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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Savera, a self-avowed anti-supremacy crusader, joins hands with Scroll to undermine Bharat’s sovereignty

Savera, claiming to be crusaders against all forms of supremacy targeted PM Modi during Lok Sabha elections, joining hands with Scroll, known for its falsehoods. With their focus on undermining India’s sovereignty, they peddle narratives to please their masters!

Savera never fails to amuse with its declarations. Remember their declaration, endorsed by 109 civil society groups in US? Their bias against Hindus is clear, as are their tales of alliances b/w Hindu supremacists & the American far-right, fueled by apparent disdain.

And The Wire, generously funded by the anti-Indian Omidyar network and conveniently tied to anti-Indian and anti-Hindu campaigns, while maintaining connections to separatist movements had graciously supported and retweeted this declaration by the Savera.

Individuals associated with ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’, stalwarts of anti-Hindutva initiatives in the US, have lent their support to the Savera. They contributed to the narrative against Hindu movements, while maintaining their dedication to spreading anti-India rhetoric.

Savera’s anti-India agenda claims to combat political violence, including Hindu supremacists, while fostering inclusivity. Yet, amidst lofty goals, they maintain a steadfast anti-India narrative. Marvel at the audacity veiled in self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

The Savera network, deeply intertwined with individuals and groups challenging India’s sovereignty, draws inspiration from movements like Black Lives Matter, birthing their own offspring: “Dalit Lives Matter” and “MuslimLivesMatter” in India.

These forces, cloaked in the guise of social justice, are deftly exploiting caste narratives to sow seeds of internal conflict & perhaps foment civil unrest. All part of their grand plan aligning perfectly with the broader regime change agenda orchestrated by the deep state.

Savera’s action toolkit conveniently mirrors Gene Sharp’s “198 Methods of Nonviolent Action”, offering a roadmap for dissent and regime change. It’s a masterclass in manipulation and subversion, all under the banner of peaceful protest.

Gene Sharp’s 1973 book “The Politics of Nonviolent Action: 198 Methods” is akin to Gandhi in print. This evolved into the Albert Einstein Institution for Regime Change in East Boston, 1983, cleverly leveraging Einstein’s name for scientific credibility.

Accused by Hugo Chavez of orchestrating uprisings in Venezuela, the Albert Einstein Institution for Regime Change now faces scrutiny for potential involvement in promoting anti-India rhetoric. Venezuelan evidence and analysis into Arvind Kejriwal’s affairs hint at the institution’s threat to India’s sovereignty.

Savera gains backing from anti-Hindu groups based in US like Hindus for Human Rights, co-founded by Sunita Viswanathan, linked to George Soros. Hindutva Watch, led by Raqib Naik and funded by Omidyar Network, actively promotes Savera’s reports on Hindu Supremacy.

Political Research Associates, self-proclaimed for social justice, backs Savera’s reports. Director Tarso Louis Ramos, a Rockefeller Foundation fellow, fights threats like White nationalism. Recent news highlights their blatant anti-India rhetoric.

The Savera has tried to give a false shape to many narratives such as Gandhi’s Assassination.

About the Vishwa Hindu Parishad – America.

About Islamophobia.

About the Gujarat issue, that they named as Gujarat Pogrom.

The relentless efforts to undermine our nation know no bounds. Bias and slander from Savera and its allies, fueled by foreign funding, demand scrutiny. Their anti-India agendas pose risks to national security, requiring vigilant oversight to safeguard India’s integrity!

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @RadicalWatchOrg on April 30, 2024, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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