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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Meet senior IAS officer Md. Iftikharuddin who wants to convert everyone to Islam

A set of undated videos have emerged which show senior IAS officer Mohammad Iftikharuddin of Uttar Pradesh cadre urging a group of Muslims to spread Islam all over the world. In one video, a Muslim missionary narrates a bigoted story of how a man in Punjab converted to Islam, while the IAS officer and others listen to him.

A complaint has been filed in this regard against the IAS officer by National Vice President of Math Mandir Coordination Committee, Bhupesh Awasthi.

Releasing the videos of religious programmes of then Kanpur Zone Commissioner Mohammad Iftikharuddin, Awasthi said that Iftikharuddin holds meetings at his official residence to fan Islamist sentiments and promote conversions. Mohammad Iftikharuddin is presently serving as the Chairman of Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath summoned the Police Commissioner Aseem Arun to Lucknow on Tuesday. A Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted to probe the matter which will submit its report in 7 days.

There are 3 parts to the above video that we have merged into one – you can see it on YouTube as well. A group of 8-10 Muslims can be seen sitting on the floor in a well-furnished house while Md. Iftikharuddin (IAS) is sitting on a chair.

In the first part, Iftikharuddin is heard talking in Urdu and English, “Tell everyone in the world. He (Mohammed) is the Rasool for all…tell mankind, for TOTAL mankind, not a single has been spared. …Who will do this work (of dawah)? Those who believe in Allah. Take the mission forward. He established Allah’s kingdom. It was initially established in Arab (Saudi), but Allah’s deen (faith) has to spread everywhere, his nizam (order, system) has to enter every home. And how will it reach? Through people like you who want to do this work. If you do not, then Allah will catch hold of you.”

In the second part, a young Muslim missionary addresses a group, which includes Iftikharuddin, in the same house. In a disturbing and bigoted account delivered very calmly, he says, “Recently, a man from Punjab converted to Islam. I had not given him dawah (invitation to convert) although we do work there among mushriks (‘idolator’, polytheist) and Isais (Christians). When I asked him the reason behind conversion, he said the death of his sister. When I asked for details, he said that when his sister died, she was cremated. ‘Her clothes burnt off and she was naked. People were seeing the naked dead body of my sister, which ashamed me. I could not bear it and came out. I thought the same would happen to my daughter when she dies and people would watch her naked. I realized there is no better religion than Islam and I should accept it’. A Mushraff sahab told him that someone from Nagina (the town in Bijnor, UP?) comes who will make you read the kalima and convert.”

He then adds, “See, people are coming to Islam through various means. Yet we are sitting idly and not working…Allah has given such a centre, an Islamic state (UP?), facilities…you can work all over the world, but at least (start) in Kanpur. You have the full set – Shiv (?) Dharma, Shiv (?) Upasana.”

Only a sick Islamist could imagine seeing a naked body when the funeral pyre is burning with wooden logs laid on top. This macabre obsession with Hindu/Dharmik cremations is a common feature of all Abrahamic fundamentalists and was apparent in the Western media’s intrusive, insensitive coverage of Bharat’s second Covid-19 wave.

The reference to religious literature which he makes at the end is intriguing. It sounds like Shiv Dharma, Shiv Upasana. Are Islamists also distorting and appropriating Hindu Dharma for proselytization like Christian missionaries do with grotesque inventions like Jesus sahasranama? In the past, some Muslim clerics have made the sacrilegious claim that ‘Lord Shiva was Islam’s first prophet’, and others have reduced Sri Rama to ‘Imam-e-Hind’.

This issue also needs to be included in the probe, and a nation-wide crackdown needs to happen on those abusing and twisting Hindu Dharma for their ulterior motives.

In the third part, Iftikharuddin shows familiarity with the Vice President of Bharat and exhorts the listeners to become dā’ī, i.e. an Islamic missionary who gives dawah (invites people to accept Islam).

He says, “The Vice-President of your country, 5000 copies of his book have been, 50,000 more copies are being printed? (he asks one of the men). Whom you call Vice-President, and who harbours a desire to become President …. BECOME A dā’ī !! Shine, shine. If you want to become someone, become an Islamic missionary….<not clear>..Hamid asked Mukthar, who has written this…my name also came up…I also conveyed that you should become the President of the nation.”

Controversial ex-IFS officer Hamid Ansari served as the 12th vice president of Bharat from 2007 to 2017. It is not clear whether the ‘Hamid’ Iftikharuddin refers to is the same.

This stunning video comes on the back of startling revelations about Zakat Foundation, an Islamist ‘charitable’ organisation with questionable links that provides IAS coaching to Muslim students. Maulana Siddiqui, a member of Zakat Foundation, was recently arrested for heading a foreign-funded conversion racket, especially targeting Hindu girls, in UP and other states.

When Zakat Foundation’s disturbing bigotry and links first came to light, Hindi news channel Sudarshan TV ran a show with the title ‘UPSC jihad’ to expose the organization and also the UPSC’s pro-Muslim bias in order to achieve diversity goals. This received widespread condemnation from the IAS community and Supreme Court banned the telecast calling it an ‘insidious attempt to vilify Muslims.’

Now, Netizens are asking whether the same IAS organizations will condemn Md. Iftikharuddin and others of his ilk, and whether Supreme Court will take suo motu cognizance of this serious matter. 

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