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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Love jihad ends in suicide: Guruvayur, Kerala

On 19 January, a missing man and a woman from Kasargod were found hanging inside Galaxy Inn lodge near Guruvayur Temple. The deceased were identified as Kallar natives KM Mohammad Sherif (40) and Attakam Pulikuzhi Sindhu (36). They went missing on the 7th of this month.

Sharif was an auto driver, Sindhu was a housewife, and they were neighbors. After their disappearance, their relatives filed a complaint at the police station. The two were found dead while the police were investigating the complaint.

Both were married and were leading separate family lives. The auto driver groomed Sindhu, and the two were allegedly close for a long time. Being neighbors, no one noticed this grooming jihad. They only thought that the two were friends. 

Whenever Sindhu went out for various purposes, the journey was always in Sharif’s auto. It is evaluated that the relationship between the two increased during these trips. Being secular in Kerala means that Hindus have to allow minorities into their homes but not the other way around. 

Sindhu has two children, while Sharif has three. The relatives of both of them complained to the police when they fled Kallar, leaving behind their spouse and children. Kallar village is 40 km southwest of Kasargod. Following their disappearance, Kasargod Rajapuram police registered a case, but Kerala police rarely follow up on grooming jihad cases. 

During the investigation following their death, it was learned that both of them had committed suicide in the Guruvayur lodge. It is reported that both checked into the motel at around 9:30 on Wednesday night. 

The next day at noon, both of them did not open the door even after the time to vacate the room. After finding the door of the room locked from the inside, lodge staff peeped in and saw the two people hanging dead. So much so for privacy. Shouldn’t they have intimated the police before indulging in voyeurism?

Guruvayur police believe they may have gone outside the state and stayed together in the last two weeks after leaving home and family. They finally reached the lodge in Guruvayur and ended their lives, police said. When Sharif and Sindhu checked into the motel, they provided their original addresses.

Media reports suggested that the two pretended to be a couple and took a room in the lodge for a day. To believe that the Galaxy Inn lodge manager did not suspect something amiss defied common sense. What might have happened if it were a Hindu male and Muslim lady is anybody’s guess. But then again, grooming jihad thrives on cooperation and indoctrination to regard ‘Kaffir’ Hindus as sub-human.

Those from the so-called minority community own most shady lodges in and around Guruvayur. Some are government owned and managed by atheist communist Hindus In Name Only. Debauchery, beef, and liquor are openly encouraged. Come night, prostitutes line the streets, and anti-social elements take over the town. 

Guruvayur is part of Chavakkad Taluk. Except for a brief period in the 1960s, Islamists have won the constituency. Until 2006, Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) leaders were elected as MLAs. Since then, KV Abdul Kadar has won thrice, and NK Akbar won in 2021. Both were Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPM) candidates.    

After the dead bodies of the victims were found, the police checked the lodge register for contact details. The police contacted the family members at the address given in the lodge. It was only then that Guruvayur Temple police realized that both of them had left Kasargod and absconded for the past two weeks.

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