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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bangladeshi student Muhammad Sirajul Islam allegedly running ragging racket in NIT Silchar

An investigation conducted by a committee formed at the National Institute of Technology, Silchar, has revealed a shocking tale of over 45 students enduring relentless ragging, physical and mental torture. The student, Muhammad Mirajul Islam Sayem, a fourth-year student of the institution, operated with impunity for years, aided by his cohorts Eftekar Ahmed Emon and Md. Jubair Ahmed Protim.

Notably, Sayem is a student from Bangladesh who secured admission to NIT Silchar through the Indian Council for Cultural Relations(ICCR) Scheme, bypassing the Common Entrance Examination, with a simple letter of intent to the High Commission. Sayem also comes from a wealthy family, with connections to the BGB(Border Guard Bangladesh). He joined the institute during the COVID pandemic.

Sayem emerged as a popular figure among the international students, almost immediately after his admission. He also helped 30 other Bangladeshi students to get admitted in the institute. Soon after his admission, he made good contact with local Muslim community. He then donated a hefty sum of money to build a mosque in the area. While he describes this as a divine deed, his fellow students call it a shot at power.

“He is often drunk and proper investigation will reveal he regularly smokes up(weed). No true follower of Islam commits such sin”, alleges another student who follows the same faith.

But, serious allegations of ragging, physical torture with the help of Indian Muslim students come out after the investigation of disciplinary committee.

As per reports , on October 11, 2023, Dr. Pranjit Barman, the Dean of Students’ Welfare, directed the Disciplinary Committee to investigate serious allegations against the Bangladeshi student Muhammad Mirajul Islam Sayem. Most important, fear among other students was so strong that allegations were anonymous.

One student alleged an incident which happened on August 25, 2023, where Sayem forced him into having sex with the door of a hostel room.

Another student revealed that between July 2022 to December 2022, Sayemr regularly tortured first year students. Sayem allegedly forced students in different types of physical torture, such as standing on one leg. Even female students are not spared. Female students also physically abused. If any student protested, then he and his gang took them to Gymkhana Park of the institute and verbally abused and threatened them to suspend from the institution.

Sayem’s ragging methods included forcing juniors to perform push-ups, punishing those who talked to female students, counting lights during Diwali, locking students in their rooms during Hindu festivals.

Shockingly, this continues for two years and the administration turning a blind eye. Meanwhile, many students faced physical torture, mental abuses, many students got suspended and so on. Now, the Disciplinary Committee has started investigation against him and his gang members. Let’s see what happens next.

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