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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Meet Amritpal Singh Sandhu, Dubai trucker turned Khalistani leader

A 30-year-old man landed in Bharat after 10 years and within six months he is powerful enough to lead a mob of thousands that barged into a police station and get his aide released within hours. Is #AmritpalSinghSandhu an organically risen leader or a planted one?

This thread will reveal the intriguing profile of this ‘parachute entry’ who is trying to revive the Khalistan movement. There are lots of snapshots and I urge readers to go through each one of them before scrolling to gauge the psyche of this radical & visualize events.

A quick recap widely known by now: born in Jallupur Khera (Amritsar) in 1993, moved to Dubai to join family transport business in 2012, and came (read brought) back to Bharat in Aug ’22 to take charge of Sikh ‘social’ org Waris Punjab De, formed by actor/activist Deep Sidhu.

The transport business claim can be corroborated by this LinkedIn page, which designated Sandhu as an Ops manager at Sandhu Cargo, and also by a template where e-mail id is ‘amrit@..’ This claim to be an engineer is disputed, as some reports suggested he left polytech for Dubai.

Note that Amritpal spent his years from age 20-29 outside Bharat, a time when he was most opinionated and spreading social media propaganda. The fellow literally connects every other issue with ‘genocide’ by the state. He frequently used the same hashtag too. Here is a deep dive into his twitter posts.

Somewhere in Jan-Feb’22, his public appearance was limited to an active Twitter handle. His every other tweet has radical words like genocide, atrocities, kiIIing, r@pe, slavery etc. on Sikh minorities by “the state”, even if it is not fitting into the argument being made.

All the left media who is humanizing his personality should know that Amritpal holds hateful views for leftists, liberals, feminists, secularists, by his own definition. He often targeted female handles e.g. here ex-AISA head Kawalpreet Kaur for fake activism & hypocrisy.

There are several such exchanges with left ideologue female handles, whom he ridicules as fake activists who must be exposed. Apparently, they are the subject of Amritpal’s hate because they support every other cause like Hijab, Palestine, BLM but not voicing for Khalistan.

‘Librandu, Woke Activist, Liberal Hypocrisy, Leftist Clown’ – Amritpal’s eternal hate for leftists and liberals is literally violent. You must spend 2 mins of time reading all these past tweets by the Waris Punjab De religious leader.

Now his hate against Hindus and extremist views against the “Indian State” shouldn’t surprise you from a pro-Khalistan man. Check these tweets, and use of frequent words, hashtags, and specific propaganda.

More hateful tweets against PM Modi, BJP, Congress, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, and Bhagwant Mann. Check his fanatic views on the partition that it was freedom for Hindus & Muslims but an era of slavery for Sikhs.

Take a pause & process all his past tweets. So far he was not posting about WPD/Deep Sidhu aggressively. Comments on imaginary “slavery” by oppressors come from a young man who didn’t live in Bharat for a decade. Who had fed him? Self-radicalized or groomed by professionals?

This was his life in Dubai with Twitter posts & SPACES. Now that event happened which put his life in fast-forward mode and one by one dramatic event unfolded. Here onwards, it is important to note the timelines and rapid rollout of a filmy script.

On 15-Feb’22, Deep Sidhu died in a car accident. WPD became leaderless overnight. Upset with those people not calling Sidhu “shaheed” or with those who were objecting to it, full of pro-Bhindranwale sentiments, from 15 to 27th Feb’22 Amritpal Singh started posting back to back for Sidhu.

On 4-Mar’22, just 17 days after Deep Sidhu died, one Facebook post surfaced declaring Amritpal Singh as chief of WPD. The letter had no authorized signature. This apparently was a new letter-head, with a typo error. The spelling of ‘Waris’ is incorrect for the FB handle.

The WPD theme changed to saffron/yellow with JSB & Sidhu picture, obviously for a purpose. To be honest, I am not sure how to interpret this typo. No proofreading, amateur job, drafted in a hurry or just a typo? Nevertheless, an outspoken twitter handle is now a leader of a cult.

The first thing Amritpal did was accept big “responsibility” & left behind his “life & social media mistakes”. This was expected as he (or his handlers?) knew his old posts may affect potential allies. Also needed for an image makeover for future course of action.

Take note that barring a few stray individuals, no one objected, no one asked, no sect, religious body, about this ‘parachute entry’ from Dubai whom they never saw, never met. Quite clear that things were settled beforehand with big names or orgs.

In May’22, Sidhu’s brother Mahinder & core team of “original” WPD denied connection with Amritpal or Khalistan demand. He said some miscreants are fooling people, Sidhu never met Amritpal, who contacted Sidhu over phone but Sidhu blocked him & their new leader is Harnek S Uppal.

If you scanned through the WPD formation news & Sidhu’s address in Sept’21 was about irrigation, education, sanitization, culture & overall social awareness. He didn’t touch words like autonomy, self-determination etc. The backdrop of the event also had no sign of JSB.

Local media channel Chandigarh Headline published news of “original” WPD’s office inauguration on 2nd May’22. But it seems Mahinder didn’t have the support or influence to make his voice heard. In any case, by now his brother’s org was hi-jacked & transformed.

On 20th Aug 2022, Amritpal Singh arrived in Punjab from Dubai & received a grand welcome. Here onwards he started touring Punjab villages, Ganganagar (Rajasthan) Punjab border, stronghold areas, and gurdwaras etc, delivering the same radical speeches.

On 29th Sep 2022 his official ‘dastarbandi’ (turban-tying) ceremony was held at JSB’s village. Pro-Khalistan SAD MP Mann also attended the event. By now Amritpal became more prominent on intel agencies’ radar. After a few weeks in Oct’22 all his social media accounts were suspended.

The real power showcase was on 23rd Nov’22 at Golden Temple where he started ‘Khalsa Vaheer’ campaign amid a massive crowd. Imagine a 29-year-old youth, who landed a few weeks back, hardly had any ground-work & yet managed to pull thousands. This can’t be organic.

Sandhu went to Georgia before coming to Bharat. Intel warned Mann govt. to keep him under surveillance. He is planted by ISI, trying to exploit weak political & religious leadership. What happened in Ajnala is known to the world! Control this mess before it’s too late.

Some details I couldn’t add in thread due to 25 tweets limit. Extension: Note that Amritpal’s outfit, look, public appearance, tone and tenor are deliberately being matched with Bhindranwale to stoke the sentiments of the 70s-80s separatist movement and to create image of Bhindranwale 2.0

Within last few months, 100s of Facebook, Instagram, YT channels have been created. Attaching reels, short videos, heavy BGM, visual effects are being carefully worked upon by psyop professionals to mainstream him. There is no other reason of mushrooming fan clubs of Amritpal.

Amid this entire drama, Amritpal also got married just 3 weeks back on 10th Feb’23 with a UK based NRI.

ISI’s propaganda campaign is rising not just in Bharat but other countries like Canada, USA, Germany, Australia also with fake narrative of Sikh oppression & amplifying Khalistan drive. Obviously millions of dollars are at work after nothing much left in the Kashmir topic.

(This article has been compiled from the tweet thread posted by @thehawkeyex on Feb 28, 2023, with minor edits to improve readability and conform to HinduPost style guide)

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  1. “Sikh slavery”?
    Talking of political power:
    A community that is 1.87% of the population had a PM for a decade!
    Meanwhile, Punjabi Hindus who are 40% of the state of Punjab can’t ever have a CM!

    Talking of popular culture: At this time, both our hockey and cricket teams have captains named “Harmanpreet”.

    Who’s a slave again?


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