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Towards aspiring cosmic consciousness

Universe may remain mysterious to others but not to the universal being. In the similar way, it may appear that Mother Nature holds secrets to unfold, but to the nature itself is all unraveled theories yet to discover.

Such happenings may be apparently natural in course of life. However, if one’s own capabilities stays quiescent and inexplicable to oneself, it must become an austere need to turn inwards towards raising aspiration for knowing self.

This journey develops sense of cosmic consciousness that further unveils the omnipresence of divine supremacy in oneness with oneself. Nevertheless, in today’s world, people dwelling in dullness of delusion and dormancy often finds consciousness trapped behind rigid walls of ignorance and Maya

Our soul enshrined with point of consciousness possesses powerful proficiencies spanning across temporal and spatial dimension of the universal cosmos. Owing to sheer ignorance, our soul gets entangled with fantasy and fallacy of life, thereby missing the real brightness beyond.

It is only with the widespread of knowledge, wisdom and philosophy, that one can create enough awareness in order to break the wall of ignorance. The main challenge, actually, lies in overcoming the Web of Maya, which eventually gets reinforced by human impediments, including anger, grief, jealousy, fear and desire.

Anger is resultant of one’s own failure in overcoming self-faults; along with grief following from unfulfillment of goals and expectations. In the blind rat-race of deceptive movement, people habitually happen to get envious and entangled in due course and conduct.

Fear comes out in anxiety of getting exposed of one’s own deficiencies and drawbacks. Desire can be thought of an unmanageable force of action that mainly emerges as greed and pleasure in want of materialistic prominence in social circles. 

Figure shows oneness of Ataman with Paramatman over Path of Yoga

The intricate stringency of Ignorance and Maya can be eradicated by incorporating yoga in action (Karma), knowledge (Gyaan), devotion (Bhakti) and spiritualization of oneself (Kriya). Our consciousness sits within the very bodily structure (Prana Chitta), which being mortal needs to be in ideal form and figure. This encourages performing Karma Yoga to inhibit lethargy in personality and action.

Even ignorance can become bliss with Gyaan Yoga in practice to wipe away the darkness of obliviousness. Moreover, the web of Maya can only be untangled with Bhakti Yoga instigating devoutness, thereby imparting buoyance to our soul to escape the self-created mesh entrapped within the impediments of life.

Though, leaping these walls of rigidity can lead to an essence of being consciously in communion with the One, but serenity of such ambience often ends up being momentary. To have permanence to this cosmic happening, one must understand spiritual aspiration through Kriya Yoga

Furthermore, it is equally important to realize that time is the basis of our very existence. Therefore, it is mandatory to observe the engagement of time for self, work and relations. One must evade from entangled engagements and always search for enjoyable ones that could enlighten our survival.

Being a part of the universe implies cosmos within and without. Therefore, it is through consciousness that our competencies would transform and transcend beyond our limitations with an awakened spirit flaming for the ever-expanding universe.

-by Dr. Adwitiya Sinha

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