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Sunday, March 19, 2023

How IIT-B student used fake casteism narrative to instigate fellow students against Hindus

A student of IIT-B (Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay) was seen passing casteist remarks and instigating fellow students in a viral video. He not just passed anti-Brahmin comments which have no base in reality but also demonized Prabhu Sri Ram by claiming that the Jai Siya Ram slogan, used by all sections of Hindu society, promotes hatred against ‘Shudras’.

The student was identified as Humanities Department’s PhD student Amarkant Thakur. Devi-Shabari-Ambedkar Student Forum (DSAF) raised the issue on Twitter and demanded strict action against Thakur.

“This is a brahminical society. Our federal government, like this university’s administration, is pro-Brahmin. We are unable to express our true feelings because of a constraint imposed by the Brahminical society in which we live. Remember that this is a Brahminical society while you eat, sleep, or do anything. Now, we have to determine what to do with this brahminical society. And as long as you return home and chant Jai Shri Ram, your thoughts will be entirely bound by brahmins. As long as you chant Jai Shri Ram, you will have to hail the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas and look down at Shudras and Dalits”, Thakur said in Hindi.

Thakur attempted to milk the suicide of Darshan Solanki by unnecessarily bringing in the caste angle when it is actually academic pressure and the weight of expectations driving students to take the extreme step. Additionally, scholarships and extra coaching are the need of the hour to help students cope with the pressure rather than reservations and lower cut-off marks. It must be mentioned that the ‘caste discrimination’ angle has repeatedly been used to target Hindus as was witnessed in the recent case of a student named Solanki’s suicide at IIT-B.

Maligning Brahmins, and by extension Hindus, as well as linking all atrocities faced by ‘lower castes’ to ‘Brahminism’ is the most common rhetoric used by leftist and Hinduphobic elements. By creating an illusion of ‘Brahminism’ as the root cause of all societal problems, the Hinduphobic cabal is able to successfully divide Hindu society, undermine its numerical superiority by pitting one community against the other, and thereby diverting attention from Abrahamic supremacism responsible for the social churn.

“The Left ideologues and their loyal footsoldiers scrupulously keep repeating ad nauseam that Brahminism is responsible for all the evils plaguing other sections of society to continue exerting their influence and projecting themselves as the voice of the victims and escape inevitable social oblivion”, OpIndia rightly points out.

The left has now included vilifying Jai Sri Ram in its nefarious plans. It is a cultural slogan and since time immemorial Hindus across varnas have used Jai Sri Ram, Jai Siya Ram, or just Ram Ram to greet each other. Therefore, terming this slogan provocative or discriminative is nothing but an attempt to spite Hindus and create a rift in Hindu society.

The leftist-Abrahamic cabal uses the popular slogan as a weapon for its Hinduphobia and to guilt trip Hindus. Any self-aware Hindu is humiliated, shamed, singled out, ostracised, and also targeted for raising Jai Sri Ram chants, a slogan that sings the glory of Prabhu Sri Ram. For people such as IIT-B student Amarkant Thakur, it is a tool to further his anti-Hindu tirade by falsely equating it to caste discrimination.

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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