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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Armed Islamist mob disrupts Hindu marriage during vidaai, assaults and molests bride’s family: Mahoba, UP

In a shocking incident from Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, an armed Islamist mob disrupted a Hindu marriage and physically assaulted people, including women and children, and molested several girls and women.

Vijay Kumar had organized the marriage of his daughter Ashwini at Krishna Mandap on the night of February 12, and the marriage party was returning to his home, in Mohalla Bhitarkot of Kotwali Mahoba police station area, to do the vidaai (bride’s farewell) ceremony in the early hours of February 13. But just as the bride’s car reached home and she was getting down, a Muslim man named Mubarak Khan rammed his car against it. When the family objected, he started hurling filthy abuses and shouting for other Muslim men to gather. A local strongman Mohammed Safiya Chaudhary played a lead role in this, and an armed mob of over 3 dozen soon gathered. The family pleaded with them to let them complete the marriage in peace, to no avail.

A few minutes later, Vijay Kumar who was returning in an autorickshaw with some items from the wedding venue, saw a crowd had gathered near his home. As soon as he got down, without any warning he was assaulted & dragged by the mob, which was armed with swords, lathis and even guns.

Hurling filthy abuse and casteist slurs like “Bh**gi”, the mob shouted, “They have got too much money…beat them all, don’t let them escape.” The barged into the home and women and children were brutally beaten, and females molested. Valuables are also reported to have been stolen.

Hearing the commotion, the bride Ashwini who was getting ready for the vidaai came running out of the house in just her blouse and petticoat, pleading with the mob to spare her father. Someone managed to call police helpline and as soon as the attackers saw police coming, they fled but not before threatening the family.

Local news outlet Mahoba News is one of the few news organizations that have reported this case in depth, and actually reported the first hand account of the traumatized Hindu family:

“They gathered a huge mob within minutes..they dragged the girl’s father and beat him right in front of his house. They entered the house and beat girls,” an anguished female family member said.

“We were all busy with wedding-related work. Suddenly, a huge Muslim mob came, they must have been over 100, and started shouting ‘maro..maro’ (beat them). When my bade papa came, they just started hitting him and my brother. When we tried to save them, they assaulted us too. My bua (aunt) started bleeding from her hand. They beat me and other women. They started barging into the house. My sister (the bride) who was dressing up had to rush out of the house in just her blouse and petticoat. They (the Islamist attackers) were not listening to anyone. They were armed with guns and lots of swords,” the traumatized cousin sister of the bride said.

“It was my daughter’s wedding. After finishing the wedding at Krishna Mandap, we emptied the guest house and I was returning home with some items to do the vidaai from home. I didn’t understand why a huge crowd had gathered at the chowk. They were around 30-40 people who picked up a fight for no reason, and they started hitting me. The targeted the girls and created such an atmosphere that our women were extremely frightened. Police came after 20-25 minutes, but the attackers had fled by then. It was a Muslim mob,” Vijay Kumar said.

“Bhaiyya (brother) was coming back from the wedding venue. They started hitting him as soon as they saw him. When I went to save him, they assaulted me too, broke my bangles…then they attacked other women too. They were Muslims, they beat our children too,” Vijay’s distraught sister told media.

“One of the attacker Chuadhary (referring to Mohammad Safiya Chaudhary) who lives in this mohalla (colony),” another woman said.

The video posted by Mahoba News then shows a police officer talking about the incident. The officer starts off by getting the name of the victim wrong, calling him ‘Sanjay’ Kumar. He adds, “A boy named Mubarak was passing by a lane in the Bhitarkot area when he had a tiff with some boys who were ‘drunk’ (sic). Both sides came face to face due to this, but currently police has been deployed and it is peaceful. Neither side has filed any written complaint. Once we get a complaint, we will proceed with investigation – there is no law & order matter at present.”

Mahoba Police put out a video clip at 3 PM on February 13, again playing down this horrific incident and seemingly brushing it under the carpet. Mahoba SP Sudha Singh termed it a ‘minor altercation’ involving only ‘a verbal exchange and some pushing and shoving’ which was resolved by police. She added that action will be taken if any written complaint is lodged. Tellingly, she also says that “sarv-pratham wahan pe law & order maintain karna tha, woh vyavastha ho gayi hai” (first and foremost we had to maintain law & order there, and that has been done). This is the standard operating procedure of the secular state’s police – maintain artificial ‘peace’ at all costs, while provision of justice and tackling the root cause of conflicts comes a distant second.

However, we have learnt that an FIR was lodged that same evening at 6.35 PM by Vijay Kumar, which is produced below –

The FIR has been lodged under IPC 147 (rioting), 148 (rioting, armed with deadly weapon), 452 (house trespass for assault), 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), 506 (criminal intimidation), along with several sections of the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocity Act.

It has been over a week since this mob attack occurred, but no arrests have been made thus far. Vijay Kumar met senior police officials today to push for action, and gave this statement to media afterwards, “After this incident of Feb 13, there is an atmosphere of terror in our house. Police is not investigating the matter properly. We are being threatened daily to sign a compromise/settlement agreement, else none will be spared. Our children are not eating or step out due to fear. So I have come to give a letter to the Superintendent Police that we are being threatened and are unable to even leave our home.”

UP is currently ruled by a CM who is termed a ‘Hindutva fascist’ by his critics and Anglophile elites. Yogi is a hard taskmaster and has come as a breath of fresh air to a state where the administrative and police machinery was wrecked by past Samajwadi governments and criminal-netas like Azam Khan.

Yet, so deep is the rot in the secular Indian state’s police and bureaucracy, that even with such a government in power, the first instinct of police is almost always to suppress any atrocity against Hindus. Our IPS/IAS officials know that any crime against Hindus by the ‘minority’ is not going to invite any outrage in media, activist, judicial or political circles – so they try their best to dismiss it as a ‘minor incident’. However, if the same Hindu SC family had been attacked by so-called ‘upper-castes’, the entire machinery would have gone into overdrive to crack down on accused as we saw in the Hathras case. And unlike Hathras, where all the vultures who feed on the false “Hindus are casteist” narrative – like Bhim Army, PFI, Marxists, Congress, national media – had descended for days on end, those same groups are no where to be seen in this case.

Distraught family members (Video screengrab)

The same pattern can be seen in the Bhiwani/Nuh episode where following the death of two Muslim cattle smugglers, Rajasthan Police in their rush to arrest gaurakshaks and please their political bosses, shred all established protocols to carry out a pre-dawn raid on Shrikant’s Pandit house in Nuh (without even informing their Haryana counterparts) and barged into his home, pushing his 9-month pregnant wife and causing her to miscarry. There too, the Bharatpur SP has denied that his police caused the miscarriage (he did not deny that a pre-dawn raid was carried out), claiming Shrikant’s family are ‘lying’.

Hindus need to come together as a society to deliberate over this simple truth – the current Republic has been hijacked and distorted by elites and institutions who have drifted so far away from Dharma that they have entirely lost their moral compass.

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  1. In India tathakathit shantipriy samuday has always been given preferential treatment as is evident from Places of worship Act Wakf act Minorities Commission act and statement Muslims have first Right on resources and many other such actions by successive governments Although Hindus have awakened but more awareness is required and government should also be be forced to act in favor of Hindus System of governance has also to be changed Jaichandon aur jihadion tatha aatankion ko bhi sanatanion ko samapt karana hoga Bharat ko hindu rashtra banana hoga jai sriram har har Mahadev

  2. Muslims ALWAYS have far more street muscle than us. So such incidents are only expected. Once they become 30%, we will be attacked at every opportunity.

    Dark future for Hindus in India.

  3. If police support these extremists, then these goons will simply get further encourgaed to incite futher such offences.
    Muslims cannot tolerate people of other religions. Without any provocation they wage attack on non-Muslims during their festive seasons and ceremonies.


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