 2660269( approx 27 lakhs)
  • Year 2013-14 : received Rs. 3252077( approx 33 lakhs)
  • Year 2014-15 : received Rs. 2625856( approx 26 lakhs)
  • Year 2015-16 : received Rs. 3270105( approx 33 lakhs)
  • Year 2016-17 : received Rs. 3037462( approx 30 lakhs)
  • Year 2017-18 : received Rs. 2785337( approx 28 lakhs)
  • Year 2018-19 : received Rs. 3466329( approx 35 lakhs)
  • Year 2019-20 : received Rs. 3031509( approx 30 lakhs)

Curiously, the sudden fluctuation in 2010-11 and 2012-13 is also co-terminus with the US visit of Enoch for receiving Doctor of Theology degree. In other years, the flow if funds is more or less consistent with a total of approximately Rs. 3.75 crores flowing into Bharat. However, the data available only since 2007, while the Kumars have been in the business with the US based Mission since 1987. One can reasonably surmise that many more crores have been spent in Bharat during that period.

It must be mentioned here that this is not the only church that Worldwide New Testament Baptist Missions of USA supports in Bharat. Then, there are other foreign organisations with their own churches to fund in Bharat.

The work they do

We have discussed the persons behind it and the finances. Now coming to the most important part – the work done by these missionaries. Fortunately, we have records of their activities in their reports they regularly sent to their US masters. We have given the summary of these letters below :-

  • April 2002 – Converted 3 Hindu girls, two of them minors, to Christianity.
  • Aug 2002 – 7 Hindus converted, 96 children in orphanage(many non-Christian), 2 churches plated and completed 20 years of work.
  • Oct 2002 – 31 children from orphanage converted all between ages 5 to 15
  • Dec 2002 – 12 Hindu men converted despite efforts of “Hindutva” govt and groups
  • Feb 2003 – 12 Hindu boys converted and more than 80 converted in Kakinada
  • June 2003 – Distributed 10000 pamphlets in Kannada despite opposition by Hindutva groups, Seminary started with students from Myanmar and North East.
  • Aug 2003 – 4 Hindu women converted, have 108 children in orphanage and 30 in seminary.
  • Dec 2003 – 34 Hindu orphans, aged 6 to 14, converted
  • Feb 2004 – 24 children converted, 6000 pamphlets to be distributed and 4 books in Kannada published.
  • Apr 2004 – 17 Pastors graduated
  • June 2004 – sigh of relief as “militant Hindu” BJP is defeated, now will have “total freedom” to preach and plat churches.
  • Aug 2004 – We have admitted 15 Hindu children in our newly opened school and look forward to convert them, 30 new Hindu orphans and “semi orphans” admitted in orphanage
  • Oct 2004 – Grace Church from Ottawa sent $ 72000 for building.
  • April 2005 – 10 Pastors graduated, soon to get 50 Tsunami affected children from “certain agencies”
  • June 2005 – 12000 booklets in Kannada distributed to Hindu and Muslim homes, 4 teenagers converted
  • Sept 2005 – Got 28 students in seminary from Manipur(Kuki tribe), 70 SC and ST students in orphanage will hopefully convert soon.
  • Jan 2006 – dispute with Bangalore authorities for 2 acre land, focus on 60000 kids who live on streets of Bangalore
  • Mar 2006 – Bible school opened, 24 Hindu children converted
  • May 2006 – Won case of 2 acre land against BDA
  • July 2006 – Many converted by outreach, have 120 children in orphanage
  • Sept 2006 – Shalom Biblical Baptist Church is “surrounded by a demonic Hindu religious system dedicating to their stone, plastic and metal gods of paganism. Yet in the midst of this cesspool of pagan pollution…”. Also, Hindus hate us.
  • Nov 2006 – Opened a 500 seater church; attached is report by a foreign missionary that is happy to see their work and recommends more funds from USA and notes the efforts to make more churches by Kumars in towns of Karnataka(Bhadrawati is named).
  • Jan 2007 – 27 Hindus, mainly Kuki tribal children converted
  • July 2007 – in past 15 years, tried to convert 1500 orphans; till now 8 churches planted in Karnataka, Manipur and Andhra
  • Sept 2009 – till now 10 Churches planted, 500 orphans converted and 100 pastors sent to other parts of India and Burma; three converted recently
  • Nov 2007 – 25 years of work completed, has history of their work
  • Jan 2008 – Against a “pagan militant India”, converted 8 Hindus
  • June 2008 – 3 teenagers converted, 1 old Brahmin lady converted on death bed
  • Mar 2009 – The president of Worldwide New Testament Baptist Mission visited and highly commended the work.
  • May 2009 – Church planting getting difficult in a Hinduised society
  • July 2009 – State BJP govt making it difficult, militant Hindu sect opposing, still converted 53 children, 14 orphans and a construction worker who became Mark from Mahendra.
  • Sept 2009 – BJP is Ku Klux Klan of Bharat, converted Ghosh family and 3 orphanage kids(total 6)
  • Jan 2010 – Converted 8 Hindus
  • Mar 2010 – have 80 children at orphanage
  • May 2010 – Son of Kumars assaulted by “Hindu Religious Fanatics” for forced conversions, converted 35 children in Gajapati Nagaram; new church planted
  • July 2010 – Trying to convert Hindu children in our school; 30 new children in orphanage
  • Sept 2010 – 14 children and 2 adults converted
  • Jan 2011 – RSS and Hindus are persecuting us for converting people
  • May 2011 – 1 church planted in Nagaland; 3 Hindus converted and 2 showing interest
  • July 2011 – trying to convert Hindu children in our school and orphanage
  • Sept 2011 – Focus more on SC/ST; “hinduization of public education system” is the reason we give only Bible education.
  • Nov 2012 – 7 orphan children converted amid persecution by Hindu government.
  •  July 2013 – Church plated in Manipur; trying to convert students in school and orphanage being run which is “primary purpose”.
  • May 2014 – New churches being planted in north east after a survey done; very afraid of Hindu militancy and election of BJP and Modi.
  • Sept 2014 – 4 orphans converted; reconversion of 72 SC in Aligarh is giving nightmares.
  • Dec 2014 “India is capital of Satan’s Kingdom!”
  • Jan 2015 – Hindus are reconverting people and have banned conversion; Art 370 is repealed and education Hinduised(author’s note : did not happen)
  • Mar 2015 – Many Hindus converted; “Hindu Terrorism” is happening with rapes, church attacks etc (author’s note : remember Delhi “attacks” and Assam nun rape by Bangladesis?)
  • May 2015 – Published 3 books; pray for termination of Modi govt
  • Sept 2015 – 7 Hindu minors in orphanage converted
  • Jan 2016 – Intolerance in Bharat(our readers might remember) by Hindus; outdoor activities stopped as Hindus reconvert Christians; 3 Hindus and many orphans converted

Please keep in mind that orphanages had to abide by new rules in 2015, under which Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa had to close 13 orphanages as now orphanages could be run only by secular organisations. The Kumars continued running their illegal operations after this.

  • July 2016 – Hindutva is “idolatry, black magic and superstitious culture and perverted sexuality”; converted 9 children
  • Jan 2017 – 11 children converted from orphanage
  • Mar 2017 – converted a Hindu couple
  • May 2017 – published many books in Kannada in a militant Hindu country closed for conversions.
  • July 2017 – have 40 children in our orphanage, mostly Hindu; shall change their faith; need to protect from “danger of religious pluralism”
  • Jan 2018 – converted 8 Hindu children from orphanage
  • May 2018 – converted 6 Hindu children from the orphanage(also note the map of Bharat with missing Aksai Chin and PoK)
  • Sept 2018 – converted 9 Hindu children from orphanage; trying to convert Hindu students
  • Jan 2019 -to convert “dark pagan India” is our mission; 2 children converted
  • March 2021 – 3 Hindu children and one Hindu woman converted

We have left some letters/reports due to repetitive content. One thing that we have left out in the above summary is the constant begging for money from USA. Also note that everywhere they have shown the map of Bharat, it is incomplete as Aksai Chin and PoK are not shown as part of the country. It is also notable that Kumars are demonising Hindus openly, which is actually in consonance with their bigoted doctrine.

The above summary reveals that thousands of people have been converted using foreign money by Kumars, in their illegal orphanage. Apart from this illegality of running an orphanage without permission, the use of foreign donations for religious conversions is banned according to Section 12(4) of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. Clearly, they were using this money for conversion, else why would they mention the same so prominently in their reports?

Sadly, this is the story of thousands of such churches in Bharat who get thousands of crores in foreign money every year. It is time the government took substantial action against such churches and directed the officer to be vigilant. Hindu civilisation is under attack at a thousand fronts. Only decisive collective action can save us. Supporting of organisations that have the capacity to turn out literature, and other material to aid conversion into Hindu Dharma and the zeal to convert people back is the only way.

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Pawan Pandey
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