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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Muslim Brotherhood holding reins of ‘Tribunal’ narrative on Kashmir

The human rights violation and genocide tunes in Kashmir get higher pitch during certain dates, which the Pakistani establishment has sponsored over the years. And hence, it is no surprise that a ‘Tribunal’ and a ‘Report’ about the Kashmir genocide arrives right around the time.

There is but one difference. Instead of the usual Jamaat fronts, this time the rein is in Muslim Brotherhood’s hand, Disinfolab said in a report.

A Tribunal is formed to ‘investigate’ the allegations of genocide in Kashmir. While the Tribunal is yet to declare a verdict, a judgment is passed by another front. Based on their investigation, the front files a case in a UK court. A news agency spins the random case to hype the report. The report was then used to recycle the narrative of genocide. A campaign is launched ‘against genocide’. The ground is prepared for the launch of BDSM (Boycott Divestment Sanction Movement) against Bharat, the Disinfolab report said.

In mid-January, a UK-based legal firm, Stoke White Consultancy Ltd., based on an ‘investigative report’ by its branch sought an investigation of the accusation of genocide in Kashmir. While in itself it meant nothing, the news agency Associated Press published a story, with a fabricated and spun headline, though sensational. The AP declared that “UK Police has been asked to investigate Indian Army Chief”, the report said.

“The fabrication of the headline was something like this: A PIL is filed in a court in India against Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan for sponsoring terrorism, the AP would claim that ‘Erdogan’ to be prosecuted for terror charges,” the report said.

And while the headline could have been a sensational click-bait, what makes it deliberate misinformation is the fact that AP did not provide any information about the organisation, it added.

Stoke White has published a report against four countries: All at the target of Muslim Brotherhood — France, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bharat.

In January 2022, Stokes White investigates an accusation of genocide in Bharat and files a case. The four countries were also the target of the October 2021 social media campaign to boycott Bharatiya products. And while the campaign was shown to target Bharat, it also targeted Saudi, the UAE, and France at the same time.

The report said the front that has been active with Stokes White in hyping up the investigative report is an obscure ‘legal firm’ LFOVK, claiming to be representing Kashmiri voices. Khalil Dewan from Stoke White worked with LFOVK to curate the report. Dewan particularly worked with LFOVK founder Nasir Qadri after publishing the report, Disinfolab said.

This handle spearheaded a Twitter trend along with the Stoke Whites on the “war crimes” in Kashmir after the report got published.

LFOVK initiated the Twitter trend #arrestindianarmychief in London, Islamabad, New Delhi, and Istanbul, the report said.

As per its website, LFOVK claims to have offices in Lal Chowk, Srinagar, Islamabad, and Istanbul and is currently headed by Pakistani Judge Justice Ali Nawaz Chawhan (Chairman) and Advocate Nasir Qadri (Director).

On December 10, 2021 (World Human Rights Day), LFOVK organised a seminar with the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) and the Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR). LFOVK chairman Justice Ali Nawaz Chawhan called for the formation of an independent tribunal for Kashmir under the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Turkey.

While in its new avatar, LFVOK presents itself as an independent organisation, LFOVK was one of the entities which was removed from the Kashmir Civitas’ (KC) website.

KC is yet another front being run in the name of Kashmir, and which organised the Tribunal on Kashmir just a month ago.

A Tribunal was organised in December 2021 in Kashmir — the Russell Tribunal on Kashmir (RToK). The organisation which hosted RToK is projected as Kashmir Civitas (KC), which describes itself as an international civil society and strategic advocacy organization committed to the socio-political emancipation, moral uplift, and economic empowerment of Kashmir.

Although KC claims to have been registered as an NGO in Canada, no information about its registration is available.

The website domain was registered on September 23, 2019, indicating its likely formation in 2019. Like its registration detail, the website also does not provide any details of its members. The only person the organisation shows in the public is its Secretary General, Farhan Mujahid Chak.

About a year ago, KC claimed to have its bases in Doha, Istanbul, and Toronto, but at present, the website shows its whereabouts in as many as five countries, i.e., London, Beijing, Rome, Istanbul, and Toronto; omitting Doha from the list and adding London, Beijing, and Rome, the report said.

Moreover, KC also contained at least eight entities in its “useful links” section on its homepage, namely: World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF), Justice for Kashmir (JFK), Kashmir Global Council (KGC), Kashmir Scholars’ Network (KSN), Stand with Kashmir (SWK), Legal Forum for Oppressed Voices of Kashmir (LFOVK), Americans for Kashmir Foundation (AKF), and Toronto for Kashmir.

But at present, KC has removed three entities, i.e., Legal Forum for Oppressed Voices of Kashmir (LFOVK), Americans for Kashmir Foundation (AKF), and Toronto for Kashmir from the website.

KC also has a section of BDSM on its website that redirects to The domain of was registered on October 11, 2019. The section of BDS was put on KC’s website in June 2021, three months before the #BoycottIndiaProducts campaign was carried out by the MB and QTPi nexus.

The website has a list of Bharatiya companies to boycott. The Twitter handle on the same name was registered in July 2016, and is followed by the likes of Huma Dar and Ather Zia, who were mentioned as ‘experts’ on the website of Stand With Kashmir (SWK).

The Twitter handle is currently dormant and could be used when the hype of BDSM against Bharat would build up, Disinfolab reported.

(The story has been published via a syndicated feed with minor edits to conform to Hindu-Post style-guide.)

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