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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Muslim teacher who preached Hindu hatred in Hindu-run school arrested

A Muslim teacher who tried to spread religious rivalry using anti-Hindu/ anti-Modi hatred through a school WhatsApp group was arrested. KSK Mohammad Saqafi, a Varapetty NSS Higher Secondary School teacher, tried to spread the message to promote religious rivalry in the school WhatsApp group. Incidentally, NSS is a rare school that a Hindu organization manages. 

Saqafi shared the hate-mongering message in a group of plus one science students formed for online learning. The messages appeared around 5 pm last Tuesday (June 28) on the official WhatsApp group A1 Physics 2021-2022. He shared offensive propaganda messages in the study group that started with the title ‘Who is India’s real owner?’

The bigoted Muslim teacher then listed out all the radical blood-thirsty invaders under the title ‘From the Sultanate of Muhammad Ghori till Narendra Modi.’ Mohammad Ghori (1193), Kutbuddin Aibak (1206), and others. Saqafi said Bharat was an Islamic country for a thousand years and tried to prove this by listing out these occupiers.

He claimed that Hindus were safe during those times since the rulers were Islamists. The teacher added that Muslim rulers never showed injustice towards them (Hindu citizens). Saqafi then foolishly contradicted himself and claimed that Hindu Dharma is not even a hundred years old. 

The hate note shared by Saqafi also alleged that Hindus are now trying to exterminate Muslims. He added that this ‘information’ should be made available to all students and their teachers. The post ends with a request to share the Whatsapp message since 90% of citizens ‘do not know’ about this dire situation. 

Such propaganda to destroy Hindu Dharma is nothing new, but the radical Islamists have publicly turned anti-Hindu. Varapetty school is situated near Kothamangalam in Ernakulam district and is run by the Hindu Organisation, Nair Service Society (NSS). Kothamangalam has a history of radical Islamization, and many youngsters have fallen for it. 

Hindu parents who saw the message understood that the post was a cheap attempt to whitewash the Mughal atrocities and Hindu genocide that is now slowly creeping back into our society. It comes at a time when Hindus are being mercilessly slaughtered in Bharat, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Saqafi knew that several students use their parent’s mobile numbers for such online classes. All of these point to a sinister Islamist plot.

The current trend in Kerala is to label any terrorist crime or bomb blast happening anywhere in the world as Hindu terrorism. Coordinated propaganda attempts to tarnish Hindus by alleging that those who indulge in such crimes are RSS supporters. Having achieved their aim, they are now trying to say that all Hindus are terrorists. 

Kerala is changing fast, and anyone who claims to be a Hindu is now branded a terrorist. Young men and women are being brainwashed and smuggled out of the country to join terror outfits like ISIS in Syria and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Their agents are spread out in our society, and these recruits end up as human bombs and the women as slaves.   

The propaganda is that Islam is a good religion, and ‘racist Hindus’ attempt to tarnish its image. The aim is to attract sympathy among youngsters and create a good impression of Islam in Kerala society. Dark forces have been pretty successful on this front.

Founded in 1914 for Hindu society’s social advancement and welfare by leaders from the Nair community, the once shining NSS is now a mere shadow of its old self. Things have gone downhill ever since G Sukumaran Nair took over the reins more than a decade ago, and he famously said he is the Pope of Nairs in Kerala. That he had a soft corner for the convent masters was evident, but now they are bending over for Ismaists too. Such rabid Islamists working as teachers in their schools is ample proof. 

ABVP and Hindu Aikyavedi filed a complaint about the incident. Saqafi was arrested last night during the investigation. There are indications that action will be taken against him by the school authorities following public pressure.

For obvious reasons, the full text of Saqafi’s radical tirade is unavailable. So-called mainstream media refused to report the incident.

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