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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Indian-American Christian group says Punjab witnessed 600% growth in conversions – 1800 new churches!

The increase in Christian evangelical activities in Punjab has been highlighted time and again. The confirmation for the same now comes from a member of the Indian-American Christian group who glorified the growth in conversions and the rise in the number of Churches across North and Central Bharat in general and Punjab in particular.

One of the speakers in a webinar organized by the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations (FIACONA) spoke about the tremendous growth of Christianity in Bharat, particularly in states where earlier there was resistance to missionaries. “This is happening in states like Bihar and Odisha, and we are involved in every state. We have seen tremendous growth in both central and northern states where there was tremendous resistance to the gospel”, the member can be heard saying.

He then goes on to talk about a particular northern state where conversions to Christianity have seen a 600% growth in a decade. He further says “10 years ago there were less than 300 churches in the state, today we have more than 1800 local churches with the baptized community. These are things that are happening and haven’t been reported”.

Speaking about his ‘work’ in Punjab for the last three decades, he states “I have been working in Punjab for more than 30 years. Punjab was one of the most resistant places to the gospel. In the last census, the only state where the Government of India reported growth among Christians is the state of Punjab. In another state, we are into the fourth generation of churches”.

“Each time a church plants another church that is one more generation. When there are four streams of Church planting that becomes a movement and we are seeing that movement in one particular state. We are into the fourth generation of churches in less than ten years”, he proudly declares.

As HinduPost had pointed out earlier, in the census of 2011, Punjab had a total of 3,48,230 Christians. If these numbers are correct, in the last years, the population of Christians has increased at least 10 times. 10% of Punjab is now Christian and the conversions to Christianity are increasing on a daily basis. Punjab is now on target for rapid Christianization after Andhra Pradesh.

It is important to know how Punjab’s 10% population became Christian. There are dozens of “pastors”, “prophets” and “apostles” running this conversion business. We have already seen Ankur Narula. There are others like Gursharan Kaur, Bajinder Singh, Kanchan Mittal, etc. All of these are converted from either or Sikhs and retain Hindu-Sikh names as well as symbols like Pagri etc. Each of these has tens of thousands to lakhs of followers and has made crores of money. Now, these are in the process of granting franchises to others for their conversion business. More and more such peddlers of faith enter the fray every month.

In view of these facts, claims such as 600% growth in conversions made by the speaker are definitely not farfetched.

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