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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Bigotry against Kumbh Mela, but silence on farmers’ protest, ‘Sar Tan se Juda’ rallies proves anti-Hindu malice of elite urbanites

Kumbh Mela has become the latest target of Hindumisic urban elites.  Hindu hatred is universally displayed by the left-liberal cabal and urban elites who look down upon everything Hindu but would never dare to speak against the numerous farmer protest rallies or the lakhs of Muslims congregating at Bareilly demanding the beheading of Swami Narsinghanand.

Recently, there were #BoycottCEAT calls following RPG Group Chairman Harsh Goenka’s subsequently deleted Hindumisic tweet in which he was seen taking potshots at sadhus who visit Kumbh Mela. The same tweet was put out by Simi Garewal who also later deleted the same after facing a backlash from Twitter users.

For the left-liberal, the Kumbh Mela congregation has become a convenient stick to beat Hindus with and guilt-trip the majority even if it means resorting to spreading misinformation. The cabal just needs an excuse to display its Hindumisia and the Kumbh Mela just became an easy excuse.

It must, however, be noted that the Kumbh was scheduled and began on March 10, much before the second wave of the pandemic peaked as it has in the past week. Furthermore, all precautions were being taken with respect to the pandemic. Strict Covid protocols were put in place by the state government to ensure that the Kumbh Mela is conducted in a safe manner.

The Kumbh is being organized with a standard operating procedure and protocols are being followed to restrict the spread of CoVID. People have to bring negative RTPCR reports or vaccination certificates to get to Haridwar city. Thousands of vehicles and people were returned from the borders of Haridwar for not completing these formalities. A network of cameras is keeping an eye on the rules being followed.

Hindu religious bodies and government are working together to ensure that the CoVID spread due to Kumbh remains minimal. The data of cases by the Uttarakhand government shows that despite almost five times the samples being tested from Haridwar in comparison to Dehradun, the daily positive cases from Haridwar are less than that in Dehradun. This shows that the restrictions by the government are working in containing the spread.

While the government had put measures in place to ensure that there is a minimal spread of Covid, the Hindu organizations have also displayed a sense of responsibility with cases being reported from the Mela. The influential Niranjani Akharas announced its withdrawal from the Mela from 17 April in view of the surge in Covid cases.

Deccan Herald report says:

“Considering the Covid-19 situation, the Niranjani Akhara has decided to end the Kumbh Mela on April 17,” Mahant Ravindra Puri, secretary of the Niranjani Akhara said in Haridwar. He said several sadhus participating in the Kumbh Mela have tested positive for Covid-19. Puri also appealed to other Akharas to end the Mela early given the spiraling Covid-19 situation.

Uttarakhand Director General of Police Ashok Kumar told DH that the main Kumbh Mela was over on April 14 as not all Akharas are going to participate in the ‘shahi snan’ on April 27.

As uncomfortable as it may be for Hindumisic people to admit, the fact remains that the Hindu society led by its spiritual leaders (sadhus) has displayed an amazing sense of responsibility instead of becoming super-spreaders whose irresponsibility the cabal loves to defend.

Unlike Maharashtra or Delhi which are seeing an exponential rise in cases, even though there is neither any Mela nor any election campaign going on there, the Covid situation in Uttarakhand appears to be under control. Additionally, with akharas withdrawing from the Mela, it is expected that the numbers will only dip in the coming days.

Even eyewitnesses have testified that in contrast to what media and their left-liberal cabal on SM (social media) have been peddling regarding huge crowds at the Kumbh Mela, the numbers are actually very low. It must also be noted that there is no evidence to show that Mela is acting as a ‘super spreader’. It is also pertinent to mention that when the Tablighi cluster broke out last year, there was official confirmation that they contributed to 30% of the total caseload in the country at one point in time and were hence rightly called super-spreader.

Not surprisingly the cabal has maintained a conveniently studied silence on farmer protests in Punjab, Haryana, NCR, and Western UP where ex-pats returning from UK and Canada are more likely to have carried the foreign strains and along with the protests itself led to the spread of Covid resulting in rising cases.

Lakhs of Islamists had congregated at the Bareilly ‘sar tan se juda‘ rally asking for Dasna Devi Mandir Mahant Swami Narsinghanand to be beheaded for his alleged blasphemous comments on Mohammed. The cabal that misses no chance to mock Hindus, looked the other way when lakhs gathered at Bareilly breaking all Covid protocols.

If the anglicized rich elites and English media are taking potshots and spreading misinformation against Hindus, then can their foreign counterparts be far behind? Reuters has written an entire article titled  ‘Super-spreader’ erupts as devout Hindus throng Indian festival. As is their wont they quoted “senior officials”, employees not wanting to be named and the like to construct their story and ended it with failed filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma’s tweet.

As urban elite HINOs (Hindus in name only) belonging to the left-liberal brigade along with the Hindu hating English media have gone on an overdrive to vilify Kumbh Mela, it is high time Hindus stop feeling betrayed by such people who might share names and physical features with the rest of us, but nothing more and stop giving undue weightage to their Hindumisic opinions.

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