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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Are all Native Americans and other indigenous communities in the West, allies of Hindus?

How sad and grossly intellectually negligent for one who speaks for indigenous culture. Shall I call Native American spiritual practices and beliefs of which I have actively participated fantasy? Has American culture and its ingrained religious bigotry caused you to respond like this?

Study Bharat’s history before commenting so unwittingly and blindly for that same religious bigotry that justified what European, Spanish and Portuguese invaders did to our Native American brother and sisters from Canada to South America, destroying their nations and way of life is still actively targeting the indigenous Dharmic culture of Bharat which includes Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. The Abrahamic religions of Islam and Christianity are actively trying to destroy that culture they both demonize at its source in the ancient civilization of Bharat.

They spend billions every year in their efforts to destroy that ancient indigenous, non-Abrahamic culture. If you knew anything about Bharat’s ancient Dharmic culture, you could never make such a callous statement. How far are you from your spiritual roots?

Are you familiar with the ancient Native American prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor? That ancient prophecy applies to much more than the Americas, it applies to our world.

Think about the split in the paths of humanity, the separation of the masculine and feminine your ancestors understood very well. The Eagle, dominated by the masculine, Christianity and Islam destroyed indigenous cultures and civilizations globally including our Native American nations.

They both tried but failed to destroy the indigenous Dharmic culture of Bharat, first through Islamic Invasion then Christian inquisition and colonialism. Bharat is our most ancient continuous civilization, the others destroyed by the advance of Islam and Christianity.

Bharat’s Dharmic culture suffered massive cultural destruction, their ancient renowned universities destroyed millions of ancient documents burned destroying ancient shared human history, more than 80 million Hindus killed, millions more enslaved and raped.

It was the bloodiest chapter in our human history and it hasn’t ended. Hindus are still targeted and killed in the Indian subcontinent and western Christian and Islamic nations ignore this ongoing ethnocide and continue to blame Hindus for every act of violence they themselves provoke.

From western Christian and Islamic nations from their governments, media and universities, they push endless propaganda and lies against Bharat and her Hindu majority in their stand against an ancient culture and way of life that both Islam and Christianity demonize.

This is happening right now in our modern world because the same religious bigotry that gave European colonialists “mandate of God” to destroy your culture and all the other indigenous cultures of the original peoples, that religious bigotry and supremacism still exists today.

These original people are represented by the Condor, people living in balance with the feminine, nature and our planet, walking a different spiritual path that you should recognize in the ancient human culture and way of life of Sanatan Dharma, called Hinduism by the Abrahamic West.

One would hope you, presenting himself as a spokesperson for the indigenous culture of America would know better. But perhaps you’re too far removed from the spiritual path of your ancestors. To immersed in the Western culture that destroyed it to see the bigger picture.

Perhaps the decades of propaganda pushed by Christian western nations including America against Bharat’s ancient indigenous Dharmic culture rife with the same religious bigotry that assaulted your ancestors way of life, have closed your mind to the truth your ancestors knew.

I was raised Christian, but the surviving members of our ancient Native American cultures showed me the path to true human spirituality. They opened my eyes and heart to truth, to my truth, to our truth. Something humanity lost with the advance of Christianity and Islam.

From that truth I connected to Self and from that place within us all I experienced our very real connection to each other and all life on our planet and in our universe. My entire world view was shifted as I awakened as if from a long unconscious sleep.

For that awakening I am eternally grateful to my Native American spiritual family. But my seeking didn’t stop there, I continued to study our ancient pre-Abrahamic religion cultures which led me to humanity’s oldest continuous civilization, the ancient Dharmic culture of Bharat.

As I started studying their ancient Vedic and Hindu texts, I found their ancient sages had put into words the truth I had discovered in my own awakening brought forth by the shamans following the ancient spiritual traditions of the Americas.

I became Hindu as naturally as taking my next breath for this ancient indigenous culture of India that you callously dismiss as fantasy had put into words every truth our ancient Native American spiritual traditions and way of life had awakened in me.

So I ask you Brett Chapman, self appointed defender of Native American culture, is your mind truly open? Do you understand the spiritual path of your ancestors? Can you see through their eyes to the truths they understood?

Will you only speak for the original people of North America, or will you speak for all of original people and their civilizations and cultures that Islam and Christianity crushed and for the one surviving ancient civilization they tried to crush and still seek to destroy?

The surviving members of those civilizations they crushed are still here throughout the world, they are all suffering the same fate of your Native American brothers and sisters in a world dominated by the Abrahamic religions that destroyed their civilization and culture.

I see the bond of our ancient ancestors, of the original people, a bond being proven genetically as our science advances as to the earliest origins of modern humans and human civilization.

How will you feel when you discover that the ancient Dharmic culture of India that is Bharat and their ancient way of life known as Sanatan Dharma that you callously dismiss as “fantasy” are actually the earliest ancestors of your own people?

For me, I will continue to dedicate my life to helping awaken humanity and bring back what was lost, stolen from humanity by the Abrahamic religions and their offshoot political ideologies that sought and still seek to control our world.

I cannot unsee what I have seen so will eternally stand for Dharma and for all original people so that the Eagle and the Condor may again fly as one.

Brett Chapman, who fancies himself spokesman for our great Native American nations, blocks me on twitter. His ancestors’ hearts and minds were open to human truth but he is disconnected enough from their spirituality to lash out at the oldest continuous human civilization on our planet.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread of Jonathan West @MycoJonathan)

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